Met Shauna moggla keep secret baby shower wid di ppl dem husband last night and now she fling up video. Him really a gwann frighten like a him fuss pickni all a rub up belly and kiss up. I guess she wah di wife fi see and hear now. All dah husband deh wah a BoXXXXXXX. How you fi diss you wife dem way deh. Wife you need fi get di Tyraxx ready cause him won’t know a weh it come from cause him nyam a Shauna yawd too. Big Puscc bwoy like dat fi go to sleep pan nails. Shauna if him diss di wife so what you think ago happen to you?? Dats why me no sorrie fi unu when di man no fawt pon unuh and pickni stress reach unuh. From what me hear di wife don’t even go road nor party so she really in di dark.

0 thoughts on “SECRET SHOWER

  1. @philly ain’t no baddi mad at her just sayin if he diss is wife for u he is gonna do the same to u some a unu ooman just dumb

  2. and why the f**k do you care. get a life, it’s a like being formed but u too busy hating cause you fat, lonely and a mess

  3. Just like allissa did take shabba and gwon on nikkii u see shabba pick who him want, allissa did keep babyshower a kelly house in kelly living room and couldn’t put up no pictures ctfu,

  4. DI man married and him wife live a Jersey Plus him have a young sidechick. ah Philly who him carry go everywhere except ina Shuana bed. Shauna go breed and har matey position open up lol.

  5. Cnn shut the f**k up with you saggie body from you lost weight you in everything ..mind your own business because your husband nuh want you is me him want, hurry up and give him the green card so him can give me mine.

  6. dont kno what ur talking bout annon, but a nuh me yuh fi tell shut up, aa di man wife yuh fi tell when she hold yuh nd shauna fi f**k unuh up. bunch a man tief!!!!!!!!!!! home wreckers1!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. She nasty jus like the rest ah dem all a dem f**k people man cause she can’t hold ah man cause she live in the club next woman soon pregnant by her baby daddy if not already

  8. The bleach out whores need fe duh some soul searching cause dem all have low self-esteem pickney nah hold nuh mon the bitch should be trying to get har papers cause he cant give it frm him what mon is going stay with these hoes weh live at dance hall dem salt cause the feds ah watch dem and they know those hoes not paying no taxes dem always got a game plan fi ppl mon I hope dem have ah game plan fi their pickney dem future

  9. Shower should be secret cause the baby might have been born with some type a disability with all the liquor intake during the pregnancy and lack of oxygen from those cheap tight ass clothes she always in from the $10 store and instagram. Old Beemer little apartment no papers ugly cut open stitch up black ass bleaching bitch. But wait that’s not my business.

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