SENDER;-Is it me or EVERYTHING Apple bust Robbas run right behind and get it?? Like I’m starting to see a trend here. Either Apple a pass down her tings to her or she’s beyond obsessed with her. Either way it’s disturbing


  1. How Robbas a run behind her when a Robbas have the link isit not obvious that they got the shoes at the same time but it was her birthday so she let her wear it first

  2. First of all Robbas alwaysssss In name brand from day one and her thing turn up may it be scamming thieving of whatever it is turned up!!! She had the boots first and if unnu nuh know ah she help flapples get things and to be honest Robbas look better in the boots!!!!! Remember seh Robbas thieving turn up long time ah that’s why flapples friend up Robbas .. and mi know seh ah Kerry or apples same one send in this everytime unnuh wear the same thing unnuh send this story in because flapples haffi mek it known ah she wear it first but Robbas always have those things first!!! Robbas them is not your frienddddd them jealous pon the low and look how much ppl have them boots already unnu need fi stop it … unnuh ah frenemies

  3. Den wait it look like Apple n Kerry nah talk mi no see she n the baby daddy at the bday dinner n only fi see Kerry put up pic with UGLY THING 1 n UGLY THING 2 say she never haffi question them loyalty a wah really a galang?!???

  4. Both Apple and Robbas a wear out the fake gucci them from china.

    How apple can buy so much brand but dont have a car of her own? ??????

    Apple you have so much so call brands but you cant buy a bed you still have the old 14 years old plastic bed wey yuh cut off the bed head and glue on a look alike gina’s

    Apple how you so rich and dont own a house inna america nor in jamaica ?????

    Robbas how you can afford every brand but a owe the people them car payments. Robbas you so rich but dont own nothing of value inna america nor jamaica .robbas guh nuy house worthless dumb bitch with yuh fake life.

    Nasty sour BATTY gq dwight wey nuh stop mess with people bout how them a wear fake brand. Old thief gq guh look work the warrant squad going to pick you up july 3 fi rob Bloomingdales.

    Gq, kizzy have a profession suh stop throw words .you and robbas are nun ambitious and always seeking attention. Uno life sad .

    Gq you ,robbas,kerryann,and apple needs to put TOGETHER and buy a shit house because uno nuh have nothing .uno worthless.

    Apple ,kerryann ,robbas and gq guh buy house and show us u got money.broke, boasy set of thieves. The 4 of unno is a bunch of thieves low lifes wannabe.

    Kerryann the time you showing fake rolex bout yuh baby father buy it guh buy a real sofa and dash out that old red sofa inna yuh living room and give back trump him food stamps. .

    Which out of yuh 3 baby daddy buy the rolex.dumb whore.

  5. Apple a thief from before me have my first child and happle older than robbers by far Apple turn 40 and fraid to day it but she been a thief designer so nope robbers new to this !! Robert start wear clothes 2011 girl bye

  6. how Robbaz fi look better inna nutn? the whole heap a plaid pon pattern confusing AF and colour colour a dazzle mi yeye. Mess. She looks so buttu and annoying. All if she got it first at least Apple tone it down wid the jeans and matching jacket. I dont like Apple neither but Robbaz never look good to me yet.

  7. @met these idiots talk about thiefing and scamming like its a good career them have.

    Robbas being thiefing and her scamming up thats why apple hang with her.

    @met was that a compliment or recommendation??

    Im so lost with these people.
    A suh much idiot dey bout.

    Now tell me feds pick up robbas man daffy fi scamming robbas so dumb she nuh must know sey them aware of her also .

    robbas u ,gq ,jaydon, jue icon on the nexts take down list .
    Unno take my foolish advice and guh hide

  8. @Anonymous 9:39am, if you say Bobette “alwaysssss in name brand from day one”, then YOU DON’T KNOW Bobs!!!!! Bobette was a regular, smegular, degular girl from Brooklyn, who used to look tacky as f**k, who clothes never look good pon, who used to par wid a set of friends who called themselves the Rush Girls, who ONE OF them and HER sister BORN inna name brand and WEAR UP DI TINGS DEM FROM HEAD TO TOE, then her (Bobs) Aunt LA Dionne died and she got a few bags and stuff that she died and left, and THAT is how Bobette started to wear few pieces of brand and frankly speaking I honestly don’t know if they were real pieces, neither am I implying that they weren’t, because I didn’t know Dionne or how she rolled, but I can SURELY find out! Bobette used to butter with those same friends, but she COULD NOT keep up with the one who used to wear di tings dem, she was OUT LEAGUED! Then, shi get di work ah Century and start get two likkle tings, but as quick as shi start was as quick as shi left, because shi guh teef di ppl dem credit card and mek di fren haffi run weh from di job and she end up ah jail. She was in and out of jail and fell off the radar, years passed by and somewhere along the line, she got some links and FINALLY became the “IT GIRL” she ALWAYS wanted to be! Apple BEEN a wear pieces LOOOOONG before Bobette; GET REAL! I have friends and family who has known Apple doing her thing WAAAAAY before Bobette hopped off the porch! Remember Apple is older! The record is available!

