GM Met, these philly washed up hoes need to retire from party father God know. They’re a disgrace to dancehall. It’s the only state that men look and dress better than females.
Pic 1. The man of the night and the bit*ch he fuqs at nights. She look like she need a bath and some more hair weave is super thin stop tek up wah yuh can’t manage. Yuh a run down First Lady status when the man not even a own you. Stay deh think the junjo dem play. White hat, go take care of ur child support issues and leave bottles and parties alone.
Pic 2. Mitchie Boo just please answer one question WHY???!!! I leave you to the commenters.
Pic 3. Girl I don’t know which longer.. Your face or ur breast.
Pic 4. No time we see you losing weight FYI lose the belly too.
Pic 5. Ursella and flounder where is Sebastian? Look like y’all nyam him. Lol
Pic 6. SMFH … HOT MESS ALERT!!!!!!
Pic 7. I see you trying man tief but stop tiefing man and please tief good hair and bra.
Pic 8. Need a comb and some new clothes.
Pic 9. Donna yuh always a beat dem bad! Yuh look effing good, hoes need to take a page out yuh book. I wanna fu*k Mulla and turn yuh into mi madda in law. Lol
Pic 10. Whoring Tia, likke germs. Come off the road and go tek care of yuh Pinckney dem. Every time I see ur daughters dem hair wah comb.
Pic 11. Sighing
Pic 12. Wear good deodorant.
Pic 13. Lady why yuh foot bigger than yuh man foot, not a good look. You lost weight? Good for you, lose the foot and yuh gut, Ewww!!
Pic 14. Shape like a red stripe bokkle
Pic 15. Confused… Smaddie help mi.
Pic 16. Veachy yuh sick Jon crow stomach. Mi did tink dem only have yellow corn and white corn!! Lol bitch wear yuh size, stop force yuh foot Inna Cocoa shoes dem. Munchy fix unnuh biz real good cuz unnuh quiet since. All y’all a hot mess instead of improving unnuh a depreciate… Kmt



  1. Me say me a read and a scroll down fi see wah bag a picture fi rate dem and wey me see sponge bob and rafiki a hang out on mets page …Me Bex Cho

  2. Two is enough Met we can use maghination cause say nothing tan to sense never come out a Philly yet.

  3. Metooo I should’ve emailed you….could you do a post on Men tying women ? And how they do it ? And if they have ever done so and why ? and also did it work ?

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