38 thoughts on “RICHIE RICH AND HIM WIFE

  1. Met, how you keeping? Hope you healed well and is back to your self. Mi pass tru from time to time although me nuh really leave comments more than suh. You pop up pon mi timeline over IG, but sake a tings mi caan add di page or leave comments, you know how everybody watched like hawk ova desso, you haffi know how you move, suh a just hide and read mi deh pon. Still one a di foundation ppl dem from you did ova big yawd a do your tingz. Hope you haven’t given up writing. Stay blessed and keep strong, sista. Nutten naw teck wi before di allotted time no matta wah di enemy send wi way.

  2. Wat a way yuh big dutty Red gyal find bloodclat time fi sit down and write bout blooclat Richie Rich di bloodclat food yah nyam out a day time over fish Avenue and weh yah beg and cock up ina salon a daytime a nyam and chat wid yuh ntg slot fren dem nu pussyclat enough to yuh wull hog weh yuh know bout di man dutty Chinese dumplin shape bad gyal guh suck yuh mada yuh,di wife and yuh bitch fren ina Salon

  3. Met u is a big stickin dirty germs, yuh ungreatful fuck, y yuh nuh tell Pink wall seh Richie Rich put yuh up when yuh did deh a door pussyole, y yuh nuh tell Pink wall seh a Richie Rich put yuh back pon yuh foot after yuh mash up, since yuh wah give story, Richie Rich a big man an him have him money can guh where Eva and with who Eva suh low ppl business alone an mine fi yuh wid yuh Jing bang Pinckney dem, when di man a talk to him family, dem a wonda a weh dem Pinckney deh come from, dem run up an down ina the man house an eat all dem want an yuh nuh think fi tell Pink wall dat but yuh gone gone chat off yuh likkle stinking mouth, you an the one Teefin Ruth, suh because u nuh get pay fi 3 weeks yuh nuh mature enough fi call an talk to the man a tell him what’s going on, yuh cuda tell him yuh business an him help yuh doe but u choose fi come pon Pink wall, well now Pink wall know how ungrateful yuh bi. Mi would a like fi know weh u a think ina yuh likkle bird brain, a wah? unuh think unu can style Richie Rich pussy. Unuh cyah walk ina Richie shoes suh low the man bomboclaat name cause all unuh a chat a nuff time him tek shame outa unuh duty face, suck unuh Mada an low mi bomborassclaat cousin, a the careless ring bearer unuh fi chat bout yes unuh fren. The next time unuh mek mi come pon yah unu nah guh like it because a him a save nuff a unuh, what unuh think him nuh have nobody fi ansa unuh, him seh mi fi low the media thing an nuh falla unuh up mek unuh a come chat off unuh dutty mouth. Fuck unuh feel seh

    1. Put up who? move a people uno a look hype affa …From the day mi know myself from mi a likkle gyal till now mi a big woman a neva kotch from a bawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn move

      1. A nu kotch yuh kotch. A salvation Army Theft put yuh up. Dats why yah dead fi hungry yuh ina salon a try make $10 $20 and $30 dollar fi try see if yuh can maintain yuh pussy policy. A wah di next time di worker dem just poison yuh bloodclat next time yuh guh beg food yuh and yuh bloodclat fren dem ina salon. dats all uno do nyam outta di man food, fren him ina face and bring him dung uno dog shit uno be!! Suck yuh mada bitch!

        1. Mi mother nice and clean but can u say the same for yours? U cant even spell so why even type eeh? People can hungry in America? That isnt possible…also mi come from kotching to ina salon now? Mi a go deh ina u kitchen next ..GWEY AND GO LEARN FI READ AND WRITE

          1. Yes i just got off the grind and am taking the time out to address you, butch we can do this, now mi know from heaven to earth seh your mother ain’t clean and nice like mine suh let’s not go there keep it at that, a could a neva bloodclaat fraid a who u a seh fi guh read and write pussy a beauty and brains a write this, if you were intellectual you would have seen that im writing in between patios and standard English unwated bahboon, next thing move up yuh dutty bloodclaat guh ina who fa nice clean kitchen, not even ina mi dog house mi would low yuh fi guh, Brite nuh bloodclaat move dat nuh!!!! Rude nuh pussyclaat bitch when i ain’t making that shmoney i will be here to answer tha fuck out a you yes yooooouuuu… Fuck duh yuh the right hand mouth clean fi talk

    2. The right hand a talk outa her mouth tho ……the ole a unuh fi dead bad. And all unuh a talk the people dem naaaa luk pan unuh…. set a foolish people unub waaah shit fi nyam

      1. You now a who Sen call yuh, move up!!!!
        Right after you move that big empty thing u call a head, i don’t want to style yuh cause is not you fight guh one side, what a way u become participant that you realize seh dem catch cold feet… Dwrcl stay ina yuh lane man an move πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Salt yuh fuck 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 wooooiii a weak ina mi face

