Marsha tek Daffy summer befor last and now she use to be friends with Kayfab and wear her clothes them she and Kay stop y’all and Kay is the one tell me she don’t know how Marsha so in Robber and she use to take Daffy when they where Freind’s Robbers now start let Marsha wear her stuff bags and shoes now the pants she had on Sunday Robbers wear in Vagus and when they was in Miami she wear Robbers bags red Gucci and color Chanel Marsha a big women 39 3 kids all she think about is man taking and clothing she trying so hard to be in Robbers crowd wait till she  tek one more of them man Kerry ann look out she say her baby daddy sweet


  1. All dem do is mogle pon dem one another and go road everyday go thief clothes ..these girls have no career nor ambition just pure credit and sell back thiefing things or spen it pon themself no rate them ..dem do anything for the hype marsha and the rest of them need a real life

  2. Maybe they just kissing each other cats remember Robbas no have no man now so now they lesbians have a good time & share everything.

  3. Robbas and her crew stale now since her man got charged. I noticed the Entire crew fell all the way off. The comment section empty. Did all her matey find new man cuz the cussing tun-dung.
    As far as Marsha, Robbas probably knew of the rumored allegations but due to her ugliness, her BFF blahness…Apple hating her and Kerri never being her friend. She needs an okay looking thirsty person who needs her more than she needs them to boost her ego/self-esteem. Marsha seems to be a temporary fit until the next best thing comes along for either.

  4. She a f*k the nigga name Ricky aKa Yung Abuh Dhabi to get it from good good source, like she and Plugman stop f&&k now

  5. MARSHA is 38 an dont own shit in America all she do is walk an beg an f**k an buy name brand an mek ricky sell weed fi har marsha you have your son in Jamaica try an get him here, you don’t have no ambition fi a big woman get your left together sis !!!!!

  6. She and Plugman don’t stop f**k she and him still F*king good good she and him have they problem cause of the ugly want to be twin girl Sheeva another one that we sell her life for name brand but the two of them always at it back and forth on social media about him but right now the two of the a win the race with him what a bunch of fools name brand make them do anything and sleep with anyone I hope the use condoms

  7. Y’all got it wrong a Marsha a f**k bobbet now she’s the replacement for daffy cuz robbas don’t want go f**k a next man,and everybody knw Marsha love suck pussy,that’s y bobbet giv her things to wear

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