Sean Kingston failed to pay jeweler $200G worth of bling: suit
Avi ‘Da Jeweler’ Davidov claims that the ‘Dumb Love’ singer owes him for a $35,000 watch with 44 carats in diamonds, and a $150,000 custom diamond pendant and watch combo, as well as failing to return a $12,000 ring lent to him for a BET appearance.
Bling-loving singer Sean Kingston might have to tone down his look.
In papers filed in Manhattan Federal Court, jeweler to the stars Avi “Da Jeweler” Davidov says the “Beautiful Girls” singer hasn’t paid him for over $200,000 worth of jewelry.
The pieces Davidov says Kingston stiffed him on include a $35,000 watch with 44 carats in diamonds, and a $150,000 custom designed “SK” diamond pendant and watch combo – both encrusted with white and yellow diamonds.
The suit says he also loaned the Jamaican native $350,000 worth of jewelry to wear for an appearance on BET – but Kingston never returned a $12,000 ring from the shoot.
The suit notes that Kingston’s company has written Davidov numerous checks over the years, but says they’ve all bounced.
Davidov said he kept doing business with Kingston, 24, despite years of non-payment because they have a “personal and close relationship.”
Sean Kingston Sued For Not Paying His Jewelry Bill, And Some…
Sean Kingston is being sued by a NYC jeweler for not paying for several pieces of really, really nice jewelry — and two pieces of cubic zirconia. According to the lawsuit, filed in New York, Kingston got more than $200,000 worth of…
Davidov said “he agreed to favorable pricing, and extended credit terms for payment” since they first did business back in 2008, but still got bupkus.
The fed up friend wants $240,000 for the jewelry, and $1 million in punitive damages.
Kingston — who’s collaborated with the likes of Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown — has apparently been having money problems. TMZ had footage of his Bentley getting repossessed outside the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles earlier this year.
A rep for Kingston could not be reached.


  1. Not wishing anyone bad blessing or talking bad but dem need if relax why as them met money first thing them do a spend pon expensive jewelry and cars.instead a use the money and invest it smart. Sean Kingston only have like 2-3 hit sing suh why him nuh chill

  2. This is so sad and embarrassing when you live above you means and can’t pay your bills. And from the looks of things his family is bleeding him dry because they want to live a lavish lifestyle. Sean’s career is not at the heights it should be at for them to be doing all of this spending. :bola

  3. So hold on deh.. him know say him never did a make so much money di buy dem type a bling deh and him gone cerdit si por them things.. so what about him mother father uncle.. nobody neva talk to him? You kandi madda but u see how candi money tun up.. she say her mother say dont buy no diamond invest your money.. look at kandi now! I just cannot I cannot even be angry at him, him no have nobody weh coulda warn him? Him neva have no manager? Weh coulda say no chris u doe have enough money fi buy dem deh..

  4. Avi did owe money tuh,mi use tuh get jewels from him tuh,but if mi memba,him and him father did owe money fi some diamonds,mi tink some Russian Jeweler him never pay,Avi a ginnal,but Sean fi stop mek Jamaican Celebs look bad,him a move like dem so call rich Dancehall Celebs,who a pose like dem have money and di hole a dem a teif and a beg people tings,

  5. Den a how much HITS him did have so mek him waan soo much a dem BS ya?? unless me did de pon another planet n no know…look pon Kendrick Lamar whe atya humble n buy a modest home d other day n him need fi tek a page out a Kendrick book a falla mad boi Chris Brown

  6. But him Neva Mekk so much hit ,, song fi have some much tings no sah poor likkle bwoy will know better next time hope u get a hit song . Soon and no Mekk u mumma come near yu money :kr

  7. Conspicuous consumption at its best, or as mi granny woulda seh Neva see come see…. Him have Champagne taste pan suck suck budget KMT

  8. Metty, where is Quena and Yawdy?? They both been m.i.a from school this whole week; they better have a good excuse too :nerd

  9. you never see smoke with out fire! i was wondering why MAMA KINGSTON,open a food truck after all these years. Now i know why she done all of @shawnkingston money,now them cah pay them bills! FUNKY DIENVA the american blogger say shawn kingston a fi a hide him car,a him grand mother house. them just give jamaican bad name,real never see come see,my granny always say the higher the monkey climb the more him expose,always live above them means,and when people talk them say a bad mind people mind!

  10. Dem nuh shame yet? What a family lack pride. Live widdin u rass means man, whole heap a cubic zirconia out deh and dem hab a kind wah done so good is ongle jeweller can tell di difference. Young bwoy name a tarnish so much and mixup wid money problem, and none in di fambly a dem fi speak up and offer some guidance. Dis is di same young man wah guh death’s door, before dem meck dem life a living purpose and leave a mark afta reaching desso a dis fckry a kip up. Dats why when mi see dem ppl a post up dem ‘happy’ photos and experiences pon social media mi just nuh even look, cause mi dun know seh nutten is ever as it seems. It’s all dis smoke and mirrors.

  11. A same suh mi see di mumma a post up pon IG how much times dem food sell out and a chat bout shi need anedda truck, den a send message to Sean a meck him know dat dem need anedda truck. Business dis stawt not even 6 months, yes business may good, but you nuh pay off fi dat truck and own it fuss, and teck profits from di existing truck fi buy new one, before u mind stawt tink bout nedda truck. Plus u know u bwoy eena suh much money problem, why di hell u as a madda going to tell him bout more money spending. Unno soon send him fi do wah him nuh fi rass do suh unno can kip up appearances. Look like unno figet wah happen to MC Hamma and Mike Tyson.

  12. Imagine if him did invest that 200k into a business but nope too busy showin off on ppl this nigga mentality that black ppl have is always them downfall how bradnangela n all these other plenty rich white folks neva trash their money pon f**kery that’s y they stay rich
    Their money go from generation to generation that called wealth! !! I always keep far from ppl weh too flashy “redflags”real ppl with money don’t spend them money suh careless

  13. U can have money but u can’t buy class dis ah perfect example me nuh sorry fi him or da madda frighten fridays neva see come see

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