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This question pertains to women;

In my opinion, at the end of the day, we can only be grossed out at the thought of women selling themselves for money but when it comes down to the crunch, its their body that they are using. Without adding morale to it, I have no issue with prostitutes . If a woman is sober and is using her body to get things for herself as much as it is immortal, without adding my religious views to it,from a neutral standpoint, I say go ahead but save for a rainy day. If you are an escort, remember age is not your friend. Save and invest. Do not use the money to buy two wardrobes when you can live with one good one. SAVE SAVE SAVE

My question is this; Who do you respect more and why, a person who steals and sells to survive or a person who sells their body?

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  1. And mi a se sell if di person feel seh dat a dem last resort and only option..
    Also if dem sure dem can live wid demself after all of it..

  2. Neither one but if I have to choose, I would chosen selling body be cuz stealing is so low and disgusting.but, to each his own…

  3. Weh dem sey prostitution a de oldest profession, ah nuh so? To each his own, but to mi this is a conundrum caws at di end of de dey neither one is good choice. Senda mi wudda rather pick up bakkle and sell. And I say all this with out judgement of others but as a survivor of sexual abuse mi couldn’t put myself thru some a things gals haffi do inna bed fi likkle money. As for the teifing tings me love my son and freedom to much fi turn anybody slave a prison.

  4. Sell sell sell, but make sure ah nuh bend dung market yuh carry yuh goodies! You are not suppose to be easily obtainable by any Tom, Dicks and Harry. Every woman sell themselves. That is my opinion of course.

  5. Selling seems to be the lesser of the two evils. However in my personal opinion there is always an option that exist beyond selling and stealing. Most of these alleged prostitutes are extremely attractive females, who in their own rights are pretty smart. It is a shame that they only took advantage of their looks when they are worth so much more. I was reading about the Bella Knox story, the Duke University girl, only to find out that she came from a ‘good’ home, private school etc. She lied about her parents not supporting her. Money was tight with the family and they cut her payments; instead of her sticking by them as her other siblings had done, she took the ‘easy’ more glamorous way out. And that’s what it has come down to females value glamour above all, and for that they will do and sacrifice everything.

        1. I’m not gonna leave you lonely. I’d tief food to survive if I had to, too. I couldn’t sell myself to some inadequate man to use me, just because he is paying for what he is too antisocial to acquire for free.
          People forget that the reality is that most prostitutes are NOT happy and the things that they have to do are NOT nice. Too many end up mentally ill/dead/trafficked. The men that (mostly) use prostitutes usually have weird ideas about women.
          Who wants to go through all that rigmarole? Most prostitutes/whores do NOT win. If it was a viable profession, whole corners of the world would be run by women from the earnings that have been acquired by this profession that has been going on from the dawn of time.

          1. exactly!! I would ratha to teef 2 can ah sardine then to allow anyone ( let alone a man ) to steal my dignity and pride, so with that being said…I would rather to steal food ( nuh cloths and dem ting den ) than to sell my body and soul :nerd

        2. But me friend…yu a fi go back go thief if yu nu have de money by lunch, or dinner time…lol. Me a sell de pums, split de proceeds (save and spend) and go shop….lolol.

          1. I would never sell my body that ah di lowest of the lows scum of the universe .. when yuh teef yuh feel guilty but it can be easily forgotten, sell pums that live wid u fi ever! That is so embarrassing and disgusting I will teef fi survive than sell front.. It really dont matter these bitches do both! Phantom sell u pums fi shop? really? ah wah dis that even more low. Not gon let any ol nigga run up inna mi .. “People forget that the reality is that most prostitutes are NOT happy and the things that they have to do are NOT nice. Too many end up mentally ill/dead/trafficked. The men that (mostly) use prostitutes usually have weird ideas about women.” FACTS!!!!! DEM SAD NUH BLOODCLAT

          2. Again most ppl sell to buy labels!
            One time mi fren set mi up pon a money man I believe him name F**x
            and I just couldnt seelll di pusssc fi save mi life … The man was wealthy fly u here and there …but i felt so disgusted with myself mi all cry. lol

          3. Wicked don’t twist up nothing here asking bout ‘shop’ wid question mark. No body can’t charge me as no label whore or whore fi material things.

