Met, me want know who this young man belong to. What is the full hundred with the wharf story and him “roomates” and if him a really battyman cause him nuh stop call off me phone day and night.

11 thoughts on “SENDER WE ARE LOST………

  1. @Sender just type in Shaii/Shaiitrendi inna di search bar and you will see posts bout just read di comments and you will get di answers bout di man!

    Unnuh need fi understand seh most UPT man a batty man and most a di woman dem a lesbian, from you hav set inna you head you won’t get so fazzed by di hype!

  2. A DAT A HAR MAN !!!!!?????? Nuh mek mi kin ova yah sah. Dah big pussy boy yah nuh wah nubody from den till now mi know him loooong time. Good luck hyping over him, I know a couple girls f**ing him too ,not to mention the nasty STD he’s travelling with. They alllll think they are the one or sumn special, the way he talks about girls he fcks is also disgusting.

  3. Shaii a likkle pickeny caught up in the social media hype u live dung seh u mek batty man a f**k u ? My goodness man before dem likkle gal yah ave a bf dem own age and get a f**king job and mek use a dem selves hosting a lame tv show anno job . And modelling clothes for a clothes store anno real job to pussyclaat

  4. A f**ka yu!!! Neva see cum see Shaiem cum fr a humble likkle family but get caught up in the rich kid life cuz she use to go campion. Di gyal lie bout har father rich n har mumma head Eva dry. Di gyal know har book but mek di shape fly inna har head. Mi did know a suh ya go tun out cuz yu luv hype life him fi shit up all ova yu. No sah gyal yu couldn’t humble n go through. Ya try too haad n yu nuh reach nuh weh inna life.

  5. Them a bi-sexuals,both him and his cousin. the cousin tall and handsome, he does modelling. they are always in the party mix and them (men) fund them lifestyle e.g travelling,i-phone, cars and paying their rent. They’re the first set of guys with the fake braces. GIRL BECAREFUL THEY’RE VERY DISRESPECTFUL AND LOVE CHAT WOMAN AND LOVE WHEN WOMAN MINE THEM.

  6. Straight shit tuh yuh hole now gal.
    Cause from battyman call my phone a just dial tone….. Looou.

  7. Boii it sadRohan Morris aka Devarie every one of him man dem him tell ppl seh a him family this same dutty boy weh kill the ppl dem pickney off the bike still a walk and a shit up gyal hole

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