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Everyone knows the story of how Christian Russell Wilson and Ciara agreed not to have sex till they were married.The big Deal is after their wedding night there were a couple of pics showing them less than happy. Met them start drag them all over social media with the chief theme being that’s why yuh mustn’t buy puss inna bag.

Ciara run go do counteraction video saying how she enjoyed Russell and him sey him wanted it over and over!My question to unno is simply if unno buying it,what unno believe went down 4 real?






  1. Obviously they put more emphasis on what the media thinks about them and their union, personally I wouldn’t be nowhere near internet after my nuptials. Isn’t this the honeymoon phase where they are exploring each others body in was the never did before. I cant get married today and deh pon ig a morning a talk bout last night, nope I should be in heavenly bliss and only return 2-3 IMPORTANT phone calls/messages.

  2. Thank god that she will marry Russell.that will save her. Caw Baybe I was at the essence festval last week in New orleans and saw ciara perform. Dat gal cant come back. She nawve no no no talent..lawd all she can do is girate.. Man mi seh she dull dull dull..

  3. Woo lawd seit deh mi not even did read the story fo me comment.. She nawve no talent and she f**k out everybody in the industry.thenthem have her had laughter on plenty radio station. And look deh now another one bite the dust fi harr. That child is possessed. She don’t have no singing ability and the hole look like it can’t keep a relationship..I hope it works out. This was her last resort..all the lock she put di pusci pon..Him face still ringe up..den did seh she wss a man long time ago.emmmmmh

  4. She need to stop commenting and leave everybody to speculate. I think is future she’s trying to rile up

  5. Classic case of ppl mekking society run them lives.Living vicariously through the public…smh

  6. that bitch f**k everybody in the industry ,inna mi Nene leaks voice your clit has left your body they all worn that out ,she stop f**k fi get back little glue ,bout wait until married ,y she never tell future dat ,she to wicked ,wicked , wicked

  7. But mi cyaa undastan, why dem care whey nexx people tink? Especially bout dem honeymoon night. SMH

  8. mi cudda really come pon Social Media pon my honeymoon morning a talk bout how the night was? damn stupid bitch. mi wudda a wield pon him cocky till the next evening. one phone on vibrate cause I have a kid and a mother and my tongue on his dick and his face in my p*ssy and we stop and eat some pineapples and breakfast. Den me mek him gimme a backas outa door pon di beach and we go ride two Dolphin and den him ride me and me ride him and we go horseback riding and salsa dancing but weh tired hole Ciara get phucking time fi deh pon internet a talk bout dick sweet? if it did sweet u ma’am u wudden a tell nobody cause u fraid dem tief di buddy u wudda a try lock it up inna one safe goddamn fool.

  9. I don’t like see ppl on honeymoon and on social media either. Why make comments about a special moment to anyone, let alone complete strangers. They need to stop being immature.

  10. Dat dem fi get when dem put ebry move pon Social Media. Ciara as di folks uppa top seh…yuh nuh hab talent and yuh dun out yuh likkle front glamity. Give Social Media a break, hope the Groom stick around and if all else fai, stay by yuhself fi bout 7 years..:travel

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