Mr Dullas or whaaaaaadeva yuh waa name yuh a talk like di people dem lift up u satin cap and go under it go draw out yuh and yuh baby madda business.Respect unnoself, and grow up while learning to respect yoself. Imagine yuh a talk bout people love screenshot and shamelessly put bout you nah lef she and she nah lef you as if anyone asked you to leave….Swallow some manhood now pills quickly and guh potty train yoself! How did people judge you or she? You were sucking and she was sucking di two a unno a two suckers thats all di people dem seh!
The worst thing is that there are children in the midst of this child-play and there is no do over when unno done set bad example. Is this the disrespectful life you want your children to see? Disrespect begets disrespect, so if is this is your life what are the mistakes your children are going to be left to make? No one is perfect but don’t come at the public as if this is our fault. Ah betta yuh did come and say ”I apologize to my mother and the the mother of my child for disrespecting where I am from, my son’s mother and I have since worked out our differences . What happened was a terrible mistake and should not have happened but we love each other and will continue to work on our relationship”. Dat sound like a responsible man don’t? Take a page and not the bait.

Nesha he won’t leave you alone *clap clap*, what’s next? You have a man that ”loves you” now what? Love yourself, don’t lust yourself because the novelty of lust wears off. God has blessed you with two boys, they are priceless gifts so treat them as such..You will not be Nesha young and crazy all your life. Putting your bedroom business out there to bring shame to the one you love says you are really living up to your name..Crazy ..And crazy makes bad things happen. Were he a different young man, we would be reading about you on the news. Think about things before you head to the point of no return.
Yours Truly,

0 thoughts on “SATIN CAP EATER SAID : ” -_-”

  1. Is wha tek dem two vaccum yah? Dem take pictures and post dem and mad at john public?

    MET! a hope him satin cap..dwl… slide off inna day yah cause him brain need air.

  2. Why is it so hard for people to take ownership of their cations?? How in hell do you come at the public for what you and your babymother put out there for the public to see??? Ne the grown man and woman you are and have some damn respect for yourself and your children!!! Like seriously!

    smh… and that ladies and gentlemen is the generation we live in!

  3. “She gonna always be mine and I’m gonna always be hers” yuh damn right bout dat cause nuh baddi nuh want a mahma man and no n…a in they right mind will wife her..GTFOH .. Grown is the man that can admit to his mistakes and apologize for his actions but I guess that’s too much to ask .

  4. Mr satin cap at that very moment u were typing this bullshit ur damn mouth n face could have been where it damn well do good work :lapar :lapar kmt unnu to rawsseeee careless

  5. I made my apologies to the person that matters the most. Not to no social network. Social network has gotten enough entertainment as it is. This is the reason I post it in the first place. To prove that people will always care about another persons life. All if me did post say “Sorry and blah blah blah”. The whole website would of still chat ah bagga negative tings so what’s the point? It’s pointless. Whether good or bad people ago talk. Ah just life.

      1. Miss-ter dolla mussi lost an a axe fi directions….cah a weh him a do oba yah?? Dolla General nuh cum back yah cah “Dutty Front” nuh deh pon di menu oba here…:travel

  6. Lmao @ the satin cap eater bwoy har pum pum mussi good….. Jamaicagroupie mind yuh mad im ctfu…… Mr. Satin cap eater now put u face back inna di batty weh a suck cah u a chat pure shit…… Him nuh know how dumb im look, now everybody just aggo know yuh fi di big nasty pum pum/batty satin cap eater yuh are…… Put on back ya cap and get ur knife and fork and continue eating……. Nasty idiot couple this

  7. I can’t understand y this pum pum mouth youth nuh ez…. This man is the kinda man weh will watch him Own girl (nesha) fu@k another man while him jerk off in a corner ,waiting for the nigga to tag him in the ring so he can wipe off the cum stain to do what he does best …… Shameless !!!

      1. Yu nuh watch wrestling tag team match when one man in the ring the nex one wait on his time but the only difference is mr dollar ago in guh duh di sucking….

  8. Poor dutty dolla kaint do no betta. Him owna mouth stray inna di biggest germs cratches inna Bronx…den him wandering cocky drap inna di biggest germs mouth inna di Bronx. :nohope Den di same hand weh put on di satin cap, type dat crap. Den dis waste of space can step to nobody???? :bola

  9. Met, member mi did warn yuh and tell yuh fi run dem. Now see it here di puppy luk like him waar bite your hand and nyam off yuh head, too. Stay faaaaaar from dem two people, met. Dem nuh ordinary at all.

    D says:
    March 21, 2014 at 9:54 pm

    If yuh suk *ocky ah suh. If yuh suk *ussy a suh (there is no novelty to it). Why anyone would document and post this *ish is beyond me. Even if you’re angry it still doesn’t explain this behavior, given that both parties are fully engaging in said behavior and furthermore, posting it online mean it’s now out there forever so family and friends can see.

    Met, a mus sikes. It luk lik dem tek yuh site fuh craiglist or backpages and waa free advertisement. Run dem!!! Dem to darn careless…

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