Met yuh bout this bwoy weh dem call moonie here. Him did a soldier him a one a the big scamma from west sav la mar.. him cover up him ting neet.. have2 mansion a negril n 2013 a range rover weh the police dem take weh. We hear say feds a watch him hard tho because nuff man weh dead we hear say him squeeze pon dem fe freedom. him a f**k a one a d whoring wanna dancehall artist.. u kno who no bother guess

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  1. I know this youth. A lie them a tell Pon the rass man.. Somebody have something against the youth. The youth is not a scamma. The more far from those things.. Jah know bad mind is a hell of a thing smh.

  2. Smh me can’t believe me eyes lol.. Kev a whose corn you stepped on.. Who would want to say you’re involved in that kind of thing. Me good good cousin.. Met please take down this. This is such propaganda

  3. Lol a Kevon that lol.. Metters please don’t pick this story up.. Somebody definitely hating on the youth. Jamaicans a really crab in barrels. This dude is not a scamma. Further more this youth is one of the humblest and peaceful youth I know. Youth leave Jamaica years ago and haven’t been back in a long time.. Houses, Range Rover? Lol working with Feds? What a rass people dem wicked Pon lie.. Nosa unuh a some real bad mind f**kers. God soon strangle unuh inno unuh sleep

  4. Tell u bout BADMIND.. When you work hard fi u things people always a try hold u down. Crab in a barrel.. A lie them a tell pon Moony..

  5. Why does it seems like a di same one person a leave di same comments pon dis story. If you too young and you hab too much chances are you doing someting weh u nuh fi a do fi get it, cawsen JA nuh cheap. Most ppl haffi wuck long and hawd before dem can hab one mansion muchless two, and most working ppl mecking an average salary, soljah at dat, nuh hab di means fi be driving a late model high end vehicle. Suh wedda him a scamma or not, him asset accumulation at such a young age based on the info in dis story does meck u gib him di side-eye.
    I knows him not, nor anybody connected to him, juss mi 2 cents.

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