So good body pooh ( puddon sweet bad hair stylest) it was said she and her mother owe house rent landlord a carry them go court fi tek them out a the house cause a months pon top a months money them owe! Boom landlord goes missing couple days after them find a man body wrap up inna sheet when yuh look a the landlord turn up dead stab wounds this happen last year Easter! Anyway them sey a pooch n the mother (man them) kill the landlord pooh man run wey go farin fi couple months the mother man run wey go county n the mother run go Baptize! Anyway nothing neva come out a that sigh! Pooch man come back from farin n them good n loving bad boom now pooch pregnant the boy nuh stop kill her with bun Wednesday she inna her house a sleep n sum nuff careless ppl go call the gal out her bed lil most she dead cuz the gal wey the boy have inna the house a one wicked piece a gal…. pooch go round a the boy yard with her mother n two careless fren with her big belly ready fi fight the gal wey inna the house true a sherlock the gal come from too!! All now the boy nuh look fi even go outside to pooch him go back inna the house with the gal! But wey them really expect thou boom boom a raymar image lil brother but a that fi reach her cause she did have her good good baby father wey did a give her the world n him inna army a farin and she go **k the boy fren which is raymar bro wey she pregnant fah now n look wey a reach her the disrespect n stylingz

35 thoughts on “RUN COME OOOOO

  1. The gal shudda kill har just like how dem kill the landlord. She might dead inna childbirth. Har mumma n her man ago dead bad..a kill ppl ova dem place. Its called karma..

  2. Dis no safe dem come out strong stop call up the boy dem name sender you sound hurt as you fuck the boy u a call up the boy name toy remember you a bitch because you a fuck 3 man a Sherlock big pussy toy the boy just give u a Lil 2 fuck and you a hype like you a get money Kmft raymar yes fuck everything but take care of him woman dem but me damn sure the brother only fucking you

  3. Toy you a dog shit you a fuck 3 man now a Sherlock the lil boy just a give u a one fuck why u put up the girl with your mixup talk about the 3 Man U a fuck now post your 3 man name oh well me can post for u bitch Kenroy romrom Riley bitch u a long time fucker gal old pussy toy

  4. Pooch a one of your fren put you up girl dem plan for u damn that shit sucks dem come out strong strong Pooch

  5. Romrom you can’t run again because they take away your visa bbc Pooch you better bring him a the Canada embassy so u can get him one do a quick married so him can get one boy this ruff ova yah so to bbc a fuck up still

  6. Me no sorry for pooch a rass a so when she and her fren dem sit down and chat ppl a C building yes man you never know this day did a come when your friend a take the ppl dem man can’t wait to see what next coming out like your cuz she gone breed for raymar because of money and the boy not even a look her way good me no sorry for both of u

  7. Roshell and pooch they both plan to get pregnant smfh one a breed for raymar fren and pooch a breed for raymar brother Sherlock hot in corona time is sad because none of the boy dem a look the cuzzin them way sad bad roshell a breed and hate her bf bitch the boy tell you no Strings attached strings attached

    1. Me never tell u me want him big suck hood dash weh belly gal a how u so hurt a me fuss nah look pon a boy Johncrow uno over yah a kill up uno self and me unborn child way better off than uno dog shit when him or she born uno come swallow me after birth nastiness Uno bad jus put uno name nuh mon

        1. u affi hungry fi eat and fyi me nuh want him sad bitch can really know when uno nuh have time on uno hands if u know me u know me cah hungry a bclaat i won’t come on here with my business uno sad in a the Rona time yah uno life on pause go find sumn fi do rather than hitch in a ppl life

          1. Ok top sadamite whe get fuck and duck by the scamma boy Unu not only sad but Unu family a d worst set pon d whole Sherlock . Mek U n tuff face pooch no go a Toy gate if unu a so call bad oman. After Pooch n her dutty Mumma tie Sandra son like how Unu did tie up Rico now Rico na look pon Unu

  8. Sherlock Pooch can go back a Canada a 6 month she get Pooch sad Pooch all buy car give the boy with the money she wine an nuh give her mother a ting Pooch sad bad put man over her mother

  9. Yuh a talk Pooch want some She some closed from 19 oh Long what she were over an over an she love chat people Wen me see Pooch go Canada me say yea she buy some new ting fi put on bloodclot the gal come back an two shoe she would a kill them bloodclot were in yard were go out

    1. And u want spell check and a trip back down basic school lane sad bitch before u come over yah with u illiterate self nasty gal man fuck uno and duck uno stay bad body gal nuh man never box nuh hood out a me cousin mouth in a no car germs bag when the two of us piss out we baby them Up a UWI me want uno come eat up them after birth germs bag

