1. I see apple, kerry, roberts,sweets,dolly and the whole wrks wearing designers yet everybody says they’re fake stuff so weh them get them fi buy? and get it inna the box and shopping bags? i wanna pack a barrel send go gi mi cuzzo them so i wanna get some who have the link to them look good fake supm yer?

  2. Fake cream.. just like her bag, clothes, shoes, hair and friendship. Oh n let’s not forget the fake compliments she gives herself.

  3. Listen dear @annie they can have real pcs, but MOST OF there stuff is fake , there are thrift shops in the city that sells them , there are stores on the internet that sell pcs that only pro knows they are fake , please go on utube and google people talking about it, you have ppl that go places and buy used brands and sell them back for a price at the flea market , you can get real brands in thrift shops all over twinny have her africans and chinny links to these things , please pay attention .

  4. Annie there’s some good fake and there’s fake fake . You just have to fish the internet or link with Facebook the African in broadway Manhattan or them have the good up fake name brands.

  5. No lie Twinny dress the best to me , clothes fits her body better than all the surgery body in dancehall. But hear this Twinny you need to take care off inside your body and buy good sking prouducts for ageing plus vitamins you looking horrible your getting old rapidly cause your not eating right and or taking your multi vitamins my god it shows n your skin!

  6. Gawwwwd she looks horrible in real life, she’s to caught up with her body and not realizing she’s spoiling. She gwan so confident on Instagram yet she’s so insecure when you see her out a party.

  7. This New York crew is the most worthless set a non progressive immigrants I have ever seen. Need fi do better in the people dem country.

  8. I know what tinny got on her skin sericiouly.
    Twinny buy the gold spray paint and spray her entire body every night because her skin is very lumpy and the spray hide it but it meck twinny shine and Krispy.
    Twinny also use the back door botox man fi inject her face and it meck Shi look Chinese/ Japanese/ blow fish / hideous.
    Twinny you try too hard to fit in girl.
    Twinny buy out every fake brand the African man sell down a,Manhattan. Twinny we all know you broke .

  9. Twinny don’t even own a car wey can drive in America .twinny beg ride every night fi guh dance its ridiculous.
    Twinny get a piece a beating from delroy ,Nadine man. Twinny sey she lend Delroy $300 out of the money wey she get from selling her thieving clothes them and Delroy nuh want to pay her back suh twinny wey cannot fight decide to rush delroy with her umbrella and lick up the man car the man come out him car and give twinny a beating.
    Delroy sey him bring twinny ever night guh dance and wait pon her fi hours suh the $300 finish plus twinny owe him.
    Twinny how yuh fi have so much brand and every brand and a beg ride .
    Twinny fi a rich girl wey sey she have fresh cash how you go to steal everyday inna them little store here like forever 21 ,gap.
    Twinny you need to get your life together and go get your daughter from her grandmother and change yuh worthless lifestyle and become a good role model for her
    Twinny you are almost 50 years old stop run down hype. What a day when welfare stop pay yuh rent and stop give you food stamp.

  10. She looks terrible. I always see her out in these videos and her attitude is just disgusting. Trust me I don’t tear women down. If a girl look good I give her the credit but this girl here. Every video she’s upset their showing her yet I’m thinking you should be glad their even looking your way. The face alone is too much never mind the skin. I can never get pass the face. Even the makeup she puts on is terrible. Its sad when you cant see how bleaching and surgery makes you look terrible. In all honesty I feel sorry for her. She’s so hype on instagram n poor thing don’t realize she looks very very bad.

  11. Go to Manhattan at 28 and Broadway after 5pm them start put out them goods lots of Africans you can choose which products look good to you then you collect the African num and meck yuh link from there girl.

  12. African man is in the city , me tink a 28 street , but him agoh carry you pon a long walk fi goh a him hide put inna one basment , if u ever su d tings dem u tink dem real

  13. Twinny noh grown none a her kids dem, d last likle boy she send wey goh live wid him granny cause she teck pure man wah beat er and party every nite , soh d child wah shi a collect goverment money fah , could nt stay wid her . Her job is looking ride an goh inna store goh tief a date time, soh me wah kn how she fi show aff on ppl who have dem job, her clothes dem fit her, but they are all fake .

  14. Thank you real chat and anonymous, I will. E in New York thanksgiving, I will try to find the African ! Don’t know what he looks like, but I will ask around.

  15. Is there a store the African man stands close to, so I can know exactly where to find him? Thank you real talk. I’m coming from Vancouver so I have no idea.

  16. @ anonymous 8:03. U dont have to go to manhatten just go to 165 and jamacia ave the store is called Festus boutique is a african man own it fake bag and shoes galore!!!!

  17. Mi bald head punney. Look how dem a kill di gal dem fi buy fake an Canada people waan link wid di African. A suh it guh, fake it till wi make, who vex?

  18. Why unuh a juk out the african man so ??? Unuh a bash twinny but yet wah know weh fi get the things smh …twinny never tell nobody seh she rich …she just wear clothes an tek pic wah she a do wrong ??? The girl no hype she just feel like she look good an love tek picture whats wrong with that ?? How she a hurt anybody by wearing her clothes ppl just crazy !!! Why unuh no low the woman ??? Cho

  19. Anon @ 12:31 a.m. you should know that everyone (Twinny, Robbas, YM, Apple etc) has people that like them. People out here just trying to get the hook up, because they like how Opal looks. We giving her her props.

  20. lmao uno thanks yah cuz me really and truly dida wonda where me can get them heapa good looking fake supm yah. african here i come!

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