Met you know seh dis gal ugly from mawning but dis pic ah the ugliest thus Farr lawd a mercy. Bobby Robbas favor one of the wicked witches from Salem. The evil grin show up her ugly face, robbas next time you do plastic surgery look bout di face okay. Remember seh social media got a lot of scamma arrested both man n woman so low off the excitement because you know if you keep getting arrested for fraud one day the obeah ah guh run out n you will be arrested looking forward to a trip back to the slums of south Ahoe!! You said thanks to daffy for your Versace pillows, if ah man nuh interested fi tek pictures with me mi woulda Shame fi seh tnx for anything further more him never leave comments under your photos when you big him up, only Marvette leave a comment after every photo you n your sis put up you must be taking good care of her O-0

0 thoughts on “ROBBAS DEM SEH FACE NOW

  1. nothing is wrong with the girl in the pic up top….i think this girl have somebody out there that really despises her, but sender u need to stop being so angry…whatever she did to u, forgive her and god will forgive u for the ppl who u have sinned against….u just stalk the girl’s picture and constantly sending in petty stories…..just let go and let god…jeezam

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