5 thoughts on “RINGS OF FIRE

    1. Dutty bloodclaat! Yuh sound hurt. A who send fi yuh? Stinking Air balloon! weh caah even write a good sentence. Nobody naw carry or bring dat shit yah come wid shitpit. A Iggy fi yuh. Mi luv di African movie dem…

    1. Yes Mek mi bring out mi Sunday best…… Mi suck my madda and get good milk and it bring a good gal…. But mi see say yuh Neva get no milk dutty skermige… It hurt yuh wah mi say eeh. Yuh hurt bad. Hush! Go suck suck warm breast milk an feel betta… Gal yuh Betta gal say a Sunday. Cause all if a Monday mi see dis… A dig up unda neat yuh like yam hole.

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