Securing generational blessings

There are many of us that are concerned about our children in terms of what life will pan out for them or is currently panning out for them. For those of us who understands generational curses, we know that there are some stuff in our family blood line that certainly we would prefer that our kids do not follow those negative trends.

I have written quite a bit on generational curses; however I will have you to know that just as there are generational curses there are indeed generational blessings. As usual let us retrieve scripture in an attempt to unveil one of many laws that governs generational blessings.

Now, prior to me getting to that law I want to make unequivocally clear at this point that it makes absolutely no sense if you’re praying for your kids to have a better future but at the same time you insist on living like a devil 24/7. If you insist on behaving this way, then it does not matter how much you pray for your kids, the spiritual laws of generational curses will run its course in the lives of you children’s future based on the evil seeds you’re planting now.

Proverbs 20:7, provides us with an interesting law in regards to manufacturing generational blessings now that will secure our children’s future. Here is what that law says:

“The just man walks in his integrity: his children are blessed after him”. The word integrity is defined as adhering or committing to moral and ethical principles; or being sound in one’s character through honesty and fairness etc. Therefore, our children will automatically be blessed according to scripture based on our state of living now.

So, as you can see folks, we could pray “the house down” but if we are not living a life of integrity the reality is we are in breach of securing generational blessings for our children. It is sad to say but it is the lack of such knowledge that has caused folks to believe it’s okay to treat others with such contempt and unfairness and because they’re not judged on their evil actions right away they assume they’ve gotten away, when the reality is THEIR CHILDREN WILL PAY!

Parents! Please hear me tonight, many of you are disappointed in your kids for one reason or the other but according to the above law just maybe you may have a hand in what’s being currently played out in their lives. It amazes me how we as parents love to take credit when our kids do well but we’re quick to transfer that blame to others when they disappoint us; totally removing ourselves from the equation of their failures.

Take a moment based on the above law and do a self evaluation as to how you lived in the past (secret sins and evil deeds included), now compare it with the law of Proverbs 20:7, do you see a correlation now?

Investing in self integrity today will secure a generational blessing for our children in the future.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
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