PEMBROKE PINES (CBSMiami) – Friends are crushed remembering Anuska Dillon, known as Pinky.
She was a Pembroke Pines mother who was murdered in her home Thursday–by her boyfriend, according to Pembroke Pines Police.
“She was the funniest person I ever met in my life,” said friend Tatyana Anglade.
“She was the most fun-spirited person ever,” said Shannon Martin, another friend. “I still can’t believe this happened.”
Pinky was shot early Thursday morning, murdered by a bullet to the head inside her home at the Harbour Cove Apartments in Pembroke Pines.
“It’s still unreal, it’s not real yet,” said Anglade, shaking her head. ”It’s still not real, I don’t think it will ever be real,” said Martin.
The man accused of killing Pinky was her new boyfriend Clifson Cerve, who had just moved in with her. He, too, is dead. On Thursday afternoon police in Boynton Beach spotted his car. When they stopped him in Boca Raton — he killed himself.
“There was an accident,” explained Pembroke Pines Police Captain Carlos Bermudez. ”The officers ordered the suspect to come out of the vehicle he refused to comply, the suspect shot himself in the head.”
Pinky’s friends didn’t know Cerve, but they called him a coward to the end.
“He took someone else’s life and now he took his life away and cheated her out of justice,” said Anglade.
Pinky was known for her music videos and her outgoing personality. She was the mother of a 5-year-old girl — and had another child on the way. ”You can not talk to her for months but whenever you need her, she’s going to be there,” recalled Anglade.
“She was one of the strongest people I knew and a fantastic mother,” said Martin. ”Her daughter’s going to need help.”
Clifson Cerve’s brother, David, told CBS 4 News that Clifson served in the National Guard had three children under 6 years old and was happy with Dillon.
“Everything was good,” David said. “I don’t know what went wrong.”
David Cerve said he just helped the couple move in to the new apartment last week and that everyone was “laughing” and getting along fine.
Friends are setting up an account to help Dillon’s family pay the bills and to help support her young daughter.
You can find it on Facebook under “Justice for Anuska.”


  1. rip to da girl careful da man u let into ur life ppl hopefully it don’t become a cycle for her young daughter

  2. This is so sad. I didn’t know here but I know one the girls interviewed and a few of her friends. I can see how much love they had for this girl and no one deserves Thai to happen to them. He may have took the cowards way out but she will not be cheated out of justice. He will get what is coming to him. Trust and believe he will get it one way or another. Smh. Sad.

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