1. A well liked comrade from both sides of the political divide. I don’t think I have heard anyone speak negatively of Roger Clarke. Overall a great and decent Jamaican/human being. RIP Comrade.

  2. Met me no understand how him jus have back surgery an check him self outta di hospital den suffe major heart sad bad 🙁

    My dad called me last night after 10, sounding unsually sad and low, and without even saying hi, he said “yuh fren dead, yuh fren dead Shaun’!” OMG! Then I logged onto here and saw the topic, I was so torn up and have been wanting to comment, but have been extremely sad and crying since.
    As a youngin’ attending MGHS, I was privileged to have met “Uncle Roger” through my dad, who is an activist and avid supporter of the PNP (according to my mom: the only eediat weh skip, hop, and jump, flip, flop, and fly, and don’t care if him die fi di PNP and nuh get not even an icy mint outta dem). “Uncle Roger” as he tells me to call him, hosted a lavish party every Thursday at him home in Barbican for quite a few years, where I bust some big laugh and nyam some big food (and ‘crape up a trailer load ah food fi me and mi fren dem wap up Friday ah school! As di crew reachhhh dem waan know if me reach wid Roger Clarke kitchen in towe) wid di ole faught dem. One thing being EVER PRESENT, was Roger’s pleasant, kind, caring, loving, hospitable, giving, charming, nature. He would pass by 40 million times fi di night, not for once missing the opportunity to smile, ask how I and the other attendees were doing, offering to make me more comfy in some way, all while giving an assuring pat on the shoulder. Jah know, mi hurt. He was a really cool cat. I remember as clear as day one particular night, sleep ah beat mi bad, and I was laying on the couch, feet still where they belong : on the floor, and he passed by and said “noooo sah, yuh nuh badda wid dat! Cock up yuh foot and mek yuhself comfortable! Ah fi yuh couch! Ah fi yuh couch! Ah fi unnu money buy it! And dah house yah ah fi yuh too, matta ah fact come upstairs mek mi gi yuh one big bed fi lay dung til daddy ready!” And di one NASTY Easton Douglas (hate him like a dose….mussi did a pms) was SO RUDE and come insert himself inna di mix, wid no ends a badwud, going on and on bout di Labourites…..
    All in all, Roger Clarke was a great man. He possessed a beautiful heart and spirit. He’ll be sadly missed *tears* . Rip “Uncle Roger.”

  4. Typo *his home*
    My dad said he had major back issues, and went to Miami where he underwent a successful surgery and was discharged home. While at Miami Int’l Airport awaiting his flight, he went to the restroom. After exiting the restroom he told someone “I’m going to die.” Then he complained of heaviness in his chest and severe chest pain. Somewhere thereafter he collapsed, the Medics were called….. He passed more than likely from a heart attack.
    This is so cray, as he was quite fine. He even called Bobby Pickersgille and Portia telling them what he wanted to eat when he get to Jamaica. *tears* RIP Rog’

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