MANCHESTER, Jamaica –The Ministry of Education (MOE) says that the board of a central Jamaica school will meet on Friday to discuss the fate of one of its teachers.
The senior member of staff is allegedly in photos circulating on social media engaging in homosexual conduct.
The meeting, which was originally planned for today (Wednesday, December 31), was rescheduled to take place at 10:00am Friday.


  1. met you did not want to post the pic (video),,well met,,,,the pic are circulating hard in jamaica,,i just recieve a copy of them,,,dem sick f**king stomoch,,,i watch it to see the teacher’s face,,,boy sodom and gomaroh,,,,lord help jamaica and the rest of the world.

  2. I’m confuse met, u didn’t want to show the pictures but you feel its ok to post the this. I’m understand was u wanted no part of this story. So why did u post this. Its something is fishie(Dont think I spelled it right) about u and this story.

  3. Anonymous 12:13 am. Come offa Met. What you know about integrity? You well know nuttin nuh duh Met, but you cannot confess to YOUR prurience so yuh a try drag dung everybody to your own level.
    As this part of the story is in the mainstream media, should Met not have reported it? There isn’t any picture reveal, so she isn’t compromising her integrity, is she?
    Is people like you that make Jamaicans look like a bunch of Lookie Lou, sussu sussu always looking to mash up people life more than it is already mashed up bunch of people who harbour a very ugly side to their character. Why you need fi see picture of man tear out battam every link yuh clink? Yuh nuh tired fi see the man batty and ting weh shove in deh? What is your problem not seeing it here where you can see it on any other Lookie Lou website? People like you show me that when education and ethics did a gi weh, you was in the queue for neither, but a look up under gyal frocktail and man pants front!

  4. @ oh well,please write English so I can address you. I will say this I could careless if met showed the pictures or not. I was under the impression that met wanted no part of this story bc of the man “family”. Ok miss

  5. Met choose not to show the pictures, which I found odd. Bc this site is known for calling people out. Look how much a the dancehall men than u all class as battyman? Just from word a mouth n met run those story. Get this in ur head oh, well. I’m not on met just making a comment just like u. So Dont get upset bc I’m thinking outside of the box. I’m not here to agree with everything met say or do. OK

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