What a way mr BRITISH bring wifey come jetset party n left trishana home. Guess she can’t come out unless him tell her too ..(wifey not pictured) n nuff Raquel all up Ina di man face like she a bang him to. Ima see when wifey start come a road who ago stop miss earth retard now wooiieee


  1. Morning wait him leff miss legendary kim hold on deh cause di way how she use to walk and tell people bout him and are mi think dem did deh upfront all she use to do a talk bout mr nobody has to know but then again nobody has to know because him never show up at her party and she bawl like baby. She tell kelz wellbless all are business and di twin dem paulette and claudette and dont realize say dem a chat are and laugh off a her but every minute you see dem in a picture. Kim yuh chat too much stop chat yuh business british dont want nobody but him wife him never want angel why you telling people bout british a yuh man.

  2. BRITISH a f**k mi fren bout 5 months now n him nah left she him crazy bout har so all the talk trish a talk and a try own the man that nah stop him even when dem deh a party a dem that same way so trish honey keep being the retard u are ok darling hold on tight and don’t let go yeer…after him never want shape bad Kim Kmrt a hype she a look.

  3. Shana a which god a bless u if u keep f**king wit ppl man n think a u name wife. Gyal guh learn fi read n write n check yuh self couple times!!! Bout u name god bless

  4. She a look more than hype and did a kotch with are friend dimples but dimples tell me say she tired of british and kim a sex down are place remind you a in a di livingroom she use to deh but me hear say she move now mi nuh know if a true a hope she really move cause are friend dem chat are like nothing.

  5. The whole a dem a for the one shana not so bless she fi know when he’s not wit her he’s wit me abayyy #deadtorass cocky fi share a weh u hear bout retard so gwaan own him up fi the whole a we child!! Wait a wonder if u can read this bcuz u nuh look too bright

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