            Met gave two choices and me sey Yes me we sell FI ME crotches fi put get money fi save and go shop. SHOP don’t ongle clothes…it mean exchange of goods for MONEY and not a place fi go tek whey me never put dung because a said MONEY cause things fi reach inna SHOP. Me nah tek phuck fi free and remain hungry and without shelter. Pussy a commmodity fi centuries and woman a sell it long before bible write and feminist argument create. Pussy tek down empires and build up empires.

  6. At the end of the day selling is better and causes less problems for society but the reality is tha both SELLING AND STEALING ARE DEAD END PROFESSIONS.

    Get an education. It doesn’t mean you have to spend big bucks on college education – THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF VIDEOS ON ONLINE (YOUTUBE etc) THAT CAN TEACH YOU ALMOST ANY PROFESSION YOU CAN THINK OF TO THE LEVEL OF EXPERT – and all for free! All you need is internet connection, willpower and a willingness to learn.

    From computer programming, car mechanics, AC installation, electronics, clothes design, nursing, healthcare, business studies etc etc etc You name it, it’s on the net. Times have changed ! You don’t need to spend thousands upon thousands to get the tools you need to progress. The knowledge is out there, it’s just up to you to go and look for it. GOOGLE provides many top college classes completely free !!

    Look for work beyond the country you reside in via working online. Don’t feel trapped.

    Be a role model to your kids and those people around you. Don’t harm your community or sell the gifts God has given you.

    Blessed love Jah Rastafari.

    1. I do not agree that prostitution is better for the society. Regulated prostitution maybe; like in Tuxtla they ha La Zona (or had not sure if they still do) , and is like a community of prostitutes with healthcare facilities and likkle infrastructure whe the woman dem can use betta demselves. That different but to just have such an industry unregulated cannot be good for the larger society. Who knows if these women use protection or when last dem get tested, etc. All a dat dem might unleash on the larger society, which is especially detrimental to Jamaica that does not have the infrastructures to help people with healthcare or to take care of sick people etc. I we a suffer now could you imagine if the monster unleash in full force a yaad? Whe able bodied people cah work again?

      But idk just my opinion i spose.

        1. No I would not. But both have their ills, none is better for society. BTW is it just me or does it seem that a lot of the women who sell themselves also steal? Plus is like my pastor say; sex is an intimate act when you sleep with someone piece of them inside a u. Spiritually that is, so the more random ppl u sleep with the more of them spirit them let off on u.

          But on the other hand u a rob good ppl of hard earned money
          This is a tough question is like u ask if i would rather jump inna frying pon or inna d direct fire. Its a toughie. I’ll be trying to answer that question for the rest of my life i think

          1. to steal sometimes is selfish bare in mind that you are shorting someone else of what belongs to them…to steal is also makes you spiritually unwell

    2. Excellent comment, agree with yuh 1 Million%. I would a rather wuk pan garbage truck than do either one a dem sinting deh. The only thing I would have sex for is love, and I not even want look fi sinting weh me put dung, much less fi guh look fi sinting weh mi nuh put dung, mi nuh have d patience fi dat..No sah, :alay but to each his own. Nah beat dung nobody wehh feel like they had to either to survive, and by survive I do not mean, wear name brand and showoff pan decent ppl, mi mean fi avoid starvation, or feed yuh family.

  7. Niether is cooler than the other. I know a lot of females who think that their p***y is pension without declaring themselves as whores. But I wouldn’t say that their mercenary ways haven’t affected “morality” in other aspects of their lives.
    Put it this way, the ones that I know have issues with females who do not buy into their isms. They also would have no shame in stealing either. Need , traditionally used to be the motive for selling/whoring. Nowadays, from what I can see, a combination of a lack of imagination, greed and “laziness” is mostly the motive, even if paying off loans, for food, clothes, maybe roof over the head is the result.
    I have no time for thieves, but to me, a liar is the worst of the lot. Once you lie and you can’t admit the truth, you have to lie upon lie and live behind that lie until delusion reaches you. Very rarely do you get a honest whore. I suppose, unless they are really wise, they end up stealing their souls from themselves.
    I’m just grateful that I haven’t got to the disposition to be either a liar , tief or sell myself for money. All three things damages the soul (from what I’ve seen).

