1. So when entertainers do show a no money dem wurk fa???? No sahhhhhhh ppl a rerk fi hair pred out —————————————————————————-

          1. god see n noe shani mi nuh wah dem clash caw macka a guh talk bout saw womb an saw a guh dun har pon har baddi n evrythin else all weh nuh guh suh

            saw seh scam out ole…mi tink a bank account alone get scam out :ngakak mi spred weh a grung

  1. I can’t wait I can hardly wait, mek Macka talk bout Saw womb tonight, and see if Saw nuh literally set her ablaze tonight, Saw aguh get lyrically insane and she done already over the song weh Macka mek fi her, Macka love start weh she know she can’t finish. Saw aguh tek her same macka and juck her

  2. saw can u tweet wat spice is phuck’n for if yuh nuh mind,duh nuh sey clothes….:nerd

    mi b-lev saw,macka a sell pus-c unda sikes cuz her music nd book not bringing in dat much money har chune dem lame nd played out she remind me a ghost keep on a sing oba ppl dem wi a few new words in place a it

    good day met,metters,peepers nd others….

  3. Fuss Saw tell Macka fi put on draws round har son food,,,, Now she a tell Macka a hole get scam out fi Brazilian hair….Saw mouth nuh gud. A caah baddaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oooo mi lub it

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