Hey Hun good night hmid. This girl rich rush is saying that.. ” none of this ig rich shit makes her happy”  when she is always making it CLEAR that traveling is her happy place and she love traveling.. but in the same breath EVERY PIC she posts no matter the occasion she had makeup on like literally who wears makeup to go in water? Obviously she’s not doing it for her self but for the GRAM.. For likes and all that shit.. if it’s something you love why do you have to post a picture every trip?
And for all those who will say she has a business or whatever (she been posting pictures every trip from before all her businesses.) The Bottom line is stop acting like the gram isn’t your life.. because it is.

4 thoughts on “SENDER RUSH IS JUS NUFF

  1. I don’t have an IG or Facebook for this very reason. I think it incites mental illness. It affects how you live your life, what you buy, how you talk, not to mention how you act or even how you feel about yourself. Believe it or not. You get exposed to so many things and people that in real life you would never mix up with. You see all these woman with fake bodies living a fake lives. You start to “follow” them. “Idolize” yes idolize them. You go on thier page everyday to see what they are doing, wearing, eating, etc.. My question is: How are you rich and you don’t get up and go to work? You take all these trips around the world but how do you pay for it? They never post the part when they are sexing, stealing, lying, begging, shooting, setting people up, and scamming…Or even at work running your business for it! Oh there are men who do the same on there as well! Don’t be fooled They are all delusional ( hence me saying a form of mental illness)! As for Rush she seems to be maturing and that’s a good thing. I’m not mad at her. Her message makes sense. Live to be Happy not for others!

  2. Poor ting :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak dis mad mad mad a dat mi a tell unnu. Supposed mi tell unnu seh mi neva yet go on har page a ova pinkwall mi know dah girl yah lol.

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