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  1. KIM K can wear dem ugly balenciaga boot deh cause more dan likely shi get dem free,but all dah just come idiot clown deh Robbas whea a run dem risk deh and a swipe up people cc fi dem ugly boot deh if she a nuh clown mi a di bc circus

  2. A hard face woman slim woman will always look like a man . Longtime me say there’s nothing sexy about this princess Ru Robbas .

  3. :ngakak That should take her down a notch or two…She did a get too HYPE. Say what you will about Dolly nobody naw question her gender. :ngakak

  4. Why she never put baby north picture side by side cause that’s where she got the idea from she stole it from baby north

  5. Den Robbas boots real doh ppl me nuh trust dem neither she or dolly dem nah fool me stay deh believe say dem a swipe u think a Suh swiping guh just a run up in a store and a swipe think again

  6. Ohhhhh Nooooo Robbas you don’t look good at alllllll. The boot ugly bad, bad, bad, and those breast Robas, those breast looks like they hurrrt. I DO not and I repeat I DO not believe all this chick stuff is real not one little bit, just like one of the bloggers said you really think this chick could be going around swiping people’s credit card for years without getting caught??? Noooo Wayyyyy!!!!

  7. Bobbette used to and still to this very day mix real with fake. Ah suh she and the guyanese girl name T-styles pon IG use to do it when they were bff yrs ago.Dem two bitches live ah Miss Chin in China Town,Why yuh tink Bobby hate T-styles like poison? Dwfllll cause Tstyles tell everybody bobby mix the fake with the real. #FACTS DWFL!!!

    1. You notice that Kim and the other person boots are silver at any angle? Notice shit mouth boot have a rainbow prizm? :ngakak :ngakak

      Dog face robbas only left fi get lick like all stray dogs before her.

    2. yeah whats that tstyles girl claim to fame

      i follow her on ig

      every day she dress up

      says shes a stylist

      but where they getting all this money from

  8. @ anonymous mama me a say Di samething me a wonder fi years as Di shoes & bags cum out in a Di stores Apple,dolly,Robbas Di rest a dem have dem up bout swipe me know swipers cuz me buy from dem me use to buy from Tammy weh gone guh do her time and sometimes u can’t find dem cuz dem get ketch and u nah hear say apple and Robbas dem a get hold every swiper in a Di werl get ketch as me say dem cah fool me bwoy me a tell u just fi show off pon people & fi gain dancehall notaraity smh.

  9. Me did figure say Apple dolly Robbas & dem a mostly Fake stuff dem wear as Di tings dem cum out before it hit the runway dem have dem and nah get caught all swipers get Ketch from Tammy wid Di saks incident to Shauna King weh did lick dung Di people dem a Manhattan dem can’t trick me Robbas guh siddung u think a Suh swipe guh especially wid dem big designer labels deh Robbas dem a wear btw u live somewhere dem set out fi be and tell dem self sey dem affi be dancehall fashion icons like dat achievement is some kind of elevation Robbas member u did a work in a seats in a Di people dem name Kmt

  10. After viewing her ig . I thought to myself with all those labels do they own a house ? Because a couple of those bags if authentic and shoes . Can buy house and land in ja . In the snap of a finger . I realised she posing in a matches box room in her “”onesie ” . LOL if that’s the case I would say these bitches have bird shit for brains

  11. no man them have big link like them par win a batty man name christian moodie fi him link big not fake at all why when people have link people say its fake because they don’t have it smh

  12. Kmt bout big link a pure fake dem ah wear from di websites dem and china town… All ah Di fake stuff dem look good these days… Remember Guyanese Shauna weh did have the cc link, ah how much time she get???… Is she still locked up???

  13. Met me hear seh Tammy aka Tamara Williams get 2 to years fi Di saks debacle and @ anonymous Guyanese Shauna still deh a prison a run har time I think she got like 9 years and Robbas need fi move not a link where these broke no job having bitches fi get money from fi a spend a buy so much designer stuff u think a Suh swiping guh dem can’t trick me and nobody is hating on these bitches from Robbas to Apple come rite down are illiterate do they have a masters degree in anything can can they write a well constructed sentence I think not .

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