As u know we here on pink wall like to humble dem gal yah . why dem cyaan put dem money to good use ?
why De hype and dem no live no weh . yu eva see dem gal yah pose a pic a dem home ? or a pic inna De bathroom a dem yard ? all dem tek moneyweh dem a f**k and suck fa a fe Internet hype weh nah pay bills .
10 years from now dem still a ketch man till De pussy rim rub out .
CUT OUT the selfies and party pics ect .
Post weh yu live .
Post yu bedroom .
Post yu bathroom .
Post some qualifications .
Dem gal yah dunce

36 thoughts on “RICH DEM WAA KNOW HOW RICH

  1. People, nuh badda go in pon this little girl today. We already have her file here and everything just a repeat. nothing new.

    1. Mi ask myself that everyday. Mi nah hate Pom or but what I dislike is the fact that other young girls following and some older girls too. Dem aim is to find a rich man and breed fi him. But dem nuh tell u seh after dem get married the man beat dem and have one bag a gal Pom dem and when dem divorce him dem get zero dollars. So they stay and take d beating to look good for Instagram pics.

      I would like to see a pic of her home and car still…….

    2. Dem wudda dead . I don’t care how people ago seh dem young . No when u young u fe a set up yuself . These little underprivileged thots need jesus . Sick a dem . And De younger generation feel like dem live depend pan social media validation .

    1. PoorRush yuh look like an underdeveloped boy with a weave, makeup and way too much filter…So your idea of fun is you and your friends prancing around in lingerie?????? Alrighty then lame one!!

  2. Common sense can’t be taught from a textbook. I remember a teacher once told me, if you have a million dollars, you’re still considered poor. Big up on your birth strong and lean off wall. It may get ugly in here with these comments.

  3. Love the robe liddle girl and I also love your complexion! It is/was your bday after all. I see nothing wrong if you celebrate it elsewhere. “CUT OUT the selfies and party pics ect” I don’t see the issue cause if I remember correctly she posted her bedroom and unu same one run een and criticize her bedspread, her shoe box sized room etc. Like i posted before, just cut out the man shenanigans and focus on school baby love.

  4. Didn’t she come here the last time nd clearly stated nothing will change, she finish school cuz a thing was going to school as well

  5. Richi u looked nice hunni u are 20 u can do whatever the f*ck u want them ole gremlin yah just vex cuz nobody wouldnt even touch dem with a longstick if dem inna night gowm muchless lingerie you bday idea was cool n u look damn good uno find sumn fi chat bout bou dunce kmt NEXT

  6. Richi u looked nice hunni u are 20 u can do whatever the f*ck u want them ole gremlin yah just vex cuz nobody wouldnt even touch dem with a longstick if dem inna night gowm muchless lingerie you bday idea was cool n u look damn good uno find sumn fi chat bout bou dunce kmt NEXT

  7. She and her friends looked like baby whores. End of story…on to the next *bloop*

    Acting like u don’t care when u de over JMG daily. We know u care Richie Ann and it wasn’t a good look
    -not classy
    -not sexy
    -not tasteful

    All this time and energy to stunt on Snapchat and instagram when u KNOW you’re a nobody. Makes no sense.

    Stay low and build man. Most of the girls u idolize, that’s what they do…they actually hype when they have something to show. U nu hv shit to show and a hype. Ina one 3rd world country. Makes no muthafkn sense

  8. She lives with her mother.She did show her bedroom and unuh laugh how the bed low. I wouldn’t say she is dunce she’s a Wolmers grad. She’s just 20 leave her alone

  9. It’s true Kerry, tired of the old lots giving the young girls a hard time.

    Leave them,let them enjoy life. Same with you did

  10. Why y’all keeping this harlot relevant? Obviously she care that’s y she turn off the comments on the pic cause she within her did not confidently post those pics. The lingerie party look lame like wah. Yuh get E for effort tho. And she not going school. We already establish that she con the school fee and use it stunt pon IG. Is either slay or school and she pick slay. A somebody 9-5 she a benefit from is not like the man money tall or him have businesses. If him don’t get pay rush don’t get pay. Who to tell if a nuh rush same one send this in..until then goodbye have a good life. Nexxxxtttt!!!!

  11. I think she sent this in herself!
    How the fck u manage to be the 5th person on the post!????
    Like seriously n the post don’t have that much ppl talkin
    Fi seh u “hear” this girl will kill for attention is she send it in
    What I wanna kno is how comes shanzi wasn’t there
    RichieAnn since ur here can u tell us what really happen
    Why u n shanzi stop talk!???? lol dat a d real susss

    1. I read this wall often, however i didnt send this in. To answer ur question no we havent stopped talking lol smh funny inuf love nt all ig “popular” ppl r linked and close frens contrary to wat u might think. Ive actually only met her in person maybe 1 or 2 times the first was at my bestfriends bday brunch. Nice girl n very pretty. Glad that cleared up any questions u might have. If u need mre confirmation that we r still “friends” check my ig following n hers n the comments under each of us pictures. Glad i was able to be of assistance in resolving ur query ❤


  13. All the big ugly one she weh name Nadeen weh own royaz fashion this big long time throw back big woman bout shi a prace around in lingerie weh look like she lost her age paper it wasn’t cute at all

  14. Unnu old ppl life sad ee all unnu do a watch out the girl life , why unnu nuh go f**k n suck fah to and look a shuga daddy cause unnu sound real hurt

    1. Loooool wicked eeh nadine is like a mother to me. Know r from high school wen me used to buy frm her. She is a good person and her store is my pick up location for my customers when they purchase! Too lie n wicked man kmt

  15. Like seriously I’ve never see this girl hype or anything is she shows money,Everyone shows money once in a while and show wat they bought or get as gift!! She always show her bedroom,she don’t go out that much! Omg y are u ppl so badmind and ups in everyone life… always have something to comment on ppl life story! I hate this media with all my fuking heart… all unu a tear ppl down! She a fuking 20 weh unu want she av wid d likkle money house n car? Some a unu fi go suck unu mada cuz unu nav shit and a chat the most fuking crab Ina barrels! The girl literally does nothing but dress well and a try eat a food with her lil business bloodclaat man god cyan strike unu

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