7 thoughts on “RUNAWAY HAIR

  1. oonuh chat too much that is not the hair she owe fa kmt cuz oonuh nuff! a di girl peruvian 30 30 28 26 and 20 lace frontal she tek N runway wid!!! oonuh get it straight before oonuh fly oonuh mouth

  2. Suh if it nuh stay good why she wearing it? What a mentality in deze times. Business ppl fi lose chu dem merchandise nuh look good, not shoppers fi pay fi things dem going to use. If this is the mentality of the majority of ppl wi doomed, di ongle reprieve is if all the previous commenters a di same person using different names

  3. if mi a sell hair aint no way in hell im giving u it without $$$!! Family will get 10% discount and thats it!!if u cant afford things leave it alone live within your means!!this is a lesson learn to the lady who a chus hair

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