1. Bettah im just guh siddung and covah im ears and seh “guh away nitemare, guh away..
    U should be there when u clabbah har, and pull har outah di Ele lakka piece a dutty carpet…

  2. Ray Rice please tuh shut yuh lame-poor-ecxuse-for-a-man mouth cah all ah now yuh nuh see the bigger pitcho. What ah way yuh sound like di loving, supportive hushand/father. Di only ting strong bout yuh wife is har appetite fi yuh knock out punch dem. Yuh should be ashamed, yuh dutty spine-less critter….:travel

  3. Mi have a son that is a athlete and I warn him everyday bout dem fuking chiken head shallow dumb ass bitches you think it f**king cheap to get to the NFL.. His mother need to beat har ass next cause it nuh f***king cheap to train professional athlete.

  4. not even an apology to his wife,dawta,immediate family,frens the we the outsiders…dis anuh fuss him a dweet nd it aint the last ACS need fi tek the baby cuz a suh dem wuda run in pon a regular smaddy nd tek de pickney den sen muma tuh counseling before handin back over the child..smfh

  5. Man, downsize your life so that you won’t to pauperdom. Go open a AC/heating service or something to generate income and let the public don’t have to see or hear bout you and your wife life. Many will rejoice that you and her are broke, don’t give them that…move on with what little you both have.
    The End…cuase you not JayZ and solange, Chris brown and Rihanna or R Kelly.. they will rip you to shreds.

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