    Now, regarding the subject of twinning and stealing each other’s look/following each other: It’s corny! You have guys have to understand that these girls are “friends”/associate and they are into fashion, so they stalk the Designers, waiting/anticipation the arrival of the newest/latest pieces and trends. During the days, they sometimes go to the stores together or run into each other at times and THEY ALLLLLLLLLL buy the same stuff! Some have similar taste in colour and style, while some aim to be different! There are also those who let a particular piece miss them and borrow from another, but most of these HIGLY COVETED pieces are copped by ALL of them. Now, depending on the upcoming event/s, one may allow the other to rock the piece/look first; for instance, if it’s Apple’s man party, then Bobette will hold back and let her rock the piece at the party and then rock hers after, while there might be an individual who isn’t cool with another at the moment and they just go all out, not giving a f**k, be it intentionally to outdo the other or it just being in their nature to be fly! Ah just suh di ting set!

  9. To sum up everything for the people who don’t know better…. Robbers been a thief just like her parents.
    Apple been a thief and seems to have reformed from actually grabbing in stores to something less risky after jadion left her pregnant ass and ran from security guard.
    Robber’s Aunt Dionne’sitems were real she was also a thief.
    Kerry and apple have no issues, well none that are public and she was at the “bday” dinner for apple.
    Kizzy is also a reformed thief. Not one is better than the other. Robbers did copy apple as far as the surgery goes, clothes are made for all who can find a way to get them.
    So far only Kerry has taken care of her teeth. Kerry and Kizzy congrats on the graduations and moving up of your beautiful children. Slowly bobette a guy hagfish find a way to “thief” an egg for her womb bc not having a child is madding her.

  10. Listen we nuh pet ppl your story is wrong u shall also remember Robbas is wayyyy younger then apples and from robs start party look good or not she was in the things them is Robbas help flapples get the things I know that for a fact Kerry badmine bad too they always throw shade at each other


  12. Robbas from the outside looking in, it appears you have seriously identity issues and it’s evident you are struggling with coming to terns that you are really just a ugly looking boy. No matter how much brand you put on, yuh never look complete to me yet. I don’t know what u did to your face recently but your already strong ugly looking features are now transitioning over to a bull dog like feature. Lawd anytime you are snapping advise, please try to angle the phone better so that we not caught off guard with a full dead on face frontal, bc Chile again yuh ugly baddddddddddd. Another word of advise the dancing thing is not you’re calling bc that one stiff whine waaan some serious oil, please I repeat abort that dancing mission. One last question, for a rich boy like yuhself and I’m only asking for a friend how did u manage to have to return yuh big body Benz as well as I see the Maserati is also now Mia. I know you frequent here so I’m patiently awaiting a forthcoming snap or post to confirm if you’re still mobile or nah.

  13. Lee stop lie because Robbas did have twinny pon her live ah dance unnuh too wicked and love make up story and why would Robbas hate twinny anyway you ah reach now

  14. Princess Apple is in a league of her own,don’t try group her with basic n below average sinting.We all know Princess Apple for being a Fashion trendsetter first and foremost. Don’t try water dung her ting !!!

    Signed PoolBoss

  15. Robbas to refer to ones self as a full package you’d have to be born with it not store bought.

  16. After the clothes, bags ,shoes… what will they all have to show? Girls like them could never ever! Speak down on a woman like me. Worthless set of scumbags!

  17. @11:58 bobby auntie was a thief too , tek ppl money and send big stone inna box come give them, and she also get money fi set up people life… and never have no good good stuff till she start suck “rave” because everything she buy and wear go back to the store the next day . And when she start suck “rave “ she do the body and buy up good stuff and run go Jamaica go dead left the few good things she did have. She was gonna dead anyway because she set up too much ppl life. She did have a son a jail.. what happen to him? And she had daughter for her friend man too. Generational curse

  18. It’s true Robbas i did see you screw up ya face when apple seh twinny name… you mad because twinny can wear fake & she still look better then you!!!!

