Good Evening ,
where dis piece a dog s**t come talking bout natural beauty you don’t even look gud inna make-up and these people need fi top talking bout looking gud Lisa cause you don’t look gud a tall dis ole germ sick jangkro stomach she come down here the other day have a bih party fi har daughter I never see a b**h show-off and don’t have s**t the ole nasty live inna madda house bout bl**t ten a dem live inna the little three bedroom house from mi know dis ole nasty gal she never live pon har own piece a dog shit some people have natural beauty yes but not dis jangkro.


  1. This is steming from the waar from last month. Unuh cah leave off di girl now. Lisa no chubble ppl Mi know har years and she has always been humble.
    Mi no wrong har fi teck up har sister war when ppl wah bully har lickel sister. Dutyy Natalie weh have 3 boy pickni fi go learn how to be a lady and keep har married legs close. Di man dem a road see har pussc more than har hisband. Natalie you are a dancehall mattress and mi tyadd fi hear di man dem a whisper bout you when you step up ina di club. Clothes and makeup cah clean up ur dirty character and lifestyle. You are a brand new dressed up second hand long time drug man prostitute. If di man show you few ones you skin out and get trick. Gwan play wid you life, every day you a fukkk pon you husband and think him stupid. You have a right fi party every week , you mussy smell u demise and a try play ketchup wid it.
    Nasty Sophjia leave di ppl dem business alone. Gwann go watch Gerald roaming cocki like you always do. Is wah tyime you sleep at night afta you dunn police him and fass ina ppl bizness. Send back Gerald to him maddaa so she can raise a real man and stop bwoy up har son. You need fi meck him claim and mine all a him kids a street weh you meck him disown and ignore. You mate dem a gi you headache so you shouldn’t have time fi fass ina pussc and buddy affair that is not yours. Clothes and car is not a status of living life in America. Push ur kids to get a career like lisa did with hers. Your kids should not live the same duty lifestyle like u did. And as far as me see Sharicka and Natalie still a get played like a fiddle by dat duty big head nasty bwoy. Ladies, It is a hell of a crime to let buddy control ur brains.

  2. Sophia nuh pay kc no mind wid har half dead looking self .. Gal like she mi doe sorry fah … She did will know seh Gerald and u togather but yet still she open up her ole front Mek Gerald breed her now she a bwall and a beg u fi Mek Gerald mine har Picney … As far as mi know fi har Picney is the only one weh naah get no mining … Gerald get two kids before him and Sophia and dem sure getting tek care of… Kc stop blame Sophia every chance u get fi u mistake f**k and unwanted Picney … Kc is a wicked gal unnu si how she fava sin.. When Gerald use to give her 1000 a month she use to hype and chat bear shit.. Sophia if a me like u I wouldn’t tell Gerald a damn thing Mek kc go kick rocks and go jump off a f**king cliff she f**king brite bout u fi Mek Gerald mine her Picney

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