1. Bill Gates didn’t make millions by wearing Name Brands. He worked for his money. Sm. Bobbette Sylvester you are such a dumb bitch. Really. Smh

  2. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    Care zero about her caption cuz they all in denial when it comes to right and wrong plus honesty way of living what i am here for is how is it she nd daffy neva eva look good not matter what they have..she scam/teef whatever sum nice things but it just never ever looks right on her .

    And yea we seet yet again,apple and har man did inna gold nd black suh here comes robbas a falla yah dah yah dah yahhhhhh……

  3. This is ignorance to the 10th power. Is this “shim” for real. Does this “shim” really thinks material things make a person. I’m asking GOD to please take the wheel right now.
    Good morning Met.

      1. Morning Met…you know a Beyonce bullshit lyrics this bitch a use?

        Gal whey Neva have a shithouse in a dem residence, no education, work experience shouldn’t a equal up dem self to people who serve society in some manner.

        Social media a fuel these losers.

  4. White people are the biggest criminals and often times are not punished, so not because he doesn’t have a record doesn’t mean he’s not a criminal.

    1. When last you send a few million dollars, tons of food, medicine or mosquito nets to Africa? If a criminal movements make gates able fi do that…then hats off.

      Better yet, when last you send a pallet of food, books/pencils, depends, walker/ wheelchairs HOME? You worthless lot beat drum and not even the stick unu can provide.

      Unnu need fi make black people problems unnu mission, that white black shit is a distraction.

      P.S. me contribute, hence me rights fi ask what the hell you contribute to those less fortunate besides some race bullshit argument fi defend a petty clothes thiefT.

  5. Da bwoy Daffy Duck ah real gyal clown. Look how di man have Robbas a dress him like him a twin? Eediat bwoy nuh have nuh identity. Nuh wonder di battyman dem have him a suck awf dem shitup cocky anna ram out him ass. Robbas mek yu feel like a “Special kinda Girl” Daffydill?….cho

    1. Please Little Willy, remember I’m at work and can’t keep busting out these slap my knees loud laughter. Thank you

  6. Likkle willy—– mi dead. Daffodil and robbers jail house is a must. But me curious about you and jadion, rich people nuh live in a good. Come out if queens and Bronx okay? Same fi dolly and sweets and shawna no star. All sherece/ star Barbie who was one of the trend setter for scamming and hoeing went school and take it to another level.

  7. Robbas please grow up. Please. Why u so dunce robbas.?? You are sad and pathetic. How could u really classified yourself with Bill gates.??? First bill Gates work very hard , Bill Gates didn’t get 6 months for stealing ,you did robbas,. Bill Gates live into a mansion. Robbas live into a little 1 bedroom apt into a 8 by 11 bedroon. Bill Gates sleeps into a king size bed ,robbas sleep on a queen size bed. Robbas is a scammer and a petty thief.bill gates is a big boss.bill gates own Lamborghini ,robbas drive daffy old Chevy truck. Bill Gates have him own credit cards ,robbas steal people credit cards. Bill Gates is an American citizen with a valid passport robbas is an illegal immigrant with out a government issue id. Robbas u really dunce.robbas u making your man daffy looks like a clown .why can’t daffy tell you to stop fronting ? Daffy seems a bit slow in the brains anyway. All them clothes and shoes and stuff u be posting is fake stuff. Keep fooling yourself mascot gal. From the time u post bout u going to be selling use and new authentic brand name stuff yuh online u can’t start as yet. If u did have real credit card link are money to buy from other the use stuff from people u would have at least start up yuh business. U cannot fool me because mi smart bitch. You broke ass wannabe idiot. You robbas , bossy dolly , ven hair tech , sweets , apple and Opal trendsetter all you all do is but the fake stuff and a act like it real dumb bum bitches.why don’t all of uno, Meck up and buy a haunted house and live together uno, set of witches. I can’t stand uno Bruck, dunce , fool fool set of gal.

  8. She got y’all attention and that’s her mission. Guys don’t pay her no mind. Apple Watch dey gal ya. She need to focus on daffy new gal!

  9. Her shit real tho.. guys its shade too Apple. Robbas can hashtag Balmain with pride.. This chick Apple hashtag TeamBalmain.. is wha that? I see thru the bullshit Apple. lol. U will suck a dick for a designer piece.

    Robbas a throw shade mon.. That is one ugly dress tho., but it real.

  10. Met thank u ever soooo much fi di rake!! Me read this story dis mawning and buy 5 Inna cashpot and it play!! Once me see Robbbas mi see Teef.The lil change can buy a escovitched fish with extra pepper and onions. If me never fraid of Robbas’ powda and oil me woulda bet the farm,house and land and the kitchen sink pon #5!Thanks again!