    Your body will never look like twinny’s GWEH

  19. OMG ALL U PPL ARE SOMETHING ELSE YOU PUT LIFE to worthless people that don’t have any education nothing to back them up and make them seems important This is why they act like this how can you be a scammer and a thief and walk with your head up and Not feel like shit because you people give them life ,seriously I don’t think any of them look good because in the daytime when u look at them in the mall they look so horrible without make up they can’t speak they don’t know how to Converse with anyone that has since properly and these are the people that you guys are looking at to call and Icon what have they done to support anything what example are they showing the younger people what are they doing for the community what are you doing scamming teaching other people to scam and that’s supposed to be a living what about when you get older Apple you are 40 you are the oldest one what example are you setting even for your younger daughter and your son to walk around naked not that it matters I’m just saying what have you guys done to uplift anything in this world.. smh I feel so ashamed for you guys just to look at you and know that all y’all do is steal peoples information to make credit cards to buy stuff for yourself I have pity for you guys but Karma is a bitch

  20. @Anonymous 2:39pm, mi nuh inna nuh argument wid you, enuh, because dis ah one bloodclaat girl weh nuh tell lie or open her bloodclaat mouth if she can’t state FACTS!!!!! Didn’t you see two other ppl confirm what I’ve said????? Mek mi tell you dis, Bobette’s friend is my cousin and I’m close to SEVERAL persons in the Bronx clique, so you can gwaahn chat yuh f**kery! When Apple and bloodclaat Sabrina dem ah BUN UP ROAD Bobette WAS A FU@KING CHILDDDDD!!!!! Suh weh di FU@KKKKK yuh ah seh, den????? Unnu love run off unnu fu@king mout’ and nuh know shit! Unnu love mek unnu dislike fi a person deter unnu from speaking the truth and splitting justice in certain situations! Bobette NEW to dis!!!!! Mi D-O-N-E bloodclaat chat!!!!!

  21. Hear di idiot “u shall also remember Robbas is wayyyy younger then apples and from robs start party look good or not she was in the things them”! You are a walking contradiction! If Apple older and has been on the road doing the things from a tender age, Shi NUH MUST ah dweet before Bobette, idiboo????? And hear yuh bout “from robs start party”, as if shi JUST START party since she meet Apple dem! Where the fu@k were you when the Rush Girls; Tricia, Ricma (RIP, baby girl), Sade etc we’re keeping their parties in Brooklyn????? And remember back then shi NEVA INNA SHITTTTT!!!!! Just shut the hell up, cawz yuh naw seh shit! Yuh sound dumb nuh fu@k! You’re just someone who, like Bobette, is NEW TO THIS and don’t like Apple! Girl, bye!

    Btw, come outta ppl story and guh learn yuh Homophones, suh yuh will know when to use ‘than’ and not “then”!

  22. We nuh pet people like me seh your story mixed because once again robs is younger and she has been wearing things and no she did not start party with the apples dem she and her cousin Tricia was tight before the break up with them and yes they start a rush crew and yes she is younger then apples and yes Dionne use to thief along with her sister Claudia me ah close close closerrr ppl mi know round that family mi know the granny and all and you sound big mad because you have the story mixed up … you got some right you ah idiot fi call me idiot because you really don’t know the full hundred robbers ah wear brand from Tilden high school. Her mother thief and father was thief remember that…. Do calm down

  23. Apple being a thief. Apple never use to look good plus her belly was very ugly

    .apple and kerryann them use to tacky thats why them suh frighten now. Bobbette was no where in sight when apple them a duh road a wey day tacky robbas start mention we got old videos and picture to prove.

  24. Apple there is so much store on whitplains road renting now suh how yuh nuh lease none.????

    Aplle it shows sey u is fake ,lie ,badmind and wicked .

    apple yuh meck live sey michelle thief yuh favorite store!!!!

    but you yet to open a store on whiteplains road boasy bruck apple with yuh fake stuff and fake life.

    Robbas few weeks ago yuh duh live and somebody ask you to open your closet so they could see your pieces and you said no bout you havent finish packing out.

    Lawd unno life sad and fake.

    Robbas where is the use authentic store wey yuh advertised sey you opening 3years now ?

    Robbas you wear only the latest suh why u cant sell all your old stuff???

    plus kerryann, and apple, suppose to can sell you some of their old pieces.

    you could sell out some of daffy, pieces because when him get out of prison him ago too fat plus all him skirt suit them going to be out of style .

    so why the store cant open so you can stop thief and scam.

    All a uno lie ,thief, stupid and dunce like bat .boasy bruck set of clowns .kerryann ,apple, robbas and the gal gq dwight .

  25. Anyone else feel seh a robbas an apple ah fight it out in the comments under ah style? Dwl, too much history and intricate detail is being exchanged here. I can’t believe that anyone rates either of dem enough to defend them so vigorously, as up above. I feel like u are both in competition with each other, both jealous of one another and so threatened by each other, that you keep each other close so you always try and have the upper hand over one another. No sah, apple and robbas just fight it out an dun.

  26. @Real Chat Talk di tings dem babe….:toast :toast Robbas is very new to this because even in har high school days she wasn’t wearing any high end designer weh did cost much. Bobbett, You were never one of the “IT” girls in Brooklyn over 8 yrs ago. Calm down and talk truth!! Your name was never on the popular list! Yuh did black and rusty bad, yuh teeth dem did yellow , yuh did crawny nuh bloodclaaat shall I go on? Nah…. we the people have have old pictures and videos so sit down and be humble. Nexttttttttttt :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

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