17 thoughts on “RODIGAN HEADSTONE

  1. From what I was told, from someone that works in the industry, it’s a picture baked onto the stone! It’s not an actual flyer! It’s different! Nice bad

      1. You ignorant snot! The person said it correctly! Not his or her fault you vocabulary limited. The picture was “BAKED/FIRED” in a kiln oven unto the stone.

        And unnu call PinkWallers dunce…damn clowns :cd

    1. Anon 10:17 the person clearly said they was info from a reliable source that it was baked on. Sometime when u aren’t sure of something google before u speak on it.

  2. @Anoymous 10:17 I apologize that your are not informed that there are many things that can be BAKED besides cake or pastries! Google is your friend!

    Construction and Available Shapes
    Tombstone ceramic pictures are made from a porcelain or ceramic tablet in which color pigments have been baked at over 800°C. Colors will not fade in any weather conditions. Our line of tombstone ceramic pictures is available in color or black & white and they carry a lifetime guarantee against fading. They come in the traditional oval shape, a rectangular shape and they are now available in the heart shape. There is also a variety of open frames and locking cover frames to enhance the beauty of the portrait and protect it.

  3. Great idea, poor delivery. I’m pretty sure they could have made a beautiful collage with him and his loved ones since it’s lifetime guaranteed; why not go all out.

  4. Respect to Dawnett mi nah lie. She love Radigan gone to her bed. Upon my observation and my sole opinion. I’ve only known Naldy and Peggy. But ppl haffi give props where props is due.

    If ah me, and after all craziness. Everything would of been private.

    Dawnett, you are a strong woman. May Gods grace be upon your family as well the Rest of Radigan family.

    PS I knew Radigan before the big spotlight and before certain accusations.

  5. If Bumpy really go dig up that Stone! Durty set of people! Am I did only one hear di man in the church sey his 1 brotha dead? What happened to Blacks & Mutt? If this story is true, ask uno selves why di ooman neva call dem. They chat di ooman in front har dawta in the limo on di way to bury har fada. They tried to fight har physically, the very next day. Bung brother Bumpy stole har ring, that belonged to Bung out of di bedroom, and then Bumpy pick up di other baby Mada Sophia and bring har to the same Yaad that di ooman was staying. Classless! I hear Sophia sat on the veranda di whole time, until after 1 in di mawning! Bung family & Sophia friends was there, even Bung mada and no one saw that it was a wrong. Split justice! I rate Bung ooman, because she did him right! This is too much now! Leave di man grave in peace! Hats off to har! Take care of your beautiful girls and stay far away from that family! They believe strongly ina Obeah…

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