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47 year old Ramping Shop aka Miss Ann is the worst mother in the universe. Ramping shop has no where to stay , she is in & out of people’s place. To make matters worst Ramping shops youngest daughter who is 15 years old does not even live with her mother. Ramping Shops daughter is living with her brother on her fathers side & Ramping shop has no communication with her daughter . Ramping shop needs to be taught a lesson & get her life together & stop lurking around the video light with her disgusting stretch marks !


  1. Sender, most women who’ve given birth, have stretch marks so that was a lil vain of you to make such a comment…everything else you’ve said I do agree with though..

  2. Don’t know this “lady” personally, but they way she carry herself is very shameful and disgusting.

  3. I dont understand how these dancehall people get dress up and pay $20.00 every night to go out and have no where to live. Then how do they shower and sleep. They are rooms being rent for $100.00 a week, WTH….STOP LEECHING OFF OF PEOPLE AND GO GET YOUR OWN.
    Frenchie, Ramping shop……and the list goes on.

  4. MET why this no sound surprising… most of these wutlis man n oman in a dancehall not only lack the ability of being a good parent but it seems like morals, ambition n dem a enemy – dem only fren a d music n d hyp edem feel when dem in a dance

  5. i dont get it……every week some person or di odder nuh have no way fi live and dem katch a x,y,z yard…so either a bare lie ppl a tell or there are more homeless ppl a floss inna dancehall a wear gucci and louboutin dan di amount a homeless ppl pon di streets of kingston itself……..if a kinova and dead wid laff to raas……

    1. suh a tru sumthin di senda a seh den? :nerd

      rompinnnnnnnnnnnn cum talk up like how yuh luv talk up di tings please cum confirm

  6. Mi nah lie dis ooman yah need fe go siddung..Big ooman like dat nuh fe behave so disgusting..Smaddy mussi tell ar dat de tings she gwaan wit pon de ppl dem internet is cute…Sad bad….

  7. These dancehall people will never learn!!!!!!!!!!…Dancehall is their priority and buying champagne and boast about their name brand outfit and shoes.

  8. Mi nuh surprise seh har daughter nuh live wid har, har son dem tief lakka puss dem in an out a jail all di damn time shi is a wutliss big ooman fi true smfh.

  9. Dance hall is the place of solitude for them, I believe their life is such a mess, that the music takes away what they are truly feeling inside, and the hype clothes and shoes is just a charade to cover up their misguided feeling of insecurities, some times I feel sorry for them, if you look at it, most all of them hiding some thing, them is batty man, coke seller, etc, everything that goes against the purpose of God’s plan for their lives, no wonder why they are so miserable and can’t seem to get it right, all the money in this world will not make you happy, if you not walking in the ways that is pleasing to God.

  10. the other day mi see one picture wid her deh pon da floor……like really big woman pon the floor like she don’t have any sense. she party 27/7 and don’t have a bed of her own, who want a woman who skin out he crotches every night…….shame of a mother…her shame tree dead a long time ago

      1. Nu dat de post was about? or me miss tek de “Shop” part cause me coulda a swear sey bout all plaza …lolol. Any Ho false fronts and misconceptions= ZERO progress.

  11. Theres nonothing wrong with having fun nd enjoying urself but that’s if home is taking care of nd ur kids are cared for and looked after… She needs to go back to mom 101 that’s not how a mom let alone a grown women to carry on…

  12. I don’t know what happen to romping shop….she has nice kids….she’s not ugly and her shape looks good…..but why she has to walk naked in parties only God he knows. She spread herself pon the ground like a bed sheet inna dance. Anybody can party 24/7 but does she have to be so vulgar. She longs out her tongue like she’s possessed..she is the new mad dog of flophall. She has 3 sons. How can she carry herself like that in the parties and worse take pictures like that and its all over the internet. Then her flyers are even worse. She has grand children. Does she ever think if one day her flyers can reach in their school. Yes age is but a number but a woman does not have to skin her front and have man touch her up or lick her breast in public. She’s a real clown. Nut she thinks people hate on her. romping shop, we all are sinners but look how you disgracing the body God has given you. If you were my mom I will not introduce you to my friends or my friends parents, I’m not related to you and those pictures are forever on the world wide web. I’m not sure who you are trying to impress, but this impression is done in bad taste. There’s a difference between looking sexy and looking like a ratchet shit stain in pubic. Age is just a number but being naked in a party does not make you look any younger. Everyone knows you are 40+ with 7 kids and grandkids skinning out your front just for popularity sake.

    When you go home and read these things the first thing that comes to your mind, they hating on me, they wish they can be like me. Wake up romping shop everybody is laughing at you and can’t wait to see what else a clown like you will do to please the crowd. You are played out, this is not fame, this is shame.

    Since you love to fling yourself pon the ground. Please do your children a favor and pick up your dignity from off the ground.


  13. Met !!!! Just last night I was talking to my male fren about her and he was saying she is nasty looking and disgusting in the way she carries herself. To hear about not living no where she Mek even little fluffy from Vees better than her. At least this little girl owe a bed and work for her owe. Fluffy needs to show her a thing or two. Met when mi see them mi just lol and hold my head.

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