1. She looks like a ostrich bird. What a gal just shape bad and so hype no legs or hips just plain & average look .

  2. I don’t think anyone should let Donald Trump stop them from having fun because 1.Life is short 2.Donald Trump is not God 3.He can’t deport everyone

    1. Mind dem call ICE to let dem know about this bitch where abouts outside the mainland and prove you wrong on #3.

      She is an illegal criminal (habitual repeat offender) alien, Period.

  3. These two wanna be go to PR more often than Puerto Rican’s. So when are theses two undumented idiots are going to sort out themselves in America. She post her name all over social media, all ice need now is an anonymous call and her ass is booked on return.. SMH.. One thing my grandmothers teach don’t rub salt a dog mouth. She gives her self so much trouble and in Trump era of mass deportations, she decided she need to fly out just to show off. Good luck getting back nitwits.

  4. But Ven seh a she Robbas a follow and wear sneakers with swimsuit DWRCL ven seh everything shi duh Robbas do RoBBAs stop follow Ven lmfao only difference is you have more Ambition than Ven cause yuh Nah mine nuh little boy only Daffy and daffy is a man

  5. I say it already only hard working decent ppl will see the worst under trump nothing not changing in these criminals lifestyles them still a guh scam thief same way

  6. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peeper’s nd Others…..

    In a time like dis, they don’t need to be posting pics nd location. Stay and invite all the unwanted attention just for the hype and see what it will truly bring you. Is like dem nuh believe inna lowe key

  7. A hope them know that ICE, is now doing random check while boarding domestic flights, so I would not mek a call.
    Also yes you have one life to live enjoy it, but why not enjoy it by doing the right thing, identify theft is a horrible thing, they enjoy themselves and you live with the horror of trying to fix your life when you become a target.
    When them get catch them post people badmind. When them lock up and come out first day then post bible scripture and a week after they back to the same teefing.


  9. Me nah lie when me see har a post me say home girl brave bad eee. Even tho Apple fool fi a mek moves an a mek ppl aware of har whereabouts she still a teeeny bit smarter, she nobada jump pon no plane dis time she just drive it go dunga PA.

  10. Daffy look like he works at the hotel. If I saw him i’d give him my bag to carry. (that probably would be the last time I saw it)
    My aunt who lives in the Bronx got scammed three grand from her card and all inna mi head a say Robbaz did it. It’s good to keep a low profile, all if u a do it your name nuffi call pon certain things.

  11. a show robbas a show rotton apple say fly fly fly us, not one two, omg , if them hold dem a wicked people weh nuh like progress, happle u nah fly all now tanisha image aka blue stone marry u over so lol lol and keriann ur best hypocrite went too , met all now rich rotten apple cant fly , apple u need mello formula to get u flying rotten apple, met can someone give the rotten a help, met mello came to Jamaica last month.

    1. F**k out a here. What progress?

      Only progress is the victims trying to clear their names and recover from the identity thief damages!

  12. Guys relax!!, these ppl are not in Jamaica . They only can travel to these places because they have ID. Once the plane land the only thing they’re seeing is a sign that said exit or to taxi, just like coming from Miami. It’s not like coming in from Jamaica where all type of immigration asking you questions

  13. But raga said he was boarding domestic flight, and they were doing random checks! All if you driving they randomly stop and ask if you a citizen or not, one day the well will run dry.

  14. Honestly if dem ago dip them they can simply go to where they live and do it… they can pull them over on the street and question them. They can question them at the corner store… my thing is you can’t stop living your life true dem a come down pon ppl Bcz if ah suh di case not even front door dem cuda left to rass in this day and age… let them live they ugly ashy life nuh man

    1. No such thing! An agency within DHS may have gotten her inw frim the SSA for snitching…that’s as far as that goes :travel

  15. I can’t stand dem but the truth is if dem is really hardcore Hustla anywhere they land they will survive.Dem not play by the same rules as us.

  16. Ok so DR, PR, Mexico and Aruba aren’t the only vacation spots in the world, look here silicone fowl when u and your homosexual companion land somewhere, ANYWHERE in Europe send me a postcard ok, please and thx
    Unnuh wid unnuh low budget vacations lmao Take a selfie in Milan or Bora Bora or St. Barth’s then post it

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