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  1. Dis lady here a do road from i a likkle girl… geezam. I used to like her and her man in the videos weh me and mi cuzn T used to sneak and watch over her house. She’s be with her man, endless bigups… and a crowd a women by demself… ouch… But mi digress…if dem people deh can bruck up (She and DeckDeck) den boy o boy :cd

  2. honestly doah why wen dese ooman bcum pregnant they dont stay out of parties they cant go nowhere else to av fun nuh badi nah seh stay in but wi all knw wat cums wid dese dancehall scenes and God forbid de worse cum on man guh find entertainment eslewhere man

  3. Bwoy oh bwoy Rochelle u can’t keep bringing these innocent soul in the world & pawn them as u life get unstable . U big son in st marten u second son with Kenny two with deck deck boy & girl . Now N5 lard god your disgrace for a woman that can breed & called urself hot gal, real woman take care of the children be there for them not u .

  4. This woman walk and drop har Pickney dem like hot bread.ole ditty woman.Mek woman look bad.She need fi go park up.

    1. That lump on her hand is call ganglion cyst very common it build up of fluid !and its not painful ,Google it!

  5. Mi jusxwaan know him har breedn bag nuh dry up cause mi tink she paas breedn age. Or maybe tru she a party long time she jus look old. Mi not even did know say var piss bun grass before. Belly an lawty doe mix u hear Rochelle so go rest u foot dem now. Pls

  6. Yuh know sey Rochelle yung, she probably just turn 30, if so much, don’t quote me but a so mi hear.she just come back pon de scene, looking good fi once, nd go breed so quick.

    1. Anonymous behave man! This old granny is not 30, no wayyyyy nopes I refuse to believe that. Anyway congrats granddad and granny on your baby!

  7. This bitch kids don’t even live with har and have audacity fi breed again in these hard times. hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2 Rochelle where is ya kids dem cause mi hear dem inna di system. Deck deck in jail from around thanksgiving time.

  8. BREAKING NEWS: text messages between Clive “Lizard” Williams and his girlfriend were read out in court today…. the Jamaica observer reports. In one text Williams tells his gf to call the police because vybz kartel is gonna kill him. The gleaner reports that the digicel exec testified that without the original Cd there is no way to verify if the police had tampered with the duplicate. STAY TUNED!!

  9. Imagine deck deck woman asked u to keep one of ur own kids in 2013 cause her handful . Rochelle tell the woman sey she don’t have time fe no children but now a breed that’s why deck deck used to kick out cloth a philly worthless gal . I hope that’s not a girl cause u give away u only gal pickney aready” u are no ex sample for mother u & ven really match each other she give her away her first son a England & have one for a batty man .

  10. Larks roc ha blast from the past. 30 something Wuklis party bat.For this Pitney sake put down the bleaching day and nice and get your act together. Regarding your new baby father hope u can manage that Pitney ya bc after 4 Pitney and she nah tan wid not a one me hope say u ready fi be a single father.

  11. Mi hear Sey she worthless baaaaad, dem sey one a har baby fada them, couldn’t tek it nu more and tek him two dem and cut and him never look back pan har.she look mash up now how she did look and love to gwaaan.

  12. dis a baby #6 the fuss bwoy live a LA wid him fada Met di son dat di live a st. martin she did run lef him a philly pon deck deck & him deck deck move lef the bwoy a philly

  13. Longtime friend both of u shame tree dry up , your man no stop disgrace u & Rochelle no have kittens a road fe dancehall man. Hip hip hooray big up both of u worthless life ina USA over ten years & only status is children .

  14. Unuh mus know Rochelle a no more than 35-37, A Di bleaching an night life make she look old. A just tru a long time she do road

  15. This woman don’t like kids y she di this again, she should just enjoy her man, whey she a try prove, maybe he belongs to some other woman,and she think this will Help

  16. Grown man pass 40 wid braids cornrows look like 2 middle age ppl tryin to holdon to their youth pls jus give it up already n leave it to new n upcomin young ppl


  18. Me shameeeeee fi this low life bitch know Sah , Met me think a dancehall baby shower this bitch a look and fi the hype with are bear looking face man that a only she alone want smfh , she hate kids so why the f**k she a breed again after giving away 6 of them already and killing both two, the bitch all do belly n breast on her ex expense so it’s clear that a the shower and the hype of it she is having this innocent child into the world for n when the man down with are and don’t want are know more she run leave the child and on to a next dancehall victim BITCH you disgust me and you is a wicked pussy ass bitch

  19. Old sadamite gal a dancehall baby shower you a look and it’s all in the name of hype bitch yuh wash up and you is a big waste gal 6 kids for 6 if different baby fada smfh yuh shame tree dead old gal

  20. I cannot believe that Rachelle is pregnant all she do is have kids and leave them with the father she is a poor SQ’s fora mother !!!! She need to go and take her kids from that big ship body girl That her baby father have I know them girls from back in the days her sister have baby for jagga B that girl is a Long time f**ker gal she been around The block and back!!!

  21. I cannot believe that this woman is Pregnant !!! Before you go and have one more baby careless woman you need to go and take your kids from that Big shape bad woman that your baby father have I know them girls from back in the days her sister have baby for Jagga B and she have baby for bogle that died careless Rochelle you need to go an get your kid’s worst deck deck gone a jail fi arm robery she an her sister dem a longtime tecker Robby from gal-a-wash crew a sleep we’d dah lickel gal deh from she a twelve careless Rochelle go an get your gal pickny because any gal Weh teck nuff Man yuh nuh suppose to ave yuh gal pickny fi man finger dem AMEN

  22. Big ooman u too old fi still a have Pinckney #6 stay outta dah ppl dem party and tan home wit u Pinckney dem lawd

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