This is from Canada this boy call himself Moneymike have a wife and name a call say him get gal pregnant kid now two gal can’t walk in wife shoe wife look good and everything the man go round tell ppl say his not his kids but him at her yard a Tek picture all him do go thief cloth fi support him life style gal name Michelle ugly like ape see below fi pictures


  1. Wife your man is giving you bun and cheese. EASTER NO WHERE insight. SORRY YU just found out..but what make you WIVES think that just chU, you are wife you have the best pussi, BEST MIND and education, COOK THE BEST, look the best, CLEANes HOUSE. you have the best off everything but the WORST MAN..Him fcukk pon yu with vengence. all breed the gal dem weh look worst than you.. JMG CAN’T HELP YOU, YOUR LIFE SUCKS right now..GO TAKE THIS TO A DIVORCE LAWYER on Eglinton and finch. JMG IS REFUSING THIS CASE.. Next time send more supporting evidence. Including your stay cheating husband not only the gurl you want to humiliate pic.The receipt of the how and where the cheating are taking place. The product of his cheating.The picture better yet ah unedited version video of you going upside them head when you catch them cheating. The lifestyle he provides for you with receipts to support why he shouldn’t cheat..

    1. Blessed mawning Heineken!! I’ve got a 75yr old bottle of rare blend appleton estate RUM,the finest in the world.Ive kept it for 8yrs now n saving opening it for a special occasion such as meeting Princess Apple on the red carpet,maybe my wedding etc..

      But just one time can a Wifey win,just one frigging time pon JamaicanMATEYGROUPIE??!!One Deggey deggey time n I WILL pop that bottle n drink to that!no sah the wives them just kaint ketch a break or get a bly smh I give up!

      1. The wives that wins around here are those honest about the character of dem man.

        Rat bat like dah one yah can’t win cause dem know the man a dog, clothes thief and breeder, but in the same breath a talk bout gal “can’t walk in a wife shoes”.

        If husband character flaw up so then HIM no good fi walk in a wife shoes….unless is birds of a feature…

        These nowen must elevate beyond ring and title, because all man a married man now.

  2. Is the boy that use to par with Bill Gates and Lucky British, he used to f@@k hairdresser Cecil at Park Plaza. Him had open liqure store a Baron Pĺaza give Kaci-ann aka Chinnyk from Portmore. Both him Cecil and Kaci used to have threesome, boy dont like condom it is in hair shop all these things talk.

  3. Sandy come back here, whe yuh say Cecil do. Bcuz Cecil nuh big woman. And who name money mike a Canada picture please

  4. Dutty stinky dry up body Carlene talk the truth JMG can’t help u. U husband a theif so that Mek u a theif too. By the way mi Knu d baby mother n by far she gi u a run fi money. A bayyyy u sad welcome to 2016. Him always a go cheat him nuh tell you bout the others yet. Baby mother wey u deh cum talk up nuh Mek no shitsu frightening you. Unhu big woman fi get it in unhu head sey when u man n u get sour fi woman up n stop sey unhu better off . A should a me Mek me wheel out ur bc

  5. Poor u Carlene, cause we all know it’s u who send this in. U can’t send a picture of the baby mother cause u done know say u are the frigging Ape. U damn jawbone long like fi donkey. Mek sure when and if u send the picture u put your own fi comparison. Then the people will decide. And mek sure is the bleaching picture u send. Oh mek sure u husband claim u before u come a talk bout wife.

  6. Why are you all so hurt michelle is a matey who just needs to know her place if he didn’t want the wife he would’ve been living with Michelle, no? But her mongrel dog looking self was just a mistake besides she does look like somebody’s grandmother with her black dye colored in edges michellle and friends get a f**g life and learn how to spell and leave the wife alone. GET OFF OF WELFARE AND GET A 9-5. F***g lowlifes.

  7. No Sah 2016 soon done and 2017 about fi start and gal still a fight ova man stop it fi a change my god mek di man dem fight over wi a who name Michelle a who name Karlene what’s the point in fighting over man simple Karlene you get the ring keep it and do u wifey duties di man marry u fi benefit him a collect the benefit and a share it u lucky a one matey u find I promise u a nuff more out da y would u but u self on blast and a put u business out there trust me matey always know nuff about wifey matey always get better treatment matey have to get pay to keep quiet 90 percent of the time wifey get disown wifey alone always a wear the ring whey a bun finger while husband out a road a look woman and a disown wifey wifey leave matey alone she will talk out u business husband always chat wifey it’s now modern time woman no fight over man and stop describe God creation because your husband is sleeping with her that means she have something you don’t have and he want it real bad last but not least check u self before you wreck u self

