Look pon DVS. Brixton boy mi grow with him. Been to his house i can’t be live seh him would dodis. him bad fi gyal only i know seh him doit cause him is a wicked nasty bwoy. Him used to live up herne hill in one tallblock him mus muv cause him mek money.. Dvs a evil him get Rob 2012 fi him chain licence by north man.


He raped a girl and she was left with a fractured eye socket that caused one eyeball to be at a different level to the other during the sustained attack, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

She had a wound on her chest where she was flogged with cables and leads, a burn mark on chest, one to her leg and two or three burns to other parts of her body caused by the hot iron on being held on her.

The woman had a stab wound to the hand, internal bleeding from being kicked and punched in abdomen and from where Hutchinson pushed a chair leg into her stomach.

She had large chunks of hair pulled out and one of her arms dislocated. Following the brutal, prolonged abuse her face was so swollen she was unrecognisable.

She had met Hutchinson, a DJ that goes by the name ‘DVS’, when she was only 17. On the way to meet him on February 5 they had an argument in which he threatened her, saying she ‘wouldn’t be speaking to him like that when she saw him.’

As soon as she walked through the door Hutchinson was in her face shouting ‘what are you saying now?’ ‘The next thing she remembers is being on the floor and the defendant hitting, punching and kicking her,’ said Claire Harden-Frost prosecuting.‘He took her iPhone, removed the sim card and smashed it.’

After the beating Hutchinson raped her.

‘She wanted to leave the flat but was too scared to because of what he had already done earlier that evening,’ said Ms Harden-Frost.

‘The next day it worsened still,’ said Ms Harden-Frost.

He punched her in the face and as she cowered in a corner forced a chair leg into her.

‘He dragged her around the house by her looking for a belt to attack her with,’ said Ms Harden-Frost.

‘When he couldn’t find one he used a phone charger and whipped her with the lead.’

When the lead detached from the plug her turned iron on the iron.

While it was heating up he became impatient so continued his brutal assault by whipping her with a television lead.

Once the iron was hot he jabbed it at her forcing her to the floor and began burning her as she lay on the ground.

‘She remembers being on the floor as he held the iron above her face begging him to stop,’ said Ms Harden-Frost.

‘He did but he told her to hold the iron to her own skin.

‘She couldn’t do it so he told her to slap herself instead.

‘She did so but it wasn’t hard enough for his liking so he punched her in the face.’

Hutchinson continued to call her names and ridicule her by throwing biscuits at her and making her sweep up the crumbs and forcing her to walk around the house.

Ms Harden-Frost said: ‘The defendant told her that she needed to be punished.’

‘He asked her to come up with strategies to punish her.’

When the woman suggested it was better that she reflect internally on what she had done Hutchinson told her to put her hands behind her back and punched her in the face.

‘He told her to lift her head up so he could punch her in the throat which he did, said Ms Harden-Frost.

‘He told her whilst she was in bed that she was going to die and that she wouldn’t see tomorrow and he lay there counting the hours she had left.’

‘She can’t remember all the details but she does know they had sexual intercourse again that night.

‘She said to him if it would make him feel better that he could do it.

‘He kept pressing on her legs which was painful from where she had been burnt.

‘She says she didn’t want to do it but she felt a need to try and survive.

‘The next day, the Sunday, he asked her whether she felt happy to still be alive.’

That day he continued the abuse ripping out her hair and punching her in the face.

By this time her face was so swollen she couldn’t see out of one of her eyes.

He then made a video on his phone of her sat on the floor with her legs open.

He made her say things about how she was a bad person.

‘She managed to grab the phone from the defendant and shut the bedroom door so that she was in the hallway and he was in the bedroom,’ said Ms Harden-Frost.

‘She held the door shut and deleted the video.’

‘In desperation she called the police and tried to tell them where she was but she didn’t want the defendant to hear so she had to whisper the address. ‘

The woman managed to text a friend and told them to call the police.

‘The defendant was shouting that she would not be able to escape,’ said Ms Harden-Frost.

‘She then cleared the call list and deleted her text so that the defendant wouldn’t see.’

Hutchinson got out the room and when the phone rang it was a friend of the woman asking if she was okay.