  8. <<


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    Proverbs 6:30-31
    New International Version (NIV)
    30 People do not despise a thief if he steals
    to satisfy his hunger when he is starving.
    31 Yet if he is caught, he must pay sevenfold,
    though it costs him all the wealth of his house.


  9. If I were to find myself in a desperate position where one of the above options were my only choice then I would have to say “sell my body”. Being the hard working ambitious person that I am it would have to be that I had exhausted all other options and literally have NO OTHER WAY OUT. Truth be told, most women sell their bodies in one way or another. It may not be for money but also for love and affection. Alot of women feel like if they “fling up di good pussy pan a man dat will mek him love and want har”. If they ask a man for some money and he says “no” or “mi nuh have it” then chances are, him naw get nuh pussy till him find it any weh him fi get it. Some will try to pretty it up and say “even exchange”. Question:? If you sleep with one man 100 times or 100 men one time each, don’t di pussy get rod out 100 time same way?? It’s just the judgment of others thinking that she has f**ked 100 men that would bother many cause mi know if night fi turn day pan nuff ppl, we woulda clearly see di dollar sign pan nuff ppl pumpum. Honestly, I’m not in agreement with either, but I’m just saying that if you are doing it as a last resort to feed your kids, put them through school or keep a roof over your head, then I say “no judgements here”. But as someone said earlier, nuh f**k fi vanity and material tings. Old ppl used to say “nuh go dung wid a dry pussy an come up wid a wet one fi NUTTEN”. So I guess from mi eye deh a mi knee old ppl a tell dem gyal pickny fi sell pussy “indirectly”. LOL. As Shani say, if yuh must f**k..SAVE SAVE SAVE.

    1. yes dem neat it up but when u look pan stealing and selling..some people would rather tear u down and build demself dan tear down dem own self fi survive eno…dem bruck u shop fi live and dont care if u die…selfishhhhh

      1. Yesssss….u right. An dat nuh right. Selfish indeed an what dem a save can tann….might as well dem sell it. Maybe a how mi grow but mi cyaan see myself a tek away what belong to someone else. Tearing down someone else fi my delfish gain. Mi cant even beg ppl dem things much less fi teif it. Kmt. If desperation is di case use what God give u an leave ppl tings alone. A dat mi say.

        1. same way…but some people teef and tink dem entitled to it dat a di mind whey dem have a teef..di bible say teef when u hungry a every day u a go hungry noooo and 9/10 time when people teef more dan one time a dat time dem get ketch

  10. I hate thieves. Selling pums come in many form…single and married, legal or illegal. But a thief is just a damn thief. Dem pleasure ongle dem self.

    1. Love to break it to you but a married woman does not sell her pums. Sex within a marriage serves many purposes one being to procreate and raise godly kids. Whether that is the outcome is neither here nor there (for that is the intention). And furthermore, the provisions that a husband provides for his wife and family is not base on an exchange of sex but because it is his duty and responsibility.
      I wish more men and women understood this maybe then they won’t have to resort to selling what can only be describe as priceless.

  11. Don’t know if dis question guh fi di man dem to but if it does I wudda be a big ole tief, Puss Wudnt have nuttn pon me, I wudda tief suh till….met yuh prolly get up one day an all yuh site gaawn loll

      1. Met am I to assume in the case of a man it is ok for him to suck hood and sell battam if he felt he had no option? Plz, answer

  12. good day met,metters,peepers nd others…

    me sey all the back part a me pus-c weh mi deh yah a hide from mi man suh mi can get likkle a mi own pus-c leff back fi finga dig out wen him nuh deh round a wuda sell it bloodclaat fi full price nd ahalf wid dat sed yuh know a selling it shall be…one gud price nd mi awf de sell pus-c road oooo

    1. OMG now they gonna label JMG bloggers PROSTITUTES , my girl behave you self it’s not confession time yet dwrl

  13. Both are not right to do,,,sin is sin and I believe one of the Ten Commandments was thou shall not steal;,,and then on the other hand the prostitute was going to be stone to death until the intervention by Jesus. So is there one greater than one sin? Lots of bias and self greed and vanity in both!

