0 thoughts on “RIDE OR RUN?

          1. Look yah nuh! Just the thought a him sickening. Just imagine Gary tales from the crypt finger dem a go in a 1 vagina or a caress a leg! :dp

  1. Lemme see dress tights n blazers :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: TEAR DUNG 2 DOZENS FENCE N GONE TO RASSSSSSSSSS

  2. Stripe dress $5

    Red blazer. $10

    Black flower, petal, corsage or whateva the fux that is pon top left of blazer…. Priceless

    Look like a damn fool wid him hairy self … Barf

    :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir:

  3. This is one of those awkward moments when you just look at that person and give them a closed mouth smile… And don’t say a damn thang!!! :nerd

  4. And if you do say something… What do you say… What lovely weather we’re having? Do you strike up a conversation unrelated to fashion or do you continue staring like this.. :matabelo??

  5. Or do you say that blazer would go nicely with your red pumps or do you ask where you can find that dress in your size? I just don’t know, but I’d prolly take a picture and walk away shaking my head… Metty just like I did with the low rider pick up truck bogged down with the wholeap a carpet n’ insulation… Just unreal :hammer

  6. Me raas him still deh bout?. Right now Shizzle more relevant than the crypt keeper. Redundancy with no pension Gary time expire.

  7. Met was there really a question in dat?smh!!!i remember when this fish came to Canada,,i dont; need to say anything more except GARY SHERLOCK is 100% DL GAY!

  8. Met this is more than LICKY LICKY,,these guy are GAY but now with the fashion,,, They could use it and just say ohh it’s fashion,,if you a STRAIGHT MAN no fashion trend could make one dress like a gayl…NEVER

    but you have all these worthless womon who don;t want to work or be independant and go sleep with these undercover gays,, people have to look at this people surroundings to know which run they travel,,

    1. stop log on yasso him did tell people seh everytime one person log on me get $5 and him nah mek me rich ………. mi neva know him did so fool heeda :nerd

  9. And don’t make me start on SHIZZLE EITHER….OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,,THEM NEED TO START COMING TO CANADA and going on like them don’t show they freedom when they come up…

  10. Met let me ask you a question! what you do think of two man in a three some?

    2 MAN + 1 GIRL = why have the other man in bed?

    1. den where were you wen di video drapp yah wid di 2 man n di gurl…..tel har nuh metty n di hood flop ova like flowaz :nohope

  11. dwllll,,,you ppl on SMH!!

    OK but why do they do it? i know alot of them that need to see a C88k to perform on a woman , smh,,then they say they straight,,i get into nuff debate about these subject with my gay frens and straight(so call)

      1. Metsy not homophobic he sound upset that these men goes through all that just to fuxx a women, I’m getting a feeling of contempt that puxxy a get fuxx in the first place I might b wrong

  12. Met you crazy so why his he there ,,get a word for homophobic and DL INCLUDED AND YOU COULD PUT ME UNDER THAT HEADING,,

    as a man if you like woman then why have a man in your bed? that’s the question!

  13. but why would anyone want to go through so much to f88k a woman that they d88k abviously don’t want to stand up for?

    simple question

  14. met i’m not talking about hoessssssssssssssssssss,,sorry only a prostitute would want to take two man and for MONEY not just to F**k

  15. Met you serious!…i believe we on GARY SHERLOCK right now plus and i will but his better half in there, but i see they’re going through they divorce still soon get back together

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