‘He made her call her friend and get him to repeat the message back to her so now he knew that had asked him to call the police and given him the address,’ said Ms Harden-Frost.

‘As soon as she put the phone down the defendant grabbed her hair and punched her in the face and in the nose.

‘The police called back and the defendant told her to say everything was fine and that the kids had called the police by accident.

‘By this time the defendant was furious.

‘He told her they were going to go into the shower.

‘She begged him to put it on a cold setting but he told her no and to turn it up.’

After the shower he made another video of her saying what a bad person she was.

A short while later she realised that the bedroom door was broken and that if she removed the pin he would be stuck on one side and she on the other.

Ms Harden-Frost said: ‘He saw her going for the door and told her not to do it.

‘She grabbed her bag and ran.

‘She closed the door to the bedroom and pulled out the pin.

‘She then unbolted the front door and ran down the stairs. She was naked.

‘She heard him manage to get through the bedroom door and she ran out of the flats naked.

‘She could hear the defendant behind her saying ‘I have got you now.’

Luckily there was a member of the public nearby and he took he to a security office and the police were called.

It was about 11pm on the Sunday night.

The woman was taken to Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.

She initially did not name her attacker.

Police traced her car to the underground car park and security staff directed them to the flat but it was empty.

On February 10 the woman gave them the name of her attacker and Hutchinson was arrested.

Hutchinson is said to go under the street name ‘DVS’ or ‘Devious’ and is a member of the notorious Poverty Driven Child-ren gang (PDC), which is based in Brixton.

He was tried and acquitted of the murder of James Smartt-Ford, 16, at the Old Bailey in 2009.
The teenager was shot twice at a disco at Streatham Ice Rink in south London on February 3, 2007.

Hutchinson, of (25) Myatt Road, Brixton, admitted, rape, false imprisonment and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

He will be sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court on September 15.



  1. dutty bwoy bad fi gyal only when dem bwoy open up him chest him never bad den

    Always a scream out One Order

  2. oh m god, the horror he put that little girl through for all those days, is unimaginable. this psycho needs to suffer every day in jail like this girl did

  3. Death is too good a fate for this sub-human cruff,he must be made to suffer long n hard..torture even!Where is george w bush when u need him??

  4. You know I hope one man hold him n step right in his chest. Dutty dog but these little girls seriously need to hear man. Dem can’t tek on des big dutty man when dem ready. Look how he did this girl. After all that the girl still didn’t want to give his name. No man dem need to start wise up now it’s all fun and games and sweet love till dem start get vex n box down ur rass. Stop get involve with these grown ass men.

  5. I can not believe I am reading this, rumors are going round saying he tried to kill himself twice, he wouldn’t tell the guys he is in prison with because he “was too embarrassed” I just want to know what made him behave like this, about he wants to be beating and raping a 17 year old girl, I just can’t believe!!! And people are trying to defend the man saying he is inocfenr when he pleased gulity, this boy is going to get one big sentence!! At first I thought he was in jail for drug offences, now we find out he has been found guilty of rape and torture, you don’t do things, you do not do them thing, I pray for this boy that he don’t try and take his life again.

  6. Hhmm. I wonder why the only news outlet that’s carrying this horrific story is one you have to pay to access. I wonder why the mainstream news networks not carrying such a horrific story. Wouldn’t be the first time internet stories be lie. So he pleaded guilty – but what did he plead guilty too. I doubt he pleaded guilty to all the above (which is taken from the website you have to pay to access)

    1. There are horrific stories daily. Do you think even 70 % of them hit the media. Don’t be silly, most of them u don’t ever hear about, but they happen.

    2. This is on more than one news outlet of which you don’t need to pay for.. secondly it won’t be in mainstream news until he’s been sentenced as that’s how the law works!..

    3. When you’re from da ends, you know it’s the truth! He’s a poor excuse for a man n don’t watch dat, when him git sentence come September dats when it’ll reach the media.
      Dutty Bloodcleat gonna get the same shit dish out when he reach pen. Karma is one bad bitch

  7. I know this guy. He used to look me hard back in the day but hew as just too young and I wasn’t feeling him for some reason. Look yah now
    That’s why we should always follow our first instinct

  8. Mi naw stir mi head inna di night yah wid dis.. From di post say rape mi know how much a clock a strike plus from di comments… Aww boy.