  8. Truth you fi tell truth matey no have no place a nuff man live with woman and no want them matey never want no responsibility matey have sense matey nah live with no stress and mongrel dog a who you a sleep with you man lie with the dog him rise as a dog so the wife is living with the dog and she know a she a di mongrel man no make mistake out of respect just thank god him choose a clean woman a three thing you can get from sex 1 baby 2 pleasure and 3 disease thanks to matey she only give him 2 out a three been a grandmother is a blessing and black is a beauty Michelle have a life she’s living nobody no hv time fi a spell out nothing you need fi learn fi read short hand welfare is not a crime you have to be fare and well to be on welfare it’s not a crime am just saying

  9. Michelle here. For all those who fling me and my daughter father name on pinkwall it obvious they have questions and need answers but social media can’t answer them for u. You have to get at me r mikey for that I wasn’t ganna say a Dam thing but uno too brite. man tell uno lies pon top a lies n is me uno a come fa.who is uno fi a call my name pon pinkwall like really? bout man? this shit ain’t Gana make my daughter go away so whoever start this crop need to take several mf seat. Me and my Mongrel looking self will sit back n watch this shit unfold. You’re so late lol Stupid BITCH BYE Heineken u said it best

  10. Money mike nuh wan none a unnu. Including the 2 young girls wey him a f**k wey go dance. To his wife i feel bad for u cause he disgraces you everyday. Just be glad some a di gyal dem wey him breed outta road nuh keep no belly fi him. Btw he brings girls into your home and f**s them in your house while ur at work. Mi naw say fi leave your man but disease a guh roun and yuh man nuh use condom. Him nasty bod. So protect yourself sweetie.

  11. A true dat. Di boy money Mike go a round and suck pussy. Some litte nasty dance hall gal dat him suck. U right him nasty bad. Wifey better check herself.

  12. A true dat. Di boy money Mike go a round and suck pussy. Some litte nasty dance hall gal dat him suck. U right him nasty bad. Wifey better check herself.

  13. Ok guys hold on to your seats cuz when mi come fi talk mi come fi talk!


    Money mike used to try to talk to me and a couple of my friends a couple years ago (he didn’t know we were all friends) we are all in our mid 20s and I definitely didn’t know he was an OLD MAN because he LIED ABOUT HIS AGE ( said he was in his early to mid 30s) I had a feeling he was lying due to the way his saggy face and droopy eyes looked. Anyway, my short encounter with him was very innocent (we did NOT f**k) but there was plenty opportunities to do so. I refused because I felt like something wasn’t right. He would call everyday and talk to me on my lunch or after work about anything, he seemed nice. He told me that he had two kids and he did not live with his BABYMOTHER and they don’t really get along; they only dealt with each other because of the kids(no mention of WIFE) . At the time he said he lived in Brampton BY HIMSELF (still no mention of wife) and that he wanted me to come over. I declined stating that was busy or whatever and eventually, I stopped hearing from him I guess because I wouldn’t sen on this young pussy to him 😉 loolll.

    SO NOW

    I hear that he has a WIFE and that’s who he has the kids with! I was in shock. This man definetly does NOT present as a married man! Shortly after I heard he had a baby with an ugly dark skin girl and that the wife doesn’t know. Following that, the wife eventually found out and started posting on IG throwing shade basically insinuating that she knows everything and then I’m pretty sure she posted a picture of the matey gyal. I really don’t know why she did all of that cuz she’s still walking with him on road claiming as her husband -______-

    I really don’t care about him teefing clothes but he talks to SOOOO MUCH GYAL in dance its crazzzzyyyyy!!! I’m NOT surprised he breeded someone. Just happy that it wasn’t me!

  14. Y is people saying Michelle is ugly is it because she is dark skin ? Because I know her and there is nothing ugly about the girl she is a good person and what I don’t understand is people quick to blame the woman but no one stop to think that Mike is a lier and he may have lied to her too so unu leave the girl alone cause she never did anything to anyone here and I’m sure she never use none a unu pussy fi f**k Mikey. His wife needs to f**k off cause she still not leaving so y she send this info in to disgrace the girl she disgracing her own self and her husband cause obviously u not doing something right at home y he feels to need to be looking pussy outside.

    1. I can speak for my self and I would never say someone is ugly because they’re dark skin ! I saw her picture of her but it wasn’t clear. The wife posted it calling her ugly is what I was saying. Mikey is a liar 100%. Women need to band together and get rid of nastiness like him. The world would be a better place if women didn’t stand by dog shit like him. Them soon start stink too smh .

  15. Funny how the wife bring her story to met with the intention to disgrace the baby momma n now d joke is on you. Sweetie reality check your husband is a not just a liar but u fool fi believe sey him nah go see his daughter u knu bout the child long time. U hurt cause him visit her best thing u can do for ur self as wife is to take it r leave it the choice is urs n leave the baby momma alone. Stop be a cyber bully an step to her whenever u ready fa

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