  11. Dying @mek up and buy a haunted house Bill Gates would never put on 23k worth a clothes to look like a one dollar whore. The fact that you can’t find a better way to invest 23k says it all bill gates fi Sue yuh bc

  12. Anon 10:15, self praise is no recommendation and we are tired of hearing about your act of kindness. The gift that a poor man gives is worth more than that of a rich Man. You must be one of the demonic monitoring spirits to know what people are giving back. Yes my LORD, you should be highly appreciated for your donations. That’s what you wanna hear, huh bitch? You probably give to be recognized :bola :travel

  13. Anon 10:15, self praise is no recommendation and we are tired of hearing about your act of kindness. The gift that a poor man gives is worth more than that of a rich Man. You must be one of the demonic monitoring spirits to know what people are giving back. Yes my LORD, you should be highly appreciated for your donations. That’s what you wanna hear, huh bitch? You probably give for recognition :bola :travel

  14. Smh I hope you’re planning on owning a house,y’all stay bragging about clothes, shoes & bags and hitch up inah one likkle kids room! That shit y’all showing don’t phase nobody but di Ediot dem weh a comment pon Unuh post.

  15. It is so funny how these dancehall dregs can put on these designer clothes, boot and bags and let them look cheap, tacky and stink. Even if I am bathing in money, I could never see the likes of me in the same outfits or designers these hood rats wearing.

    1. Gloria’s,Prendy,Fishpot or that place across by emancipation park. I doan eat fish from any and any body.

  16. I’ll say it again and again…..know MATTER WHAT HE put on he will always look ugly!! Designer wear couldn’t save Bobby even if his life depended on it. :siul :hoax2 :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  17. I don’t care none ah dem doe look good from Bobbetta Apple twinny dolly sweets Ven tanisha image Kerryann none all die mak sense

  18. Met was this a twin balmain party? Lmao cuz why she Apple jay n daffy dress alike me nuh undastannnnnnn !!! AH WA !! And wol a dem sitten deh Pan Babette fake nah look! What a way brt miss unu a wa d money run out? Lmaoooo

  19. A who see dirty bad happle she over deh a post video bout her dress real n how much it cost Kmt
    First of all ms happle you and I know that dress will be returned just like the other ones, u fake fronting ass bitch.
    Yes your shit real but all u do is buy your shit and return them so of course you can afford to stunt. Carry on now

  20. alright bill gates in the making you need fi buy a womb rich what go buy a house a matter a fact go a Jamaica sorry you have fi stay local you bitches are sad bad your sister is a dunce her comments on her Instagram post are so stupid why you guys don’t go back to school it is not too late robbas stop follow apple please it is so obvious you and daffy ina jeans and gold and it never look good what the f**k is going on why you and daffy want to be like icon and Snapple well we know say you a pay your rent cause you no have a chick or a child fi government help you but you fi stop teef from people bad luck a go follow you is miss lou still snoring on kerryann floor? kerryann you broke bad thank god fi section 8 and food stamp your new crew name is section 8 bitchesssss

  21. Point Exactly!! @anonymous 5:30 pm That’s what apple is famous for…. Mrs.Buy and return Queen 😀 😀 😀 😀 :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Who she think she fooling? :bingung :hoax2

  22. First of all bill gates is a multi millonaire and him fava walmart special, smart cus his work ethic and establishment speaks for him. Robba gal u have no work ethic, hell no status in this and any other country but where u was born, u party with drug dealers and scammers which u all need each other until the feds run in and its all said and done, ur positon ur pretending to be has been thrown out that dam window long time ago with that first theft change and still growing. You wont stop untill feds pick ur ass up and throw away that dam key, so go head little miss bill gates and countinue with that mission your on, i only have one thing left to say to u and all the idiots that high fiving you and the big ups that put a smile on your face where u show that disgusting gap , euuuu. Go seek god n not the devil cus u life soon miserable, n kno one will be there for you like ur not there for u bestie. Drops mic, girl bye

  23. I’m starting to believe Apple and her “husband” must have some type of legitimate source of income. Real estate property #Something Because there is no way in hell he would allow her to post the types of videos that she does on IG if they wasn’t walking the straight and narrow #NoWay How the hell can she be so brazen to post up Amex credit cards and Balmain #everything when your lifestyle is shady. I just don’t get it…it’s just not adding up. Someone can put their “husbands” freedom in jeopardy to show off on people that’s don’t give a f**k about you in the first place?

  24. We’ll see in future how she get these kind of money. That’s why nuh sorry fi them. when them get catch.

  25. Yardie….leggo di “eat fish” ahgiment mi bredda. Mi a fly dung Satdeh an hear a dread a seh him a guh outta Gloria’s guh eat a “swimmaz”. Me wid fimme fool fool self tink ah “swimz (shrimps)” di dread a talk. When mi faas likkle more mi hear di dread a tell him fren seh Ras nuh “eat fish” cause dat a fi gay guy. Mi nailey miss di flight di way mi a dead wid laffff!!!


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