1. I hope the family retain the services of a good personal injury lawyer because this can be a big payday for them. Sad to know how she lost her life.

  2. Goog day Met and Metters,
    If I am not mistaken is this the same accident that happened in L.A where females were travelling in a Benz that was speeding and fleeing from a previous accident earlier? Did they say Driving under the influence and speeding was a contributing factor?

    My condolences to her family, but I do believe that people should set things in place for their children in the event of their death….life insurance for example. What about family members to help with the funeral expenses? It don’t look good to be begging strangers, when they were able body people who can go party and spend money instead of saving towards the future for their children.

  3. Big cousin Tracy and Satta and pat can’t find it when a bear mine dem a defend? What about Tricia links from the hair salons who Eva hype and a bear brand name den a brag bout?

  4. Met this bothers me and bad. Readers please take out life insurance on yourself and your kids. Please wear seat belts. No family should have to go through this people save unno money.

  5. This was not made by Sasha family or anyone associated with Sasha … Sorry you have been misinformed and are being taken advantage off..

  6. That’s the same accident that happened in LA what has me confused is that the women were in a previous accident which they hit what I was told a taxi but not sure how true that is and that driver chase them down I guess the person had road rage, while he/she chasing them down and then speeding away to get away they meet with a tragic ending which this young women lost her life and what I’ve heard the other women is in a comma not sure if she is still in a comma or not the LA people would have to chime in on that part. I was told that they must of being drinking earlier. Sometimes we do not know how and when God is going to take his children it’s sad that it had to be in a car accident for this young lady. I don’t know her but I do send my condolences to her family and I hope that her children one day can understand what happened to their mother and they have lots of family to help them through it… It’s sad to know that Tracey Champion party i’m sure is going to still keep but her loved one will not be there to enjoy it with her. People be careful driving drunk if you can’t make it don’t do it, pull ova call someone to come get you do somethig but so not put your life in danger because you never know what the outcome is going to be… Sad still

  7. I plan on donating money this week. This seemed legitimate because it was created by her close friend/family I think . Trisha is a very good friend of mine and I know she had no savings, no money put away for Kiids an no funeral money so I’m sure her mom can use the help. So stop it bout not created by family. Stop take shame face an pretty up it. Every help counts. Apparently they all were at the salon drinking and smoking weed an that’s what cause this tragedy. I still love her dearly. I’m praying for her children.

  8. She was a young girl, the young don’t think of death and preparation for death. Anybody who is a parent should have a life insurance policy and a living trust set up for their child/ren in the event they should pass. Dis life a tell you sometimes all I can do is look and wonda bout it. What is this life?!

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