Police in the area to quell protests

  • Controversial police killings spark protest

Barrington Flemming – Staff Reporter

Despite the Independent Commission of Investigation, INDECOM, launching a probe into Thursday’s fatal shooting by the police of two young men in Rose Heights, Montego Bay, the situation remains tense in the area today, as residents continue to discount the police’s report of the incident, charging that the two young men are innocent and were killed in cold blood.

Residents took to the streets in the aftermath, venting their anger, calling for justice for the 20-year-old and 22-year-old who they say were no wrong doers.

Residents gather in the community

Sterling’s mother argued that he was not involved in any wrongdoing.

“My son was not involved in anything wrong. I don’t know of it,” she said.  

One very vocal resident said:

“The police dem come and run wi off the road and rise up dem big gun and shoot up di place and kill Oshane. Him nuh inna no wrongdoing.” 

However, a very terse report from the police indicates that Sterling and another man, later identified as Byfield, were shot during a confrontation with the police and one 9mm Browning pistol with a magazine containing two 9mm cartridges was seized.

  • Oshane Sterling
  • Christopher Byfield

The residents shot down that account arguing that it was the police who went to their vehicle and fetched the gun which they then planted at the scene and subsequently claimed that they had seized it from the two young men.

Meanwhile, the three weapons used in the shooting death of Sterling and Byfield have been seized and sent off to the government’s forensic laboratory for testing and the three police officers involved will be interviewed by the Independent Commission of Investigation, INDECOM, who have launched a probe into the incident.

Errol Chattoo, Director of Complaints of INDECOM’s Western Region, told the Western Mirror that they are now appealing for the testimonies of eye witnesses.

“The weapons have been collected and sent to the government’s forensic laboratory for ballistic testing along with any forensic material found on the scene”, Chattoo explained.  “We are now appealing for residents who have seen anything to come forward and tell us what they know.”

Chattoo, in the meantime, said they are awaiting the results of the post mortem examination to further inform their investigation.

6 thoughts on “ROSEHEIGHTS TENSE

  1. yes two nice well behaving young men and the police just go up there and shoot them for no reason this is the reason why crime is so high ghetto people supporting the criminals.

  2. I can never understand how residents always see when the police kill one of them, but when the thugs slaughter their own citizens, no one see anything.

  3. That is why the crime rate in jamaica keep on rising because these people always defend them wrong doing kids and neighbors.

    I know at times you have bad cops but why would the cops kill too innocent kids and plant gun on them ?

    Im from the ghetto so i have seen alot and i have heard alot .

    People unno stop teck up for the gun man them .let the police officers do their jobs

  4. Jamaica will never change the other day mi cousin get hold with a gun and true him father own carmart the police dem tek him a him father and demand one million dollar then pon top of it him give him back the gun it’s mi cousin but my god Jamaica gone to the doggs trust me

    1. Daddy paid because the bad publicity wouldn’t be good for business. Those cops are damn shit, dem still returned the gun to him? Police force a damn joke I tell you.

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