  9. The girl was 17 when she met him as in years ago!
    I can’t believe he’s still doing this type of behaviour even at this age he is! Real shame.

    Courtney you could of had it all, but to let yourself get that angry is just too much.. That poor woman!!

    You need to be held away from the public to teach you a big ass lesson.

  10. This is unbelievable I used to date this guy back in 2007. He was not like this at all I used to go his house eat write lyrics and chill and nothing like what happened ah gwarn so. Feel sorry for that girl still.

  11. It was his ex girlfriend, and he plead guilty to rape and torture. If he didnt rape her why plead guilty to it. Jaja Soze posted on his instagram,he wants nothing to do with him. That’s his friend, his friend knows the truth. if it wasn’t true, why would he say that?

  12. That poor girl his a big rarse grown up guy his pure evil who had no mercey on her she was brave to attempt to escape.
    Glad he was found guilty scum.
    Feel sorry for his family who will live in shame in his name .
    It’s a case of you do the crime you do the time Courney ….. Hope every day you live with the guilt just like that poor girl will live with the pain and memory of your evil actions

    1. How is the story fake when it was copied and pasted from a reputable site that reports court cases from around the country every day? You think the website will risk being sued by one of the countries top criminal Barristers [Claire Harding-Frost] by mentioning her name in a fake the article?

      If you’re so concerned about this story being fake, you can attend Snaresbrook court on the 15th September and sit in the public gallery.

      Full name: Courtney Loren Hutchinson
      Case number: T20167119

      Make sure you’re at court for 10am. Look on the board for his name and case number to find out which court room he’ll be in or you can ask one of the court clerks.

  13. If he did this then justice has been served and thoughts and prayers for the victim that she can get her life back – if that is even possible. If he didn’t do this then oooh shit! A mans life will never be the same. Only seen this story on court news UK which have this statement on their website: “we are highly responsible operators with many years experience in reporting this news. However, despite all efforts to achieve accuracy we can make no warranty or representation as to the accuracy or fitness for purpose of any material on this web site.”
    Never seen such a disclaimer on a legitimate/official news website before – Legitimate/ official news agencies will go to court to prove their stories are true, not remove them for a fee. This outlet is NOT the official courts media outlet. Whichever way the story goes, the truth will hopefully come out. Reserving judgment on all charges till all facts are known. Knowing victims of injustice, not gonna be too quick to jump on a bandwagon. You have guilty and innocent man deh a prison.

  14. Dvs got locked up in jail in January, which at the time he posted on his Instagram that he was locked up! This news paper report which every1 is getting their information from says the incident happened in Feb. So obviously from the start the evidence is not stating the truth.
    2. He obviously done some of the stuff mentioned but personally I reckon the girl fabricated the story.

    3. Every1 knows if you plead guilty from the start to all of the charges it gives you a lesser sentence at the end whether you did it or not.

    The information

    1. stop lie you dyam fool.


  15. Who ever is defending this action and trying to say a man that pleaded guilty is innocent is mad like him… If he was innocent then he would of had a chance of bussing case! Don’t take being a fan to far because if it was your mum or sister then you would want him to burn aswel

  16. Dvs is guilty his friend Biker deleted all of his pics with dvs off of his instagram. That tells me he is guilty

  17. I dated him from 06-08 n he never showed this side.. Nice guy just werent on the same level..U never know what goes on with two ppl i guess! Poor girl sounds really bad…. Just cant believe how low hes reached?!

  18. It look like everyone date him lool… And look like nobody never realise his been a weirdo from he was little…he forced two brothers to participate in sexual acts…are we forgetting which he went to jail for! He wouldn’t show his inner self to everyone because dupy know who to frighten

  19. I can’t believe what I’m reading, this young girl endured so much pain by the hands of this mad man, I hope he is put away for a very, very long time, he doesn’t need to see the light of day again… This man is really crazy, what hatred this man had, he enjoyed doing that to this young girl… I’m just lost for words but he needs the same type of beaten but even worse than what he but her through bastard.

