The second American missionary who could not be located following the death of his colleague has been found dead.

The police’s information arm, the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), says the body of 53-year-old Harold Nichols was found in bushes this afternoon in Albion Mountain, St Mary.

The body was found this afternoon during a search by local police with support from the Canine Division and residents. The CCU says investigators are still at the scene.

Nichols was reportedly staying in Boscobel in the parish.

His fellow American colleague, 48-year-old Randy Hentzel, was found dead with his hands bound yesterday afternoon in bushes, also in Albion Mountain.


  1. RIP and my condolences to their families, these ppl volunteer to come to the island to do some good and this is what happens, we do not need the bad publicity, we do not need to turn away those who could and would come to help, just stop it plz mi a beg unu

  2. From I bawn I have never hear of missionaries being killed on the island. This is mind boggling, so many questions. Mussy Duppy Film or him cronies dweet.

    From dem drop Renato Adams the crime just escalated, not one person since him have been able to do anything memorable. All when dem seh dem import ppl fi come, nutten of effect. Dem hab all deze agencies wid dem acronyms and still nutten.

    1. These days the criminals have INDECOM protecting them. The police are now paralyze, afraid to shoot these thugs on sight, since they come and investigate, taking the police firearm for testing. INDECOM is on the scene of any police shooting, have their own group of investigators, yet haven’t prosecuted on single police officer. What a waste of limited resources.

      1. Ironic isn’t it? Dem tie police hands and left di innocent to face deze monsters. How Indecom and Jamaicans for Justice protecting the average Jamaican? History will absolve Adams and his methods, he is a patriot who actually gave a damn.

    2. Bring back renato just for these guys it heart wrenching….what could a missionary could have done to u to deserve this them not even take the bike… man.

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