Subject: Shabba moggela/Nikki Fab

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Met can we please give Nikki Fab from Philly a big Hug because she seriously needs it. Evry minute she get up a try shove it dung wi throat seh Shabba is a good husband and we know he is definitely not. Last night she and the sticky finga go pan boat ride and she no stop post pics like she think she a mad smaddy. A muss Alissa you a mad cause everbody else gone and only unuh a stay and walla ina dat deh dog shit.
I would love to know what excuse him gi you when him and gal go mall wid you pickny and a di mate affi bring the pickni wid har so the popo dem neva confiscate him to.. A me like you me woulda gfo hide ina one cave cause your shame tree dead. And MRS Shabba is a next one every minute him a drop wud but fren dis and fren dat. Are you a man or woman Shabba? And bout him need new haters. Lmao
Weh ppl hate unuh Fah?? Di sticky finga dem? Di teefing no pair outfits weh you hab? Or is it tha “John Shoota breed a hog “ mouth weh cah close wid di golden butter teeh and bad breath? Unuh near retirement age go get some lives and stop hypeing wid nothing. Now dat we know seh unu ah pattacat go sidung and revamp unuself and stop meck all Jamiacans look bad. Unuh meck mi shame fi say we from di same place. Mi undstand seh unuh kinda shame and ah savee face but unuh need fi shut unu fingas and mouth up. Dyam Jackasses. Nikki you are di biggest buddy fool mi ever see. Mi think Kizzy Klean di bad but you beat har by donkey length.


  1. but like ow you and di oddaz gawn mek she tan wid em til she ready fi lef nuh….a yu a walla inna di shyt r a she? :nerd

  2. Senda stop hiding behind computer and go tell her urself.
    Where is Marsha and Flippa? What’s going on with the case?

  3. @ anon 1:18
    Weh u a tell me seh Rogger beat up big bad man Shabba?? lmao. this can’t be serious.
    So how come Nikki was not by him side fi help him throw 2 punch. No she seh ride or die. aye sah.. :hammer :ngakak :ngakak

  4. @observer and @met Shabba tear off Roger Mafia face ah the bingo wah day and it look like it take ah toll pon kelly heart cause all she ah scream and ah shout bout call the police call the police. Kelly days soon number. lol


      MI CAH believe Kelly really neva jump in. So mrs Nikki a Kelly you did a drop ur word pon wah day but “snitches get Stiches”. Tell me something, and when you tunn bad gal???

  5. shabba clean off roger face wid a bottle and mi seh kelly ball out help call the police. kelly is one big informa and i wouldnt be surprise fi know seh ah send een this cause she nuh like Shabba and Nikki.

  6. lawd shabba how you do the man face so wid a bakkle a mussy a real ass whoopin yuh did a get. how yaad man cyan fist fight? dwl@kelly the informa. As the world turns.

  7. Roga baby madda Tannicka a breed fi her sista keisha man. she gwan like a goodas n mek her sista man she waan try gi it to di ole man Keith whe she been a fuc pon but it look like he run her from wha day. She betta gi roga

  8. Dutty liar anon 6:11 tap tell lie pan di gurl belly…dutty marlo jones is da one who give the man that darrrrrrkkkk skin baby must i say jacket nuh fit

  9. Shabby have up him Fren them cause them bun him out true him go tief. Him walk and a chat pure tings bout the ppl them so them stop par wid him (it a MAD him) a so comes unu si him out wid nickki. What I don’t understand is, everybody know say him go a di mall jus fi tief so why him a walk and a tell ppl one bag a story. Him mek flippa baby mother almost lose har job cause a she did a give him di clothes them fi try on. A when them play di security video them sii say she neva know say him a put the stolen goods in the baby stroller. The girl that went to the mall with him didn’t even have a clue say him a go tief, him use the baby and the girl as decoy. A 3 times shabba get lock up fi tiefing and a nickki same one bail him, she chat it so me know a no lie. a regular she and him go mall pan them tiefing spree!

  10. @ facts Yu mean to tell me seh him all a draw Ihorka ina him scheme?? I guess him neva care if him get ketch and she see him bangle up. Maybe that’s why him and roger a war, cause Roger muss bex him go a di girl job go bait har up.. nikii is a first class man puppet and when she cah bring on di wurks no more Shabba ago move har up.

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