  20. i dated on and off dvs from 2013-2014 when he was prob messing with this girl as well and he has got control issues. When I knew him for two weeks he said i must ask him to attend my friends birthday party, in the end it got to the point he was messing with other girls and i was arguing with him over it, he also said to me “come link me now you wont say that in my face” was last time i spoke to him. He did try message me a couple times saying how he misses me but not interested. I know this story is real. I think he knows who to do these types of things to and who not to. When I was at his house on his bathroom door there was a hole which looked like a punch mark.
    I feel very sorry for him he is one pathetic person.

  21. To all those who are making excuses for the GARBAGE I beg you to stop. This young lady never cause no harm to anyone. When I read the article I was sick to my stomach that a person could do this to another person.I am So glad this degenerate who committed this Heinous crime will be locked up hopefully and I pray for the rest of his life. I hope when he arrives in prison he gets his just deserves.The Mother who brought that despicable species in the world should feel very ashamed of herself because she never brought this mother f***r up right. He is SCUM,SCUM,SCUM and all SCUM should be dealt with appropriately.

  22. Roz, you had me up to the mother bit. Interesting you blaming mother but you not saying nothing bout the father. As parents we raise our kids, when they hit the road they don’t always remember what they were taught at home till its too late. Maybe it was remembering what he was taught at home that made him want to take his life. He’s a big man responsible for his own decisions, leave the mother alone, she dealing with enough.

  23. Why is this being broadcasted like he is a Jamaican DJ? he is British born and has nothing to do with the dancehall scene, I will be reporting this site immediately, it’s so funny how anything that happens to black people is always blamed on Jamaicans, I don’t know nothing about the case and perhaps whoever did this page should focus on the case and what actually happened, whoever did this site is either racist or a policeman.

    1. Where in the article or comments has the accused been branded as Jamaican?

      FYI this is a blog ran by persons of Jamaican heritage, for that reason alone if he was indeed a DJ regardless of his ethnic background, race or heritage, he’d be referred to as a selector.

  24. Forthose who are interested, this case has been adjourned and is due to reappear for sentencing at Snaresbrook Crown Court in 2 weeks.

  25. Dvs boy nobody in bricky got love for u now g your song hometown u got no town cuz u better watch out in dem showers or that’s if your people don’t slice u pdc and 28s got no love for u no more u dirty rapist cunt

  26. Courtney bop. I dont know what crow u were smoking I think it must of had white powder in it or maybe brown

  27. Can someone please let us know the outcome of this case! I feel like he’s pulling all kind of stunts to put the sentencing off! , let’s be honest he aint bad is he?????? Course he ain’t, in all his road I ain’t ever heard him bad up anyone of any substance! Juss battyman issh! #he’sgayjailsthebestplaceforhim. Word

  28. DVS has now pleaded ‘not guilty’ which means the trial will have to restart and the girl will have to attend court and give evidence. Smart move by DVS. This means he can say that he is not guilty and that he is innocent. He hopes that the road will not condemn him and that the jailhouse man won’t lick him down. He is gambling though. If he gets found guilty he will lose the automatic third off of his sentence and he will be finished. He will get ‘life’ and serve a minimum 16 years in jail and then be on licence for the rest of his life. I personally like DVS and always found him warm and polite. Lots of people were jealous and envious of him which caused him to be seriously harmed on a couple of occasions and also robbed. As much as I like him though I have to say that if he did this to my sister or daughters then he would not be in this world any longer. He has thrown away his life. Shame. I hope his victim recovers.

  29. If you believe Courtney’s not capable of this, i have a beachhouse to sell you in Angel Town. The only chicks that back him are country gyal and jezzies. Vibes don’t lie, and he has a heavy, dark vibe about him. This is a man who has kicked multiple babies of chicks when they told him he was pregnant in their teens, whilst his friends watched. Certain gyal cant even have kids now from how he damaged their insides. This is a man who has BEAT women in public like a african beating a drum during a voodoo ceremony. This is a man who rushed a security guard and broke his arm and jaw for asking him for I.D. This is a man who made two 15 year old boys f**k just because. This is a man who used to go battyman bars to sell coke and end up jammin with the battyman dem getting his elton john on in the VIP section. People have nooooo idea who Courtney is hahaha.

  30. This article is straight nonsense. It cant be how she said it went because i’ve never heard so much crap from one story, Completely FAKE article doesnt make any sense to any one who has intellect. No Offence

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