Police are looking for this guy, who has been defecating on cars and toys for possibly up to three years. Finally, a fed-up car owner photographed him in the act.
The Ohio police are searching for a man who was caught defecating on a car belonging to a woman in Akron.

The father of the victim took a photo of the suspect, who is described as a male in his mid-40s. Incidents like this have been reported since May 2012, police told WJW.

Police said 9 reports have been filed and the cars have been damaged on the outside and inside.

Some victims reported the incidents thinking it was from a dog.

Anyone with information about this man should contact Akron police.


  1. Mi glad dem hab a photo of him, dis will be on the internet fi eternity. Dem fi zoom fi face and up di resolution and post it everyweh.

  2. Den di big ole man,now..dear God a don’t want to laff but u dun know..of course if a did fi mi cyar (at least not in di moment)..But look pan snow outah doh and dis man a bear him backside fi crap pan people cyar..dem fi ketch him and mek him nyam it wukliss nasty perve…him mussy get off pan doing dis mess..

  3. Di smady weh tek di pitcho mussi live pon di penthouse and couldn’t get dung in time fi kick him eena him nastiness. What a sick brut. Him really obsessed wid fi him waste.

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