A sales representative employed to the RJR Communications Group and a businessman were found dead yesterday at a residence in Red Hills, St. Andrew.
They have been identified as 25-year-old Felicia Sutherland of Portmore, St. Catherine and 52-year-old Daryl Lodge of Red Hills. About 8:30 in the morning, the decomposing bodies of Miss Sutherland and Mr. Lodge, who is a US citizen, were discovered tied with duct tape.
Investigators have not yet been able to determine the cause of death.It’s understood that Miss Sutherland was last seen on Thursday when she was picked up at her home by Mr. Lodge. Calls later in the day to her phone reportedly went unanswered.

0 thoughts on “RJR EMPLOYEE KILLED

  1. Call history from Thursday, text messages, BBM, whatsapp messages. Someone out there knows something. Round up some people interview them and catch one in a lie.

  2. I just checked get fb profile and I find it odd that the one male (claude campbell) in her pictures, his profile was inactive since July 24 then suddenly he posted about 30 minutes ago.

    1. Lie, nuff man on har frenz list, mi all see 2 soldier dere 2. Whe u get one man fren from? Still not ruling out nuttin cuz it look like u know summin

  3. Based off what am hearing this guy was her side man and she did in fact have a man so a don’t know. They saying robbery has it was at the man house all this take place and the two of them mouth and hands were bound.

      1. ispy isn’t talking about u being the main man she a comment a seh she hear she have a man nd de person dat died with her is a side ..yuh seh him anuh side suh yuh did still a link wid har fi knw wah gwaan inna har life?

  4. Is either the girl man or the man wife if him have one a farin,fi collect insurance money.This is crime of passion

  5. Too soon to speculate on the motives. Could honestly be a robbery gone bad, could be any number of things. All mi know is dat life means nutten a yawd, fram di baby pon bress to the old and infirm.
    I hope for strength for their families and loved ones in their period of grief.

  6. Sad. If I were a young lady in JA, self defense lessons mi woulda penetrate. Some may scuff and seh yeah right but guess wah unless dem get mi totally off guard mi nah go dung widout a fight. I’m so angry reading this story, another young woman enuff is enuff man.

  7. Rest in peace Angel! I hope them take the same care in handling this case as they did with the DJ. I am now aware that JA is capable of compiling forensic evidence. I want justice for her and all the countless other young women lost to violence.

  8. She isn’t the only victim here. Murder on a hold is a terrible crime. I feel like the world lost a star. RIP Derold. You were beyond amazing and such a funny person. My heart hurts. The family hurts. Shine bright ❤️ #RIPDerold #RIPFelicia

  9. Oh neva mind, mi see weh him seh…She bury yet Claude? Did u contact the police to give them this information Mr Campbell

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