Me always hear say man can mash up gyal but a now me believe look how gyal get ugly and black all these bitches do a filter out them pic and in real life them ugly no f**k, not even did know a bleach she did a bleach from the man left r she lock down the shop and a go down town a sell nothing nah gwan fi r poor thing hype bitch turn low bitch.


17 thoughts on “SAY IT AINT SO

  1. Again???? thought this story run already ( or the other story, the girl’s boyfriend had died?) :request :mewek :nerd Senda di girl cute tho. She doing something for a living so thumbs up to her.

  2. Same thing I’m saying Gabby, nothing is wrong with her. She just needs to throw weh the poison that the white man created for blacks to destroy their gorgeous skin. When will We rid ourselves of associating black with ugly.

  3. Buuuuuut she’s not even ugly.
    P.s ntn nuh wrong with her natural skin tone. Luckily for her she stop bleach (if that’s really an after pic) and her skin come back pretty, even and smooth. Some ppl haffi hide them face after bleaching!

  4. Girl, no bleach ever again, Your skin tone looks lovely and you are very pretty. Thank God you never catch skin cancer after the bleaching. The sender need a box and kick, What the hell is BLACK AND UGLY?

  5. suh once smaddy black them ugly?!?!?!…….yuh better guh suck wah leff a yuh father water down pus-c nd guh learn sup’m yuh hear kmft

  6. Nooo man senda gwaaan nuh man how yuh suh borin maaan?…. Girl please don’t bleach nuh more you are very pretty di senda heart a grieve ar dutty senda mi hate yuh n mi not even kno yuh a people like you will fuk di monkey fi kill off good looking descent people…. Bad mind ago kill yuh n it hurt mi bad n a nuh my business smfh

  7. Sender bend over and look under Yuh if yuh nuh see ugly kmt. The girl try both color and they both look good on her yuh just badmind

  8. If she ugly mi Wah si Wah the sender look like…Tf out a here bout ugly.that’s the problem black is ugly stupid cunt.I hate what society has done to our generation disgusting. Kmt

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