0 thoughts on “RIHANNA GET UP FI AMA OO

  1. @ only….and she look like if she under some good kush,she we broad out proper eno.but the forehead the forehead a buck me bad.

  2. So proud of her MET mem na lie although they shafted her for ARTIST OF THE YEAR – I dnt kno what Taylor Swift did this year to get that award, but CONGRATS TOO RIRI nevertheless a my gyal day #BadGalRiri

  3. Shi take a hair style wah woman normally wear to bed an make it glamorous…..now watch di wulla dancehall aguh runeen pon it loll

  4. So sweet , her mom present her with the Icon Award,..So proud a RihRih…but me caan tek weh den a ge Justin Timberlake suh much award fah…fe him music juss alrite

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