SENDER;-Kfab I am asking you to invest in a dictionary

SENDER;-Kfab first of all how you come off calling people broke because they want to know the details of purchasing the room from you? You are a scammer so of course people want to make sure it is legit.
Secondly and most important, PLEASE PLEASE ask your daughter or verify with her the difference between PAYED and PAID. You are an illiterate person, yes ILLITERATE! You’re going to school and you still do not know the difference between those 2 words.
This high class hooker disrespecting people calling them broke. This is what happens when you think you have made it.

18 thoughts on “SENDER;-Kfab I am asking you to invest in a dictionary

  1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Senda kill har lmao a waaah peepee lol dis sad a swear… wah mek dem nuh tap di writing grung.

  2. @Sender, yuh NEED fi guh sit the FU@KKKKK down!!!!! Here you are criticizing this girl, when you are a FU@KING DUNCE, yourself! If not knowing your Homophones make you “illiterate”, then dem haffi guh build a NEW WORD, fi describe your dumb ass! You waste all that time, fi write dis epistle bout di girl not know “the difference between ‘payed’ and paid”, yet YOUR DUMB ASS doesn’t know that “payed” IS NOTTTTT A WORD!!!!! Yuh rass fool, yuh!!!!! Yuh chat too much! It’s better you had said, she wrote “makeup”, instead of separating the words! Damn nuff and DUNCE! Gweh, man!

    1. Bless up WNPP…without fear nor favor ..Grammar police is here to correct and serve.
      I agree in principle to always go after those who correcting others while making mistakes demselves yes…but you got it wrong wrong..payed is a word!!

      Enter a word, e.g. ‘pie’
      past tense: payed; past participle: payed
      seal (the deck or seams of a wooden ship) with pitch or tar to prevent leakage.
      “an open groove between the planks had to be payed by running in hot pitch from a special ladle”

      Paid or payed is the past tense of pay depending on the sense of pay. The first sense is the usual one of giving someone money while the second sense is to seal (the deck or seams of a wooden ship) with pitch or tar to prevent leakage.Nov 28, 2012
      word choice – “Paid” vs “payed” – English Language & Usage Stack …

  3. Mi wudda like dah BIG, IDIOT GYAL YAH come tell mi what is “the difference between payed and paid”! Fu@king nuff and hateful, suh ‘til yuh tun yuhself inna rass eediat! Dummy, you are MUCH WORSE than the person you’re criticizing! When yuh chat suh ‘til yuh nuh even know weh yuh ah chat bout! Fu@ka, yuh!

    1. They are both past tense of pay but paid is used mostly in reference to money and the other one use fi describe other things…u wudden say paid attention cause it look funny…but it wudden look funny if u say payed attention. English is very complex das why when its a second language it so hard fi understand

  4. All that ranting@,nuh let people and you are the dam dummy
    Payed.The sailor Payed out the rope i.e.stretch the ro pe out
    Paid.I got paid yesterday

  5. :malu2 Kfab I think you are a fly chick n I’ve supported u as such from those who fa head you a hot up with yuh high fashion sense….but this nuh mek it…no bother with the hype ting cuz MI as a innocent no trouble yuh bruck smaddie a guh tek offense since yuh a style ALL bruck ppl n using bad grammar as well.Don’t dweet dawling :hoax2

  6. Just asking what program of nursing she in. The nursing uniform I believe it late in the program, it start wear.

  7. Really hope this page doesn’t refresh on me before I expedite this response.

    So, I take full responsibility for what I wrote and admit that I was a bit jumpy in my response, due to the fact that the word doesn’t exist in definition IN THIS CONTEXT! I began writing my comment, totally forgetting the second definition, for as I’ve stated,,it doesn’t exist in this context, but then caught myself and remembered the second definition AFTER expediting my responses, but then it was of course, too late; then I tried to post again, but for whatever reason, the page kept on refreshing, deleting all I typed, for a total of three (3) times, which REALLY ANNOYED ME, because then I was taking care of some other things, then TOTALLY FORGOT what I was doing here, hence not posting my follow up comment…… Thanks guys!

    @Met, this new, constant refreshing of the page is REALLY ANNOYING and hinders me from commenting many times, lately, as it deletes what I’ve typed, which is sometimes at length! Any reason as to why this is happening?????

    1. Mi nuh know…I will make some changes in 2 weeks ..Im busy now but as soon as mi free I will be able to address the issues with the comments etc..

  8. Frankly Kfab is irrelevant!!!!!!!!!!

    Gwan see wah u can learn in nursing school cause u ole as f**k and still don’t use shit inna foreign.


    1. WNPP is intelligent, witty and transparent in her writing. Don’t go there. She made a mistake, which she corrected. She is the farthest thing from dunce and illiterate. Who is “we”? I ain’t laughing. Yuh sound like a 10 year old.

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