0 thoughts on “SENDER IS DAT SHE LIKE

  1. Dis big pot belly pig is financing her cause mi nuh si she ah climb pan toppa dat or undaneat dat…sender, learn fe pick sense outta nonsense…

  2. Pebbles u nu tired fi teck dance hall man ? Chubby mad dem left u and a dat u gone 2 , u need fi gi di juju a break and gu buy good hair put on Pon u head . It don’t look good

    1. Hey mr mention it sound like vex say a me him a f**k and not you all when a f**k and duck him ago love dah f**k yah weh mi a fi him and nuh matter wah yuh cyan f**k him like me so niqqa why you mad??? Ur turn next after him f**k me and duck me so just hold yuh space and wait in line

  3. Weh unu nuh stop fast inna mi life unu nuh have nuttin fi do leave me name outta unu bloodclaat suck pussy mouth and go learn good oral hygiene LOW MI MEKK MI LIVE MI LIFE *alkaline voice* go sort unu nasty low life and leave decent citizens alone a bayyyyyyy me and savvy a mad unu like unu mad him a feature my endz and not fi unu own

  4. Dwl sweetness unnu must gweh you all about the man the man Nuh claim u in not one picture!! he post up u and a bagga bitches dwl we could tell you not American born citizen because we Nuh need to brag abayyyyy that Dwl

  5. you look low like scum.. You must low instagram and big up a dermatologist cause you Nasty bleach out skin stay bad Dwl

  6. Tell him fi burn up Di 1 true religion him minimum wage pick up only allow him to afford and queens spot him owe Di man fa him Giuseppe’s

  7. A mi a di top so unuh affi pree,anno my fault mi relevant to unuh more dan unuh sadamite self::Wah unuh mad him nah no picture of unuh::LOL::bitch u more low life dan mi Cah yah mi watch mi and mi skin cah it no stop hurt up u head::bayyyy (kartel voice*) unuh lifestyle boring at least him own a true religion pants unuh affi a borrow unuh fren clothes:UNUH A PUP INNA::y unuh no identify unuh suck pussy dutty self unuh a chat and a fi mi name a di only official name posted::BUT SINCE UNUH NAH NO LIFE MI A GIVE UNUH BIG HOLE,DUTTY PEOPLE PERMISSION TO CONTINUE WATCH MINES LOL::ITS LIKE A MOVIE ENJOY THE RIDE LOL DWL YALL WACK **

  8. Him gi back the people money in queens 168shop fi him “gisuppes” yet? Dwl!! Byee brown woman mi Nuh want war u

  9. Bout pree dwl u nah pree u feet weh need more bleaching ? And black spots Pon yuh grey face weh the rubbings dont tek off .. Yes mi pree u cause bitch u gi mi nah stop LAugh abayyyyy Dwl

  10. Dutty bitch continue see mi n might foot too bad Dem no see u,stop worry bout mi n go look a life,u mad cab savy fling u aside like old shoe,mi face gray but it hold him right cab it have u a seek out mi life::continue laugh u Neva no exercise good fi u face muscle,oh shit my bad yah one a dem illeterate clown bitch::y u worried bout him n him no see u::u seem upset u need a rag,mi no war idiot,mi rage too consuming fi u::plus Giuseppe is spelled like that FYI::SAVY WE A BEAT DEM BAD,HI HATERS LOL DWL

  11. No saah a u black foot ah watch mi fi true Gisuppes I wrote with mark den “” suh go look ah primary education so as mi seh “gisuppes” cah that exactly what him have And mi Nuh like 600 pound man so him an me never deh deh .. Now bye newly American citizen fi mi run u outa party again

  12. Me no see do big deal from dem happy me Nuh see no problem because looks, and money fades as long as dem happy it can work
    Bad mind is a hell of a ting

  13. Me no see di big deal from dem happy nothing else should matter cuh money goes away looks go away but from u happy nobody can tek dat
    Badmind is a hell of a ting

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