1. yu know se mi a listen to kartel reasoning bot church and state …and mi realise se kartel a fool ….so mi realise se being a fool yu do bear foolishness and dat is one a di foolishness weh him did a do look how him look frighten ovadi oman

    1. eeh mah, the bwoy look like wan sheep. nuff a dem still enslaved under the quiet. me seh when me look pan the first pictcha all me a see is like the naga bwoy caa belive wan blue foot a touch up him face, lawd god, him look like wan dawg weh nuh use to affection, and somebody teck sympathy pan him and patt him. don’t be surprised if yuh find out that dissa bwoy is ill from somee std.. a him name crawneness.

  2. Hi met, the gazamite them late me copy off picture and send go give all a me friends them…. frim kartel story buss out me start look pan the artiste them. Different nothng weh them sing are talk i will never believe them.. wether boy gal big ooman are man,

  3. He don’t look happy in these pics. He looks like “Mek mi f**k dis white oman so Shorty current bill get pay”

  4. This guy makes me sick! Him and this lady here look like sociopaths…I can’t believe non of the boys around him didn’t realise that he was sick…omg!

  5. The artists are frauds a majority of them . They sing to make money
    Half of what they say is not true. Some a dem perverted and disgusting.
    Me know one wey all send some pics to my phone could not believe
    Them nuh ramp. And some things wey him say. And when you see him a di most humblest man. I call him a pervert. Met you need fi do a story
    On all the disgusting one dem and you frighten how much girls come out with story.

  6. I know this girl…she is now married and living in Florida. She is from Germany studied at uwi and stayed in Jamaica for a bit…she is in Vegas video…fi one ah talk bout post partum depression….somebody pull up dah video deh nuh

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