  10. Roshell you sad because you unhappy everyday you sit down and a chat your business about you hate your baby father bitch a scamming money you did want the boy tell you long time say that it just a fuck but roshell u come strong thou and you hungry right now bitch U better go call and beg money to feed you and your kids because you sad to fuck a boy and breed and the boy nah look your way girl a bay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Any body sad right now a u and yuh fuck out fren them bitch me really affi laugh to bclaat weh hungry ago if u wah know me business kindly address me on another platform because uno a hide behind keyboard with uno fake name a how it hurt u so say me did wah scamma money a tru want it and nuh get it bitch don’t come to me with yuh fabricated stories me alright more than u sad life germs u nuh know nothing about me why y’all so worried a that me wah know and hurt over me…

  11. Wait roshell did a breed but roshell never did a fuck woman bbc girl when you gone to man because you did hate man so u go fuck woman girl bye you ova here with your sad self a comment

  12. Hey met dis nice ova yah so damn cum out strong so early in the morning Sherlock hot gal dem ova yah so she me a wonder if dem eat breakfast already because roshell she cum out strong and Pooch sit down a Sherlock hot gal dem out and about dis morning roshell you need a baby father yes man scamming money get to you because you never like raymar from day one now you breed because a scamming money good for your ass that’s why the boy not looking your way girl dis sad bad bad make me ‍♀️ ‍♀️ ‍♀️

    1. Yawn the only person hurt over yah a uno internet bully sad and hurt over the fact man nuh want me me jus eat me breakfast now I’m going bck to lay down the whole a uno come have me nastiness

    1. Yawn the only person hurt over yah a uno internet bad gal sad and hurt over the fact man nuh want me me jus eat me breakfast now I’m going bck to lay down the whole a uno come have me nastiness

  13. I was once over here I felt it to my heart when I see my pics up but oh well what goes around comes around y’all bitches put me up once so it’s my time to sit back and laugh honestly am taking a drink ova here

  14. What away Rochelle she come out strong strong met met where is pooch because she look like she take this to heart but Rachelle you find a Lot of time on your hand sitting and commenting but me like this moment because I’m taking a sip oh well I guess you’re a surrogate for this boy because the boy really not looking your way thou it’s really sad woiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii if I laugh me piss up myself because me come from Sherlock make me sit back and watch all you fools over here big bbc idiot gal them this

  15. Roshell you cannot fuck away my baby father because you and your friend sad you both fuck for scamming money get your life together bitch me a come @ you now dirty girl me big and sexy and not hungry roshell u hungry bad bad put up a good living condition u and your friends live dirty girl look here for me girl me fuck your friend baby father too so we both even bye no time for this ova here me say what I needed to say and me done now so get the fuck out of here ugly bitch go back to woman maybe you wouldn’t be in dis shit because of money Surrogate

    1. So u go fuck a gyal baby father just fi get back to who that mek sence if u sexy n shape good why u over yah a comment no man inna corana time uno a swap body fluid

  16. @polly kin you is on worthless peice a dog shit you go tek a gyal babyfather to prove what point Raymar still no want you him nah left diamond a she him want u go mek diamond babyfather fuck you Nd duck you ..get your life together cause me a speak facts diamond don’t want her babyfather that girl move on long time uno fi stop hate gyal fi man Weh no have no respect fi uno especially in ur case ur babydaddy him fuck everything Weh move pon two foot uno no fraid a AIDS

    1. Bye bye raymar fuck everything that walk but a who him really wants that’s the problem raymar have him nice clean browning a NY sad ass Diamond the boy pull up @ your foot one day with him woman in a him car gal vex cho kmft the boy have dem weak over him big hood Gal get all skinny until she start take pills to get fat hey look here no man bbc

  17. Dem gal yah sad ova here so she look how far dis gone to because all when raymar fuck everything that walk him only love the one dem dat come from The US because boy love free clothes hey met boy have a buzz with him big hood well raymar told me and polly say Diamond is only a fuck because him like to chat woman with him baby mother and him ex gal dem so next

  18. It rough sah Sherlock hot gal tun trash.. Romrom Cuda do better dan Pooch mi lose offa yuh star.. Pooch u fuss baby fada was a good yute but u fumble di ting waste gal.. Roshell wasn’t big sadamite & move out a sherlock? a when she go back? She did brawlin from she a go Pembroke hall so har hoggish behavior is expected ova yah.. Boom boom a face boy from long time but mi can’t undastan how him name a dash pon pussy so when few years back him name did a call up pan man till him fada did a disown him :×.. Set a disgrace dem grand parents a turn inna dem grave

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