1. No sah dats a way to shut a never was bitch up!!!! Blonk, brap..pong…….Wooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I cant wid Rih I just cant…..

  2. Met mi seh if she eva, Z black list and file 13 de career wah nuh start yet. She se how Breezy career derail afta de incident not even BET him cudden guh perform, much less fi har likkle speck.. Wooioiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  3. MET Teyana Taylor n KOKROOCHIE a fren a dats y she no like RIRi – Ri put up a vido pn INstagram wid her stylist a impersonate a female n Teyana tek it up pon her head say RiRi a throw shades…u see how dem love war

      1. That’s not true RiRi and Teyana were good friends they use to be all over the place together and met check out Teyana M.J Taylor Twitter page she finished RiRi to the point where RiRi delete all her previous post about Teyana.

          1. You’re so right met RiRi didn’t respond and call her name but RiRi best friend did and she finish them both check out the link I sent smdh rich people problems and I said rich because Teyana come from money her mom and dad have it.

          1. Met all sadamite Chris Brown tek up d war today n a dun RiRi…yeah him delete dem no w doe Chris comem in like a gyal n den now a lef tweet pon Riri page bout she change – me no kno wwhy Rihanna no block him rass cause him is a disgrace

        1. KMT.. Teyana delete all her post dem to n a matter a fact yes dem a did fren long time a go but u no know say a Teyana Taylor introduce Chris Brown to Karrueche a dat mash up d frenship – n den after Teyana movie come out a reporter mistaken her fi Rihanna n she was so mad n start dis Rihanna say a Rihanna a try look like her cause ashe fuss start wear d haisrtyle so get u facts starights

          1. Met remember them was very close friend cause teyana say them a friend and them have each other number so she know how rihanna roll so she know a she rihanna a throw subs at.. Rihanna man come in which a Mel I can’t stant the sick looking gal but I love rhi rhi #TeamNavy Biatches

      2. Me say a waan RiRi dun dem u see dem hate d gyal true d gyal come fr d caribbean n a mek all a d money – dem too rass badmind

      1. Metty I’ve been peeking, unable to par take!
        Love the piece on WhiteYawdie………Never have I ever laughed like I did at that video, Jamaican Men……can’t live without them!

  4. Dem fi low d gyal everyting dem jump up bout RiRi tek dis ya man ya n dat de man de when since a norm fi oman tek 1 man mek d gyal experiment till she find Mr. Sekkle cause if unu ever see some a d somen dem whe dutty Chris Brown put up like some gyal n ever a beg sympathy fr ppl – Look how much song him do a beg bk fren fr RiRi since 4 years ago n now him a show offhimself like a d gyal mek him a gwaan like idiot pon Twitter all a call out Jay Z as much as how me no like Jay Z d man a do him ting Chris fi just go gro d fuk up n sidung bout him form crew

  5. I love rihanna but I can’t wrong teyana because what rihanna did was disrespectful and no one likes to be disrespected!!! Rihanna is a likkle bully and trouble maker and teyana surely put her on place today.. S/O to teyana fi stand up fi herself but me love rihanna same way she could manage teyana though

      1. Met last year Teyana n d same Karuueche gyal de pon video a mock RiRi so me no know a wha do dem so what if RiRi a mock her today…she should a glad fi d free publicity whe she get today cause d over 18 million twitter n instagram follower wha kno who name TEYANA TAYLOR n Rihanna say she na gi none a dem no more free promo

  6. Teyanna mek sure a one cock yuh tek, because both a unu a throw shade if thats the case If you 2 are suppose to talk y not call her and find out wats up. That pic wid her face after the Chris Brown incident is wack just like you bitch, yuh face tuff like long time dutch pot. Mi nuh see weh she done Rihanna a bare badniss she a truk. Tey try guh suck some hood fi resurrect yuh dead career. Yuh nuh bad gyal suh GTFOH!!!!

  7. A mad teyana mad becuz Chris brown Neva wan she…..she wanted to fu? K Chris brown and him refused har…..Chris brown even talk it outta him mouth sey teyana wanted him but him Neva want har…..so teyana shouldn’t call nuh body nuh whore when man a refuse fi har pus$y and she gwey it fi free

  8. mi sehhh riri dun har nicely wid di facts n figures if a war a juss bloodclawt war a desso di ting deh…teyana guh choke pon dat…bitch ass breezy juss bex caw jayz n riri a fren an em soun guh bawl a riri frock tail

  9. Good night people, RiRi a bad gyal but me put she Pon pause right now. A team Tessane to the world. Them save the best for last the voice tun up, Tessane we proud a you.

  10. Metti, when Celo ask her where are you from, and she seh Kingston Jamaica. Me glad bag buss. All Mr Chin a ball all 4 judge tun round and she pick Adam.

  11. Teyanataylor have all rights fi done off Rihanna please .. Rihanna is a damn bully with her bitter self she n her mongrel best friend swear dem bad lmfaoooo y’all not bad y’all bitter .. I’m not no fan of Teyanna but she has all rights to defend herself ! She nuh have 90 mil but she not poor either MONEY isn’t everything & it doesn’t change the fact that Rihanna does have a industry pusc cuz she definitely does! Dem must know why this war a Gwan but it was done purposely to throw shade at Teyana it could even be a publicity Stunt for all we know ! Maybe T soon buss n this apart of dem illuminati ritual who tf knows it’s always something with these hoes! I doubt Teyanna is jealous don’t see why she would be .. Rihanna needs a reality check QUICK! Mi na guh run Har down n say #teamcaribbean mi aguh be honest unlike some people that’s missing the point RIHANNA IS DISRESPECTFUL N NEEDS TO BE PUT IN CHECK 90 mill or not

    1. who rihanna bully and who she dis u keep saying bully and dis like u really expect that because she a celeb she fi keep quiet …do we really know who trouble who first?

      1. di chick seh riri is nutten fi jealous ova a whey di bloodclaw yah seh up to di likkle whoring gyal weh wi talk bout todeh weh collect n grine dung di industry worth 1 mil n mi jealous much less sum a unnuh juss chat an nuh noe weh fi chat seh a betta yuh seh sumthin else but 90 mil is enuff fi mek anybody jealous

        1. but zervah if u nuh have up a person and u claim dem a throw words..u and dem was fren why would u want to fight dem how dat part come bout?

  12. so because she rich and TT isnt as rich means she has no worth,,gtfoh,,thats why the rich regards the poor as garbage and stay winning,,,her money gives her carte blanche for fkry ..its fkup that grown ass folks thinks the rubbish that comes outta her mouth is cute,,,How old is she anyways,,kmft, most bajans dont even like Jcans…

  13. Plain talk and bad manners it sound like if Teyana like off Rihianna and Rihanna nah penny har.
    Because if she and Riri were “friends” why would she introduce her friend man to another girl? An have the nerve to post pictures of herself with the new woman and Chris Brown. How can she explain her open hostility towards Riri if we are to believe she is not jealous of her sucess? Who makes fun of their “friend” being viciously beaten by a man? Why is she begging her to call when she, Tey first threw shade? Who calls their “friend” an industry hoe? She sounds like a bitter scorned *itch. It look like Rihanna tell har Noooooooooooooo nooooo, nooooooooooooooooo, no no no no I am strictly dicky #innamibestmaxipriestvoice

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