Post dis stay bad gal fi me deh please candy yuh body buss up n crawny like dog stop walk n wear gal poop inna ruxie nuh want you nothing bout u stay bad candy wonder why u still a run down d boy an him nah do nothing fi you him buy car and you never drive in a it yet candy you need fi give dancehall a break n go look a job…you party you keep wah day flop out and you still a do rd you stay real bad fi a young gal don’t own a bed still a cotch a u mada house candy leave dancehall alone and stop suck c**cky an p**y because you a suck p**y hard and doh see weh ya suck it for man clown ruxie stop use you and u a stress over him everyday him post him big old woman pon instagram and facebook


14 thoughts on “RUXIE STILL??

  1. Senda yo lie and wicked bad…candy mother live a england yrs now so how she fi a kotch wid har?????…no man candy is who fah white fowl yo nyam and lef dem a suffa??

  2. @anonymous 8:31
    Welcome to modern times
    The “q” looks sexcier instead of “g”
    Poor you thou
    Candy qwaan hurt up them head

  3. Unu nah tlk nth wid sense @beesy get a life candy not even live a towerhill ruxie mek unu hate d gal move unu stinkin pussy from ya suh candy doh stop shame dem me always admire u yuh ever look good ya girl

  4. So this is one of Ruxie girls. We ask that you all send in the pictures of all the girls for cardo blingas and Ruxie zoned you all just send in one. We want to see pic. Please come u need to see all the ladies that talk to this guys. You all say blingas have three woman mi want see them. Mi want see Ruxie big woman that live overseas mi want see cardo good up good up woman. So mi can see all what u saying is true. And why send in candy and leave off Kerry. Come on.

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