Growing up in Jamaica i like many other like short cuts, i knew this lady who worked by RGD so i gave her some money to get my birth certificate for me because i couldn’t bother to go there and join the long line. After i got the birth paper she said she have someone who worked at the passport office which was on constant spring road all i have to do is give her some more money and she could get my passport, that sound even better to me. I came to America in 2003, after being here for a while i decided i need to get my papers, so in 2006 i applied for the new birth certificate because i only had the old black and white one, to my surprise my index # does not match up with my name when i contacted the lady her phone was off so i called RGD they said they have no record for me in there system the only suitable answer they can give me is that i was not registered. I called my mom and ask her why she did not register me she said she did even though i went through school on my christening papers. I have been in contact with RGD from November 2006 they went to my primary school to investigate, even my teacher told them i was her past student, and to no avail. Month after month, year after year, my family send in every thing they ask for and still nothing. Over a year ago RGD told me to copy the first three pages of my passport get it notarize and i sent it to them which they said they never received, so my cousin was going down to Jamaica this past may and i ask him to take the notarized copies of my passport to my sister so she could drop it
off to them for me. Month after month i called nothing, i just hear that they are waiting for the supervisor’s approval. Last month a field manager for the Mandeville office went to my parents home and investigate because he went to the Percy Junior Hospital and they said they have no record of my birth, the told my sister to write all she knew about me from birth and let a JP sign it and take it to them and still nothing.

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  1. Met I can attest to the slackness that goes on with the RGD. I have had my own experiences with these scumbags. Right now I’m still having issues with them. They are really slack

  2. Everyone who has done business there only have negative comments. If they do find your paper work… It ha all different types of ERRORS. I’m disgusted with them!!!

  3. Point is ?

    RGD is not your problem if that is where you attempting to go. If yu did go look the birth paper yourself you would have known sey you have a problem and same way you were lazy to do the right thing… yu moms may have done the same so RGD don’t have you on file.

    Don’t get into trouble in the states because the embassy won’t be able to get you a birth paper and a passport to expedite a hasty deportation…so you will sit in a holding cell for a looooooong time *wink*

  4. If (1) RGD can’t find you in their system,(2) your mother said she registered you, and (3) you went to school on your christening papers……then it sounds like you need to find out how to go about getting a LATE registration done. That would seem like less hassle (not to mention stress-free), for you. It nuh mek no sense yuh de a fareign an caaan budge chew dis birt-surfi-ticket drama. Their website is http://www.rgd.gov.jm/contact God’s speed!

  5. Did you send someone to the hospital where you were born? I couldn’t tell you about JA but in Canada the hospitals always have a copy of your Live Birth. The Live Birth paper is what you actually take or send in to register your birth. Once the inform. is entered into the system you are now considered registered, they will then give you or mail out the actual registration number (along with all pertinent information included on the form). It is this number you would then use to get a copy of your birth certificate and then passport. I hope what I said will be helpful to you and all the best.

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