  4. Mi hear seh a couple gyal him give stds πŸ˜‚ all the one dem Weh him kiss mussi still a nyam cratchiz 🀣🀣🀣

    1. Guh see how yah write dis bloodclat post yah wid yuh likkle pussy a sweat fi di man tongue unda yuh sour purple rotten crotches. Yuh pussy ina too much pussy-ruption denial that’s why him nu nyam fi you own cause it would stop him bloodclat progress ina America. Uno take a bloodclat page outta di man book nuff a uno a dead fi bloodclat hungry and the man can pick choose and refuse weh wah eat a day time. If him nu open him restaurant them sumu uno weh nu tap beg dead fi bloodclat hungry, and a swallow and drown ina uno bloodclat bills them. Go see how di wull a bronx church pantry list full wid uno name. Uno cum ova man now!!!

    2. I know at least 2 other man Lorraine was Fuqin and give the trichomoniasis std and pass it on to her husband and then him give the whole a Bronx and Mt vernon the 2 a dem a johncrow the man just more open with it

  5. Is because the man can’t read she taking advantage of him sometimes I feel so sorry for him , he can’t stand her but he can’t escape either it must be the stew peas but then again she can’t cook πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. Yuh nuh need fi know how to read fi count money though! Him braille a it bloodclat make him have money so uno can live free a bloodclat foreign affa him tax dem Guh Sorry fi yuh bloodclat self and yuh muma! Weh yuh nu guh sorry fi di big pussy ring bearer cause di money done fi feed uno pon fi r side???

      1. Thanks for the Mark X you brought for my boy out of your husbands Hard earn money. Soon leak the suck hood picture them of you and him soon too you here πŸ˜‚ it soon start circulate on whatsapp

  6. All unuh a chat unuh broke like dog and har ten puppies dem to pussyclaat, unuh have 10 and 20 subjects an unuh still cyah walk near the bloodclaat man, a cause nuff a unuh nuh get di dead hood mek unuh a chat off unuh mouth, a nuff a unuh the man help an a nuff a di man food unuh nyam out, dutty ppl unuh, pink wall a di right platform fi come pon come embarrass unuh self dutty germs, unuh fi tell Pink wall seh a nuff a di man money unuh teef an unuh owe him to, any weh the std come from a unuh fren give him cause di wol a unuh a fuck each oda…. A Richie Rich business dem a mek unuh live unuh nasty pussy Ole, a teach unuh fi teach unuh horin fren fi cook, all a the money weh she teef soon done an unuh soon draw weh from har den unuh ago si. An who u a come chat bout a look hype a nuh unuh come pon bomboclaat pink wall a look stripe pussy, bout look hype, pussy Ole all a Richie Rich people dem independent suh dem nuh need fi hype, big bombo Ole a u come pon Pink wall an a chat… Yuh know wah mek mi left dis alone cause a doe wah hurt yuh feelings mek yuh guh heng yuh Fucking self suh ama leave this shot alone…. Right deh suh!!!!! Right bloodclaat deh suh!!!

  7. Mek we reason likkle. Richie and the girl married, Richie gi di girl bun go him give her bun come. A nuff shit di girl tolerate from him and him worthless family dem. Unu couldn’t wait fi dem separate all a who never did a chat to Richie a chat to him now an a run enn and a gwaan like dem high and mighty. All who come ova yah a talk unu can’t pick up unu phone right now and beg Richie not even $100. Unu know him nah give unu shit. Unu fi see ppl business and leave it alone at di end of di day dem is still LEGALLY MARRIED. Richie and him wife been a see back dem one another, and me see that wid mi own eyes. Mi see dem a drive up down. See it deh him a fix up a restaurant give her, unu hate di girl so much. Make di ppl dem be man. If dem want give dem one another bun, cheese and milk let dem be. What unu accomplish by tearing down di girl?

  8. A same fuckin ting, yuh si when unuh nuh know fuck all unuh chat bear bomboclaat fuckery eno, a could neva di same pussyclaat gyal weh come tell bear bomboclaat lie mek di man an him family dem did at war yah pick up fah, SHUT YUH FUCK FIMI NUH MAN!!!! Yow unuh low ppl business nuh man, di same bomboclaat gyal weh bring down the bloodclaat man a walk a chat a bag a things… Mi talk already an mi ago talk again BLOOD THICKA THAN WATA, him have him family dem same pussyclaat way suh even if wi neva chat wi chat now, A wah, u a come talk bout u si dem a drive up an down an shit of course yah guh si dem together she av kids for him, don’t be dumb u will see them… Now u a talk shit when u seh non a we cyah ask him fi a dollar bitch a we run things, the business dem a Jamaica yeah a we run dem so SHUT YUH FUCK, him have loyal family same way sorry to disappoint u…. But ano everything good fi eat good fi eat good fi talk.. mi ago low unuh out cause mi think this is enough, when unuh nuh know ntn a suh unuh chat an ago mek things look like a true a cause unuh nuh know weh di man family guh tru because a she an har Jessibell muma mi iggy fi all a unuh weh a chat. Weh she an di wol a unuh did deh when him a start up him business, di wol fuck a unuh fuck off…

