1. apparently this is the same confidence Rohan MArley has. They both supporting the same bald head. Both no look the same. These people have more than confidence. Met suppose u see how Rohan MArley look different. two words. NERVOUS BREAKDOWN!!

  2. The purpose of the no wig, no make-up pics to show that u still look good natural…….obviously she missed the memo. Good night Met 🙂

  3. a di lady that used to own de store a Bronx. She look good small body in her mid fifties. who ever post this is just hating. I used to go there and buy.

  4. I believe on average that about 75% of weave/wig wearers look like this behind closed doors. Looks like Cherry Pie from I’m gonna get you sucka. Your face is the pic and your hair is the frame. Your frame mash all the way up my girl.

  5. There is notjing wrong with the woman.. shelook fir her age. a nough young gal me stop a look n when dem tell me dem age me get turn off. sexy body small frame. mi wi work n tak care of her. santa will hav to get a new elf. pretty face

  6. As a Jamaican born ny court officer, she looks good. i have seen many dancehall females who have made this wall a couple of times and looking at their records this women look better than 95% of them when they hit central to see the judge. Keep looking young. just wear a wig.

  7. my concern is how de hair look like a aids patient hair so?as ADDICTED says…..otherwise she looks ok with and without weave

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