  14. what is the difference between a woman who says pay me $ 50 for sex and a woman who say dont tek no man unless him have things fi give yuh? alot of high society housewives who are only married to their husband because he is successful, are they prostitutes or just smart?

    truth is any sensible man will tell you we all pay for sex in one way shape or form. when you buy your girl that shoes she always wanted, in the back of our mind we know there is gonna be extra effort to please later in the bedroom. when a man takes you to paris, buys you perfume, listen to your sad life story how daddy didn’t love you. we are paying for sex, sometimes financially, psychologically, all sorts of ally. dont give your woman a single penny or contribute one red cent to the house for bout 4 months straight and watch how her pum pum get dry loool no care how you a kiss neck and rub titty all now she cant get turned on 🙂

    personally the only time i have a problem with prostitution is when the woman is doing it out of desperation or to fund some drug habit. but if a woman decides to sell her body, i dont think she is any lower than the woman dem who go in the club looking for the lebron james and michael jordan type of men to try and breed for dem. it must also be off the road, not on the side of the road where everyone has to see your naked body.

    the vagina is valuable and it will forever be sold!!

    1. Is it too early fi ask Simplicity fi borrow har gun??? Maybe. Suh hold dis OC……Powwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Same way sooooo. :sungkem :sungkem :sungkem :2thumbup :2thumbup

  15. Aristotle Onassis once said, “if there were no women in the world, men would never want to make any money’. The truth is, men pay for sex everyday, even if it’s with a wife or girlfriend. However, a prostitute or an escort cannot use this train of thought to justify their depraved lifestyle.
    A man will spend his last on his woman to keep her happy, to provide for her and historically, men being hunters are trained to bring home the bacon. A woman having taste and preferences in the kind of men she desires is in no way comparable to a woman sharing her most prized possession (herself) with every Tom, Dick and Harry that wishes to quench his thirst.

    The bible tells you about a woman’s reputation, if you didn’t know, your reputation precedes you and can never be rehabilitated. If any of these women had any value, any sense or savvy, they would instead aim to be kept wives. You can be strategic in seeking out a wealthy man and securing yourself with a ring, that even in the event of divorce, you are still cared for.

    But to lower oneself as a cum bucket, especially in these times were some many people are disease laden, is just despicable.

    In answer to the question, someone stealing from the rich and selling back is illegal but not despicable because that is exactly how Wall street operates. The only difference is, they steal billions, wear suits and operate under immunity.

    I always wonder how these women look themselves in the mirror or even look at their mothers and fathers, if they are not disappointed with what they see.

  16. Me a say up wid de money r go dung inna a rob the wasent a fish, or a prostitute dat did deh beside jesus pon the cross.

  17. Well I buy from tief and I had friends that made their living on their backs at some point I help them spend their earnings. So my opinion whatever rocks your boats. Let god be the judge. A prostitute comes in many forms. Prostitutes not only work street corners. A guy once called me a prostitute because I told him I don’t fk for nothing , if you want pussy you affi maintain it cause mi a gal no inna no charity work.

    I ask him if he consider his mumma a prostitute because him daddy a fk har and mine har? My point if a gal a fk for nothing she a fool and if she demand something she consider seller. We just can’t win. Call me what you want you gonna pay to get to heaven lmfao

  18. I would a rather wuk pan garbage truck than do either one a dem sinting deh. The only thing I would have sex for is love, and I not even want look fi sinting weh me put dung sometime, much less fi guh look fi sinting weh mi nuh put dung, mi nuh have d patience fi dat..No sah, :alay but to each his own. Nah beat dung nobody weh feel like they had to do either or both to survive; and by survive I do not mean, wear name brand and gwaan hype and showoff pan decent ppl, mi mean fi avoid starvation, or feed yuh children.

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