  9. Baby calm down mine yuh heart string burst. A days now yuh ova yah a cuss ppl. Yuh say blood thicker than water, but if a suh family treat dem one another I don’t want nuh family. unuh see her a jamaica and unuh see her a Bronx every Day and not one a unuh brave enough to step to her. All unuh do is step pass her and chat bare fuckery backa di girl. Like how yah Richie right hand, step to her nuh baby. Wah Mek di hole a unuh don’t step to her? Unuh same one know say Richie malice unuh how much time cause unuh love trouble him wife, weh yah do nuh Mel nuh sense non tall. At the end of the day her name is LORAINE BAXTER that’s CHRISTOPHER BAXTER’S WIFE. And them nah left unuh blind deaf or dumb? Why you nuh go curse Richie? Is him nuh waa leave him wife enuh.

  10. Unuh Fi leave the man alone !! Even tho him dunce him have a college degree in sucking pussy mi nah ask Christ ! This is facts it’s not his fault him buddy nah work is the diabetes omg man let the man live

  11. Richie is to be blamed in all of this.
    1. Richie say him mumma nor him pupa nuh do anything for him. Richie say a nuff night as a youth him go bed hungry.

    2. Richie say him bigger bredda worthless and lazy bad. All him do is have one bag a pickney weh him nuh mind and him love beg.

    3. Richie even talk say him other bredda dem need fi go fix up them rotten mouth.

    4. Richie say him shame a him sister dem cause a bare worthless man dem go breed fah.

    5. Richie say all him family dem do is beg him him.

    And the whole a unuh weh come ova yah a read know is not lie I’m telling, unuh know say Richie always a done unuh. Unuh just nuh have nuh pride or shame. Unuh did a rejoice over the people dem when them separate, but see it deh now. Nuh him and she same way? Nuh him deh inah her new place that him fix up and give her a set things? Yes man unuh is so bad mind if bad mind could a kill unuh dead long time.

    Unuh chastise and tear down the woman from morning now a night. It a mad unuh blood claat and unuh don’t know what to do, cause unuh find out say the man and him wife still deh. Wah make unuh nuh go find a woman or man fi build life with? Unuh low the rass gyal man, unuh nuh talk the good weh she do.

    Anybody weh yuh see get up every minute a talk bout obeah this obeah that a dem a indulge inah the fuckery. Unuh a gwaan like unuh life perfect, the whole a unuh is some bad mind unscrupulous pussyhole

    A years now this a gwaan fah. Unuh can done now man. The whole a unuh dirty unuh chat Richie like dog to. And him know. Same way him done unuh. Bout “blood thicker than water” lol. Family like all unuh mi disown to pussyclaat, nuh body nuh have nothing good fi say bout unuh. Unuh a the worse set a family inah Bronx.

  12. I wonder if Lorraine know that her pastor weh she and her new man be going to in Jamaica crash and died this morning with a police man that was transporting him ?

    Give her a break today man !

    Sorry for your lost Theresa πŸ™πŸ½

  13. To rasss this Richie Rich saga stink a Stand Pipe I hear everybody talking bout it him and him nasty suck hood gyal Lorraine or Mrs Baxter whatever she call herself when she with him. I don’t remember her new man last name that she be Fucking that hotel up suh but this is a disgrace mi lose affa Chris big time dem man Deh used to be inspiration now him meck gyal clown him a yard and abroad is a fucking disgrace to pussyclaat. I will pray for him still. It stick around that him bout 5 restaurant and can’t pay him workers dem also mi really hope this duty disgrace of a gyal don’t try to hurt the man outside pickney dung here

  14. Sorry is this the richie richie restaurant with the Good fried chicken? I cant eat there any more then people seem nasty. Rather cook my own food. All this slackness ah gwan.

  15. Mi rassclaat, then a dem nastiness yah a gwaan ova dat deh restaurant deh. I nah buy nuh more food from deh. All a hear smaddy comment seh them fi poison the girl who a beg, a gwine report unnuh rass, unnuh caan a cook fi public, unnuh dangerous.

  16. Wow nosa my mouth running water πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  17. Cyan even trust the good ole fried chicken from their anymore next thing you know mi find more of Lorrain pussy hair in it πŸ˜‚

  18. Look at what this low ambition bitch of a gal cause pon di man, ppl a lose respect fi di man business because a dis bitch, gyal yuh cyah guh dead a bush πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ an when yuh done yuh talk bout yuh get restaurant, teefin gyal tell di ppl dem seh yah pay rent fi dat 🀣🀣🀣

    1. But so is Richie rich nuh rent him a pay for ALL of “his restaurant s”? By the way genie, him own anything in America?

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